17 Wing Meet

Squat: 1@661/300, 1@700/317.5, 1@716.5/325
Bench: 1@452/205, 1@474/215, 1@496/225
Deadlift: 1@584/265, 1@617/280, 1@652.6/296(Provincial Record), 0@661/300
Total: 1865/846 (Provincial Record/Master Total)

Awesome meet, it really all came together. The whole weekend was a blast, just a whole hell of alot of fun with a dozen or so lifters. Going 9/9 has been a goal of mine for a long time and I finally got it, and it just makes for an awesome total in the end. I had to go for a fourth on the deadlifts to try and finish the deadlift contest but with only 4 minutes rest between my third and fourth(as I pretty much followed myself) I just didn’t have it in me, not to mention 296 was a GRINDER. The Provincial record/master total was more important than finishing the contest so I just hit 296 on the third.
However I also had another race going to the 225 bench which I wanted to take a stab at. I absolutely KNOW the extra time in the shirt touching weights to my chest contributed to how well things went. I touched 405 in the warm up room and then went out for my opener confident that it would touch and be an easy press which it definately turned out to be. I was very happy to get 225, my year end goal for bench was 500 and I’ll count this as accomplished in a metric way ;).
Squats didn’t work out quite as well as I’d hoped. My second I sunk it deep and got bent over and had to grind it all the way up and with only 7 people in my flight I didn’t have alot of time to recover so I only called for 325 instead of my goal of 330 which would have also been another provincial record. On my third I didn’t go so deep and stayed much more upright and it was a much easier squat…I might have had 330 in me.
So year end goals:
Squat: 700, check
Bench: 500, check metrically
Deadlift: 600, check

I’m a happy..and sore man…

7 thoughts on “17 Wing Meet

  1. Congratulations on a great meet. Those are very impressive numbers and you’ve worked very hard to get them. Way to go!

  2. Fantastic lifting, Stinn. Huge numbers! Keep the consistent training going and you are going to be the best SHW this country has ever had. Looking forward to the videos.

  3. Excellent Job Stinn!!! congrats on all accomplishments, you have come a long way since i started reading here and the future looks great. Now go get them vid’s up so we can get some inspiration!!

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