DE Chest Day

Today felt good even with a lack of energy. It went something like this:
Speed Bench at 165+Green Bands, about 230-240 at lockout, 8 sets of triples.

Heavy Singles:
225×1(too light to start at…what was i thinking?)
315×1(good speed, good pause at bottom)
330×0(failure at lockout, good pause, good speed and I MIGHT have been able to do it had Jamie given me a little longer at lockout, but I’d rather have a spotter that’s a little quick than a little slow ;))

2 Board Press:
305×2 failed the third one

That’s all we got in today, both of us have been feeling run down but we have a good little break ahead of us.

DE Squat Day

Missed yesterdays workout due to a stomach flu. Not happy about it as my squat is where I need to work hardest right now I think. I guess it’s good in a sense, my knee needs the rest time to heal up.
Today is DE Bench, will post later.

ME Squat/DL Post Game Show

Well today was a day to take it easy on my knee while still trying to hit my posterior chain. Here’s how it went:
Good Mornings:
10xbar warm up
5×95 warm up

Rack Pulls from just above the knee:
1×565 failed at lock out

Rack Pulls from below the knee:
0x405 harder than i thought it would be!

Glute-ham raises
4×8@body weight

Abs, in the lat pulldown machine:

All in all I thought it was a good work out and my knee didn’t bug me too much, it was hurting during the last set of GHR but that was pretty much it.
ME Chest day tomorrow, I’m really looking forward to it.
Until then

ME Squat/DL day Pregame show

I’m not sure what I’m going to do today, my knee is still sore which puts the kibosh on squats. I think I’m going to hit a few different exercises today to replace them though. I think I’ll start with some good mornings then move onto some rack pulls and use those to warm up for one or two sets of deadlift singles. Hopefully none of that will bother my knee too badly.

DE Chest Day

Today was pretty good we did 8×3@205lbs for speed bench. After we worked on heavy singles: 275×1, 295×1, 305×1, 315xfailure, 315xfailure. I would have felt better had I made my 315 push but I burned alot of my available energy with the speed bench. After I moved onto dips for 3×8 at my body weight, that’s pretty much enough but I might have to start hanging weight off me soon(eep!). Finished up with 4×8(122.5lbs, 135lbs and 147.5lbs x 2) wide grip lat pulldowns to chest.
We are supposed to do biceps today as well, Jamie did do them, but I opted out because my left elbow bothers me when doing them and I’d like it to heal at some point.
Now two days of rest until heavy squat(damn knee) day on saturday.

DE Squat Day

Today was as the title says, dynamic squat day. We did 12×2@240lbs onto a box. By the end my right knee was nagging me again and so was my lower back. As I type this my knee is becoming inflamed, I think I need to do some icing over the next few days and maybe skip squats this weekend if it doesn’t get better. I believe I injured it trying to do a wider stance for squats which apparently my body doesn’t like so it’s back to my normal stance.
So this might be the end of shooting for my 405 squat goal by year end, I’d rather miss this goal and not permanently injure my knee.