After a lot of contemplation and fence sitting I finally decided to do it. Jamie and I ordered a pair of Titan Fury’s yesterday. I decided that if I’m going to enter some competitions soon I want to have a shirt. Jamie ordered a squat/dl suit and I ordered a nice belt at the same time. So now I just get to wait for it to come, I must say I’m excited to see how it works for me


That’s the only word to describe today. I didn’t even attempt 405, I went up to a single of 395 and it just wouldn’t go up. So I dropped it back to 385 and failed again. There are videos of both, I’m not sure if I’ll put up both but at least one will be up later today.
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Pre-workout thoughts

So today is ME Squat which means we will start out with a couple sets of 135 to get the blood moving then work up to about 275 in triples. After 275 we will start with singles probably something like this: 315×1, 365×1, 385×1, 405×1(which would be the new PR). My issue right now is that my right knee has been bugging me all week, I think I hurt it doing an extra wide stance on to a box on Monday. I hope once i get some blood in the joint the pain will go away.
I’m not trying to setup an excuse here, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself, but it sure sounds like that’s what I’m doing.
Well either way I’ll give 110% today and we should have some new pictures and videos from today to put up.
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Video Up

A couple weeks ago we did a video of us squatting 275×3 for warm ups. The video is up on the right now. We will probably be taking some new vids this weekend.