Big Squat Day

Decided to change things up today and drop the reps and up the weight to shock the body. Worked up with doubles to a double at 455 with belt and knee wraps. I started wrapping my knees at 405 as my right has been a little bother some lately. The weight felt good on my shoulders, I was slightly worried as I haven’t been up in the 400’s for what seems like forever. I think 500 is just around the corner.
I finished up the day with a few sets of GHR’s and abs, both using bands. The bands are assistance for GHR’s and resistance for abs.
Another session of stretching was in order after all this. It’s starting to feel better and I’m starting to get a little more flexable which is nice.

Deadlifting, for fun and profit

Alright so there’s no profit involved but I suppose they are fun. I worked up to two sets of five reps at 180kg(396lbs), I believe this is the most I’ve ever done for fives. My hands are really feeling todays workout, they seem to have taken quite a beating today.
Hit up my mid back next with some bent over rows, doing three sets of six reps at 185lbs. I seem to recall having done more than this but it felt like enough for today, some of that might have had to do with my already tired hands/grip.
Finally I finished the workout off with some reverse grip, narrow grip lat pulldowns. I really concentrated on the reps, making sure to keep them slow and controlled all the way through. I worked up to two sets of six reps at 135lbs. After the last rep my hands were stinging pretty bad. I need to find a way to toughen up the skin on my hands.

Bench Day, Working on the Chain Gang

One of the other powerlifters at our gym made up a nice set of chains which we had the pleasure of using today. Each length of chain weights 40lbs and at my chest about 25% of it was on the ground. So to do the math it would add 60-80lbs through the range. I could be slightly off on how much was on the ground at the bottom so it might have been 50lbs at the bottom but not much less than that. I worked up to three sets of three reps at 225lbs+chains, so 275-305 through the range. This proved rather challenging but definately a welcome change.
To burn the triceps more we moved onto close grip bench plus chains. Doing three sets of four reps at 185lbs+chains, 235-265lbs. While my triceps didn’t hurt like they usually do when doing really isolating movements like pulldowns or dips they definately felt well worked over.
Finally I finished up with upright rows doing three sets of ten reps at 120lbs. I find these make my traps, medial delts and rear delts just burn like nothing else.
I decided to follow up todays workout with a good 10-15 minutes of stretching, I worked through my lower body and upper body trying to stretch out all major muscle groups. I think this tired me out just as much as my workout did. I dont do nearly enough stretching and I think this will probably have to become part of my normal routine.

Squat Day, Back Pain Slows Things Down

I’ve been out on the golf course far too much this week and I think my lower back agrees with that assessment. My lower back has been on the fritz for the last couple days but I didn’t want that to take me out of the game all together so I just tried to listen to my body and stop when it said so. I ended up working up to a triple at 365 on the squats but my back said that was enough so I left it there.
Moved onto some weighted ab work for three sets, I changed up and did standing pully curls(if that makes sense) as I felt this would leave my back alone while I hit my abs. It worked out that I was indeed correct and had no back pain while doing these. Finished up the day with two sets of GHR’s to six reps at which time my oft-neglected hamstrings told me to get the hell off the machine. So I limped out of the gym for the day.

Deadlift Day

First time in about a month I’ve done a back workout so I decided to keep it light, in retrospect I didn’t exactly keep it light. I worked up to 170kg(374lbs) by five reps for two sets on conventional deadlifts. I might have done well to keep this to 150 or 160 for the first week but hindsight is 20/20.
The only other thing I did was bent over rows which I worked up to one set of 185lbs for six reps. I decided that was a good time to stop as my lower back was warning me as it was.
Couple nice rest/recoup days ahead of me now.

Bench Day

Decided to light it up a bit today and worked up to two sets of five at 275lbs on flat bench. Felt good but I’m not sure I could have another rep on either set, definately good work sets. Followed up with a couple sets of board press, a hard set of 315 for three reps on two boards then another hard set of 315 for five reps on three boards. It was good to get some heavy weight in my hands again but a little disheartening on the two board set, I suppose I’m still not 100% back at it though.
Triceps were next and it was just a bunch of playing around it seemed, adding in a couple sets of rear delts too. I worked up to two sets of 155 on JM Press, the first I got off ten reps but the second I was only able to hammer out six before I had to dump it to safety pins.
Finished the day up with three sets of ten reps of upright rows at 120lb. My rear delts, traps and medial delts are significately burned out now.

Squat Day, Playing it by Ear

I went in today not really knowing what to expect or what I’d end up doing as I wasn’t sure how my hips were going to be feeling. So I went through my squat warm ups and decided to work up to a decent single just to get used to the weight on my shoulders again. So I worked up to an easy 385 single, which I decided to leave it at as I figured it would be hard enough to walk tomorrow as it was. I moved on and did three sets of romanian deadlifts to hit up the posterior chain a little more, I worked at 70kg(154lbs) for three sets of eight. This proved to be enough with my posterior feeling it pretty good during the last set.
Last but not least was some ab work using some bands to really burn them. I did three sets of as many as possible. I’d start with the bands and once I’d fail with them i’d let go and continue to do as many more as I could with just my BW. This proved a good strategy and really made my abs burn.
Hopefully I will be recovered enough by Tuesday so I can do Deadlifts this week.

Back to it Part 2, Bench Day

Once again I decided to keep it basic today and simply did flat bench a couple tricep exercises. I started with flat bench up to 255 x 5 x 2 which was quite enough even though on my second set it felt like I could have pushed out at least 8. I’m going to stick with 2 sets of 5 for my work sets for a while as it’s done quite nicely on my squats.
I moved on to parallel bar dips even though they have a history of bothering my shoulders. I did 2 sets of 5 at my body weight. They didn’t bother my shoulders but were killer on my solarplex which has been cracking lately, a rather disturbing thing if you ask me. To finish off the triceps I did some overhead extensions working up to 80lbsx6. These have had a tendency to bother my right shoulder(which has a bad habit of slipping around in the joint) but if I don’t use too close of a grip then the pressure on the shoulder is much less.

Back to it, Squat Day

Well this was the second week of no workouts so I decided to get in there and do a light, and I do mean light, squat workout. I kept it to squats and abs trying to ensure I could still move in the up coming days. I worked up to two sets of five at 275 on squats and left it at that. Then moved onto some weighted ab work to finish it off. I thought about doing more but decided that I would keep the first week exceptionally basic just to get back in the swing. So tomorrow will be a nice and easy bench day.

Fighting Spam

In an effort to fight spam I’ve upgraded to the new version of wordpress, which is why things look different. If I wasn’t so darn lazy I’d write my own my blog software…maybe some day soon.

On topic recovery is coming along nicely and I think I should be back in the saddle again either this weekend or next week.