Week 7 Bench Day 2

Speed Bench: 9×3@215lbs + Chains(about 20lbs on the chest and 40-45lbs at lockout)
25 minute break to help Jamie with his shirt work, congrats on 425lbs on 2boards!
Bench Warm Ups: 3x225lbs, 3x275lbs, 1x315lbs, 1x335lbs(New Raw PR)
Shirted Bench: 1x365lbs, 1x385lbs(struggle), 1x385lbs(much better, new PR), 0x395lbs
Rotator Cuff(Standing L-Flies?): 6×15
Rear Delt Fly: 3×15@115lbs

I’ve been looking forward to this workout since almost the beginning of this routine. This is the first time we are putting up some big weight, the routine calls for 2×1@375lbs on 1 board. You can clearly see that we didn’t follow that.
The speed bench went well however I wasn’t finding much speed at this weight, it seems like too much to really explode off the chest with but we are supposed to do it for the next two weeks so we’ll see if it gets better.
Jamie brought his “secret weapon” and I helped him gear up and do his sets before warming back up and hitting my own shirt. I’m happy with my raw work, my new raw PR at 335 which went up really easy however I forgot to pause on the chest. I think I have at least 345 raw in me but I probably won’t get a chance to test that until the end of this program which is another 5 weeks.
The realization that my shirt maybe too big for me hit me today when I was able to put the shirt on by myself. In contrast it took at least 10 minutes to get Jamie’s on and adjusted before his first lift. I think it’s time to order a new shirt right away so I can get it before provincials(October). Either way I was still happy with the performance today. 365 was really light even though I lost it completely about half way up I was able to control it and finish the lift, it wasn’t a legal lift but it was easy. My first attempt at 385 went up REALLY slow but I got it up and after Jeff Butt mentioned a couple things to me. He said my grip was too narrow(oops! I was still pinkys on rings instead of pointer finger!) and the bar was too high in my hands, up near my fingers instead of down on the pads. This causes my hand to get pulled back ALOT when I’m pushing up which maybe what’s causing my forearm pain. The second attempt at 385 was good, I widened my grip and got the barbell down in my hands and it went up much smoother. Jeff and Ryan(another powerlifter) both said the pause was good and it looked legal. Another PR!
395 came down nice and I had a good pause but I lost it towards my head on the way up, I think I pushed my elbows out early. Jeff also said it looked too low on the chest which I think might have something to do with where I’m trying to hold it in my hands. I’ll have to work with the new grip and get used to it.
Other than that everything was pretty routine.

Deadlift Day, New Program Week 1

Power Cleans: 3×8@70kg(154lbs)
Good Mornings: 3×10@135lbs
Barbell Shrugs: 4×5@275lbs
Seated Rows: 1×6@135lbs, 1×6@160lbs, 1×10@210lbs
Lat Pulldowns: 1×6@135, 1×6@160, 1×6@185lbs
Leg Raises on Swiss ball: 3×10@bw

First time I’ve had power cleans as part of my workout and I think I picked a good set/rep & weight to start with. After every set I was laying down on something trying to catch my breath. Hopefully I haven’t over estimated my growth in these for the routine I’ve designed(outlined below).
Good mornings were just a test for my back to make sure I wasn’t going to have any pains doing these again. In the past these have led to some rather nasty back spasms. For the first three weeks I’m keeping the weight light and the reps high. Shrugs were pretty close to the right weight and I like the rep range it will allow me to go nice and heavy on these in the future. Next week I’ll do 315 and see how that feels but my traps are pumped and sore right now.
Seated rows were right on and I was able to pull out 10 reps at 210 again so I think I’ll be going up next week but lat pulldowns were horrible and I was only able to pull out six reps before I failed. Guess I’ll stick with that weight again next week. Leg raises hurt again but I’m going to stick with them cause I can really feel them from top to bottom.

New routine for the next six weeks for deadlift and squats:

Tuesday(Deadlift) Saturday(Squat)
Power Cleans: 3×8 @ 70kg
Good Mornings: 3×10 @ 135lbs
Shrugs: 4×5
Seated Row: 1×10*
Lat Pulldowns: 1×10*
Box Squat: 3×5 @ 275lbs
Lunges: 3×10
Pull Throughs: 3×10
GHR: 3×8
Abs: 3×10
Power Cleans: 3×8 @ 72.5kg(160lbs)
Good Mornings: 3×10 @ 145lbs
Shrugs: 4×5
Seated Row: 1×10*
Lat Pulldowns: 1×10*
Box Squat: 3×5 @ 300lbs
Lunges: 3×10
Pull Throughs: 3×10
GHR: 3×8
Abs: 3×10
Power Cleans: 3×8 @ 75kg(165lbs)
Good Mornings: 3×10 @ 155lbs
Shrugs: 4×5
Seated Row: 1×10*
Lat Pulldowns: 1×10*
Box Squat: 3×5 @ 325lbs
Lunges: 3×10
Pull Throughs: 3×10
GHR: 3×8
Abs: 3×10
Power Cleans: 3×5 @ 90kg(198lbs)
Good Mornings: 3×5 @ 205lbs
Rack Pulls: 3×3 @ 400lbs
Seated Row: 1×10*
Lat Pulldowns: 1×10*
Box Squat: 3×3 @ 375lbs
Lunges: 3×5
Pull Throughs: 3×12
GHR: 3×6
Abs: 3×10
Power Cleans: 3×5 @ 95kg(209lbs)
Good Mornings: 3×5 @ 225lbs
Rack Pulls: 3×3 @ 425lbs
Seated Row: 1×10*
Lat Pulldowns: 1×10*
Box Squat: 3×3 @ 400lbs
Lunges: 3×5
Pull Throughs: 3×12
GHR: 3×6
Abs: 3×10
Power Cleans: 3×5 @ 100kg(220lbs)
Good Mornings: 3×5 @ 245lbs
Rack Pulls: 3×3 @ 450lbs
Seated Row: 1×10*
Lat Pulldowns: 1×10*
Box Squat: 3×3 @ 425lbs
Lunges: 3×5
Pull Throughs: 3×12
GHR: 3×6
Abs: 3×10

Hopefully the weights don’t get too crazy during those last three weeks but I suppose only time will tell. I may have gone high on the box squats as I haven’t done them in a while and don’t know what to expect for strength.

Week 7 Bench Day 1

Leg Up Bench: 3×5@245lbs
Incline Bench: 3×8@185lbs
Lockouts: 3×3@305lbs
Skipped: biceps and abs

A really short workout today but I guess that’s what happens when you skip a couple exercises. I skipped biceps because of alot of elbow, forearm pain which I didn’t want to aggravate any more. I passed on abs because my abs are still sore from all the leg raises on balls.
The legs up went really well and I was able to keep good speed throughout the sets. Inclines bothered my shoulders as usual and lockouts were light and pretty easy.

Squat Day, Change is Good

Power Cleans: 2×4@70kg(154lbs), 2×1@90kg(198lbs)
Squats: 3×8@275lbs
Lunges: 3×12(6 per leg)@95lbs
GHR: 3×6@BW
Abs: Couple sets of leg raises on ball
Power Cleans: 1×5@70kg

I didn’t really have a clue what I was going to do on the way to the gym but I think I’ve worked something out here. The plan is to do 3×8’s at increasing weight for the next 3 weeks, going up by 25lbs(5%) a week. Then drop to 3×5 and up the weight for another 3 weeks then max out again and go for 525 or so maybe.
This isn’t the first time I’ve done power cleans it’s just the first time it’s been part of a work out, actually more of a warm up that was taken too far ;). I think I’m going to do this No Deadlift Deadlift routine that I found a link to on Alberto’s site. So look forward to seeing some more power cleans for the next little while.
This IS the first time I’ve done lunges which is why I kept them really light. I’m pretty sure I’ll still feel them tomorrow but I didn’t want to be crawling around for the next few days because I did too much.

Week 6 Bench Day 3

Close Grip Bench: 3×5@240lbs
Close Grip Lockouts: 3×3@300lbs
Skullcrushers: 3×10@95lbs(i think??)
Dips: 2×6@Pink Bands, 1×4@Monster Mini’s
Skipped: Abs

Good workout today, I really enjoy the close grip work. The CGB sets were just flying up, felt like I was spring loaded at the bottom. Next week we drop back down to 215 on these, because we jump back up to 3×8, and don’t get back to this kind of weight until week 10. The CGL were fairly boring, the weight seems to be pretty low on these but I don’t want to change it just incase it all fits into the cosmic balance or something ;).
The first couple sets of dips were fine, I started using those pink bands last week and they are a good weight. Jeff Butt showed up and I decided to ask if he had any bands with him and he only had the monster minis. Well I decided to try them and holy crap, after 4 reps I thought I was having a heart attack and my left forearm was going to snap in half. I think I’ll stick with the pink bands, or perhaps remember to bring my belt so I can just strap regular weight to myself.


Like Jamie mentioned the provincials are coming up in October or November. So I guess I need to see where I’m at and where I need to be if I wanted to qualify for nationals.
Squat: 227.5kg(500lbs) Wraps and Belt
Deadlift: 227.5kg(500lbs) Raw
Bench: 170.5kg(375lbs) Full Gear
Total: 625.5kg(1376.1lbs)

If I get to 125kg(275lbs) then I need to total 725kg to get to nationals. So I need a 100kg(220lbs) on my total. My hope is something like this:

Qualify(everything is in full gear)
Squat: 275kg(605lbs)
Deadlift: 255kg(561lbs)
Bench: 195kg(429lbs)
Total: 725kg(1595lbs)

Now if I can’t get down to 125kg then I need to total 757.5 which I just can’t forsee getting before I run out of time.

Week 6 Bench Day 2

Speed Bench with Bands: 9×3@195lbs + Green Bands(255-265 on top?)
2 Board Bench Press: 3×5@295lbs
Front Raises: 1×10@45lbs, 1×4@45lbs(at this point an extremely attractive girl started fondling herself and I got distracted)
Rotator Cuff: 3×15@15lbs(Standing L-Flys maybe??) 3×15@25lbs(standing….reverse L-flys…??) I dont know what these are called
Biceps: 1×15@60lbs, 1×8@85lbs
Leg Raises on Ball: 3×10@BW

Holy crap was it ever hot again today, just physically draining to be outside or in a non-air conditioned area. They are saying it should be alot cooler tomorrow which I am praying is true.
Everything went really well today and I was happy with all the benching. The only thing really to note was the leg raises on the ball which were EXTREMELY HARD so I think I’ll definately continue with these for a while.

Deadlift Day, Too Hot But Not Too Heavy

Sumo Deadlift on 1.5″ platform(5@190kg): 1×5@70kg, 1×5@100kg, 1×3@130kg, 1×1@160kg, 1×5@190kg(418lbs)
Seated Row(10@210lbs): 1×6@147.5lbs, 1×6@185lbs, 1×10@210lbs
Lat Pulldowns to chest(10@185lbs): 1×6@135lbs, 1×6@160lbs, 1×8@185lbs
Reverse Hypers: 3×10@bw
(in brackets is this weeks goal)

It was an extremely warm day here today, I heard as high as 34* C(93.2*F) (and it’s forecasted at 33 tomorrow), which sapped my energy before I ever got to the gym. Deadlifts went really well anyway. I worked my way up to 190kg and psyched myself up for it before I walked up to it. I was able to pull it off and my grip remained strong the whole time which makes me happy. I did get a little bouncy on them though so depending on how it goes next week I might repeat this weight and try and be a little more strict.
Seated rows went really well too and I was again able to meet this weeks goals. I worked up quickly to 210lbs and was able to pull off 10 with fairly strict form throughout. Lat pulldowns to chest were a little harder and I was only able to pull off 8 and even then the form was breaking down pretty bad. It could have been from everything I did before the pulldowns.
I just did the reverse hypers as rehab/prehab and they felt awesome.

Week 6 Bench Day 1

Legs Up Bench: 3×8@235lbs
Decline Press: 1×10@225lbs, 1×8@245lbs, 1×8@255lbs
Floor Press: 3×5@230lbs
Shoulder Press: 1×10@115lbs, 2×10@125lbs
Skipped: Abs

There was alot of volume today I think. I’m happy I got through all the sets of pressing but decided to skip the abs because I’d just done them yesterday. The legs up benching was good but we rushed into the second set so it was needlessly hard, we took a couple minutes before the third set and it went up much better.
It doesn’t seem like too long ago that 185lbs was alot on decline press. I screwed up and did 10 reps on the first set so I guess that makes up for only doing 225. 255 felt really good and seems to be a good weight to use for this.

Squat Day, Forgotten Belt

I brought my belt home to use with the sled dragging(which should happen again tonight) and forgot to grab it on the way to the gym today. I find stabilizing really hard without the belt so I guess I should be working without it for a while to try and strengthen the muscles. Anyway without a belt, and with a minimum of energy, I worked up to one set of five at 365. I had planned to do a rep out where I’d do at least 8 and maybe 10 reps but that just wasn’t in me today. The belt would have helped but alot more sleep last night would have been the best.
Everything else I did was accessory work and nothing too much worth note for any of it so it’ll get the bulleted treatment.

Low Pulley Pull Throughs: 1×8@70lbs, 1×8@90lbs, 1×8@110lbs, 1×8@130lbs, 1×8@150lbs
Reverse Hypers: 1×10@bw, 1×10@bands(25lbs at the top?), 1×10@bw – The bands restricted the ROM and didn’t allow the big stretch at the bottom causing some serious back pain so I went back to just bw.
4 Sets of Abs, various exercises various weights.