Week 11 Bench Day 1

Legs Up: 3×3@270lbs
Incline Bench: 3×8@190lbs
Lockouts: 3×3@360lbs
Alt. DB Curls: 1×10@33lbs, 1×10@43lbs, 1×10@53lbs
EzCurl Bar: 1×6@85lbs
Straight Bar Curls: 1×6@80lbs
Cable Lflyes: 3×15@15lbs

Lots of weight to move around today. The legs up reps were all paused and I still felt like I was able to keep the speed up. Inclines were a little difficult but not too bad in the end. Each set the 8th rep was getting to be struggle so the weight was pretty much on the money for these. Lockouts were pretty darn heavy, these are the heaviest lockouts we done now and I can tell I’ve been neglecting the higher weight lockouts. Back in december we were repping 405 on lockouts so I might need to get some heavier weight lockouts going after this routine.
Nothing much else today except a bunch of biceps and some rotator cuff. My biceps seem to be getting stronger which is a good sign.

Week 4 Squat Day

Box Squat: 3×3@375lbs
Pull Throughs: 1×12@140lbs, 2×12@150lbs
GHR: 3×5@bw
Side Bends: 1×6@87lbs, 1×6@98lbs, 1×6@108lbs
Reverse Hypers: 3×10@bw

I’m really happy with todays workout. I was a little worried about the box squats weight but I was able to hammer out all the sets. Next week calls for 400 for 3×3 which maybe right around my limit.
Pull throughs jumped up to 12 reps so I found that 150lbs was pretty much dead on for weight on these. The GHRs dropped to 5 reps so I was expecting to add weight or bands or something. I actually tried to a couple times but just got leveled after the first rep on each one. I think the pull throughs and box squats took alot out of my hams.

Week 10 Bench Day 3

Close Grip Bench(16inch grip): 3×5@250lbs
Bench Press: 1×3@275lbs
Close Grip Bench(14inch Grip): 1×5@275lbs
Close Grip Lockouts: 3×3@325lbs
Dips: 2×5@bw+25lbs, 1×3@bw+45lbs
Overhead DB Extensions: 1×8@82lbs, 2×8@87lbs

CGB went really well today. 250lbs felt relatively light and I was pausing all the reps(except the very first one cause I forgot). Jamie said the third set each rep was as fast as the first. The 275 triple was just to see how the speed looked at that weight, something Jeff mentioned to Jamie so I tried it. Then I decided to try close grip set of the same thing and after I did 2 Jamie yelled at me to do 4, after 3 he told me to do 5. I think I might have had 6 but the 5th was a really slow rep. 275×5 is a predicted 309 max so I was quite low when determining the structural balance stuff. I will have to calculate the new numbers with this information in mind.
Close grip lockouts were stupidly hard. The bar was set for Jamie to be moving it about 4-6inches which basically means that I’m moving it 8-10inches. These were darn near floor presses for me.
Dips are a little better than last week, I think I only got 2 reps off with a 45 hanging off me last week so I was able to squeeze out an extra rep(and I do mean squeeze). Extensions were good like last week, I bumped the weight a bit and might have been able to jump up one more to the 92lbs but I recalled how long it took my tricpes to recover last week and left it.

Week 10 Bench Day 2

Speed Bench: 9×3@185lbs+chains
3 Board Press: 3×3@345lbs
Front Raises: 3×15@45lbs
External Rotations: 1×8@25lbs, 2×8@30lbs
Cable L-flyes: 3×15@15lbs
Alternating Db curls: 1×10@38lbs, 1×10@43lbs
Standing Barbell Curls: 1×6@70lbs, 1×6@80lbs, 1×2@90lbs

Speed bench went well. We dropped the weight 20lbs and found ourselves some speed again. I can’t say that every set was as fast as it should have been but the majority definately were.
Board press was supposed to be 360lbs this week. If you look back you’ll see that is a 20lb increase. We originally were going to do 355 but when Jamie has serious difficulty with that I decided I’d just do all my sets with 345. I think I could have done them at 350 but at least this way I got all my reps in.
External rotations are getting better and coupled with high rep l-flyes they really get the burn going.

Week 3 Deadlift Day

High Pulls: 4×3@80kg/176lbs, 1×3@85kg/187lbs
Good Mornings: 1×5@185lbs, 2×5@205lbs, 1×5@135lbs+Green Bands
Rack Pulls: 3×3@405lbs
Reverse Hypers: 2×10@bw

Lower volume today but a good jump in weight/difficulty. I was really exploding the high pulls by the fourth set so I decided to see what another 5kg would feel like. Apparently it would feel quite a bit harder. I think I’m generating good power though as almost every rep I’m up on my tippy toes near the top of the lift. I’ve seen a couple pictures where the lifter is right off the ground, I think I’d probably freak out if I got off the ground.
Good mornings were a good challenge with 205lbs. They felt good and I think I kept pretty good form through all the reps. The last set was kind of playing around to see what doing them with bands would feel like. It was good but the weight was a little light. Could probably stand to do these with about 165+bands. I think I might try the chains next week.
I was going to change rack pulls to power shrugs but after one set of power shrugs my testicles hurt. So anyway the rack pulls were really quite hard at this weight. The pulls were from right at the knees and didn’t have a whole lot of speed to them. Part of the problem might be that I haven’t held anything near this weight for a while now and my grip was kind of in shock.

Week 10 Bench Day 1

Legs Up Bench: 3×3@265lbs
Decline Bench: 3×8@255lbs
Floor Press: 3×5@245lbs
Shoulder Press: 1×5@135lbs, 2×5@155lbs
Alternating DB Bicep Curls: 3×10@43lbs

Good weight on all the exercises today. The triceps are still sore from fridays overhead extensions so that added some difficulty to everything as well.
I paused the last two sets of legs up just to try it out. It still felt strong and fast so I’m pretty happy with these. I’m still not a big fan of decline but the sets went well if a little slow. Floor press went well and I really focused on exploding off the bottom after a good pause.
Shoulder press was supposed to be 3×10 but since I want to focus on strength rather than endurance we changed it to 3×5. I was pretty happy with the weight, 155 felt pretty well dead on for these with the last rep being difficult.
Instead of abs I did bicep curls again, 43lbs was good here with the last couple reps a REAL challenge on all sets.

Week 3 Squat Day

Box Squat: 3×5@325lbs(video: Box Squat(4mb, divx))
Lunges: 1×10@115lbs, 1×10@135lbs, 1×10@145lbs
GHR: 3×8@bw
Pull Throughs: 3×10@150lbs
Reverse Hyper: 2×10@bw

I was pretty worried coming into this workout. 300lbs was pretty damn hard as I recall the last time I did box squats. Today 325 felt fine and all the sets had pretty good speed. I did wear my belt which maybe why they were easier but I didn’t even think about not wearing it until I was finished.
This combo of lunges, pull throughs and glute-ham raises should definately have a good effect on my squat and dead. By the time I’m finished those three my posterior chain is hurting from top to bottom and walking the stairs out of the building is a challenge.
I added in reverse hyper to make my back happy, it was a little tingly after I finished the pull throughs. A couple sets later and it felt like a million bucks.
I’ve been avoiding ab work for the past week. My old friend paraumbilical hernia seems to have reared its ugly head again.

Week 9 Bench Day 3

Close Grip Bench: 3×8@230lbs
Lockouts: 3×3@320lbs
Overhead Extensions: 1×8@71lbs, 2×8@83lbs
Dips: 1×5@BW+chains(10-15lbs), 1×5@BW+25lbs, 1×3@BW+45lbs
Alternating DB Curls: 1×10@33lbs, 1×10@38lbs, 1×10@43lbs
DB Concentration Curls: 3×5@43lbs
Side Bends: 1×5@76lbs, 1×5@87lbs, 1×5@98lbs
External Rotations: 2×8@25lbs, 1×7/6@30lbs
30 minutes elliptical

How’s that for some volume? I’m not really sure where this energy came from but I really liked it. I just kept going and going, I probably could have done another 30 minutes on the elliptical except I was pretty damn hungry at that point.
The CGB was really easy except for the last set. I guess most of my strength is back, at least for bench. I’ll find out how the strength is for legs tomorrow with squats. Lockouts were just as easy, the weight is just so low on these. I was even doing about 5-6″ instead of the usual 4″.
This is the first time I’ve ever been able to do overhead extensions, they used to really bother my shoulders, perhaps an old RC issue that has been helped with all the work done on that area. I really like these and think they will show up again in future routines. The dips were darn good, the chest pain was kept to a minimum. I started off with the chains thinking that it would be a cool change from bands that I’ve been using. Unfortunately the chains are too long and the ROM is too small to make much of a difference. So I decided to change to straight weight. The last time I tried 25lbs I couldn’t even get one off so I was pretty happy when I got all five and then got another 3 with 45lbs.
The bicep work was done. I kept the reps low here because I’m really looking just to gain some strength in the area. Hopefully I will gain it quickly and maybe my bum elbows will go away!
External rotations got tossed in here because I think it’s valuable to do them more than one day a week, it seems my strength here is going up pretty quick, we’ll see if it helps the bench. 7/6 means 7 with my right arm and 6 with my left.


10 minutes warm up on elliptical
21 minutes HIIT on elliptical, 1 minute on 2 minutes off
4 minutes cool down
35 minutes total

Damn I was dripping at the end. Weight is down to 290.5 which is 4lbs since tuesday I think…I wonder if this is the creatine weight finally falling off.

Week 9 Bench Day 2

Speed Bench with Chains: 9×3@205lbs+chains(250ish ontop?)
3 Board Press: 3×3@340lbs
Front Raises: 3×15@45lbs
Rotator Cuff: 6×8-15
Suitcase Pickups: 1×5@45, 1×5@135, 1×5@155

It doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. I think it might have been a mistake to take a week off at this stage of the program but hindsight is 20/20. The speed bench is 10lbs lower than it should be and there still wasn’t much speed involved. Next week we will change back to bands and maybe find some more speed.
Although I finished all three sets of board press, they were not pretty after the first rep. The first rep always went well but the second and third I just couldn’t seem to find the path. Hopefully this gets better because the weight just gets heavier from here on out.
One thing I noticed when doing external rotations today was that my left arm is alot weaker than my right…I need to get it up to par.
For now I’m back to the golf course.