Speed Bench

Warm Up
L-Flyes: 3×10@mini bands
Rear Delt Fly: 2×15@mini bands
Lateral Raise: 2×10@mini bands
Bench: 30@bar, 10@95/43kg, 5@135/61kg

Core Work
Speed Bench: 9×3@185/84kg + doubled Monster Minis (250/114kg-ish bottom, 350/159kg-ish top)
Lockouts: 3@315/143kg, 3@405/184kg, 3@425/193kg, 3@435/198kg, 1@465/211kg

Accessory Work
DB Hammer Curls: 10@25/11kg, 10@33/15kg, 10@38/17kg, 10@43/20kg
Shoulder Press: 3×6@135/61kg

Good workout today, the shoulder wasn’t too bad at all, a little bit of pain but nothing show stopping. I tried doubling up the monster minis for the first time today and was really surprised when it pulled the 71/32kg dumbells off the floor when trying to wrap them on the bar. The 87/40kg DBs held them down just fine so I’d guess that they are around 80/36kg a piece at the top and 40/18kg-ish on the bottom(but I might be high on that). The speed wasn’t too bad, they really engage quite different than the green bands we usually use which are almost loose on the bottom.
Tossed some lockouts in there today as I think it’s probably my most important spot to work right now. After 435/198kg felt pretty easy I decided to just go right to 465/211kg which I quickly found to be an over estimate. The single at 465/211kg was hard and the second one just wouldn’t come, but I only need to lock the weight out once in the comp.

NOTE: I will try to do kg conversions from now on if I have time…I’m considering just writing a damn php script to do it.

DE Squats

Box Squats: 8×3@275lbs+green bands(450+ on top)
Good Mornings: 3×5@225lbs
Pull Throughs: 3×12@green bands
Weighted Abs: 1×15@110lbs, 1×15@130lbs, 1×12@130lbs

Looking over the workout it seems short but it sure didn’t feel that way. The box squats were just hard, it was the third rep that just about killed me 5 or 6 times out of 8. I think I’m going to need to read through some more WSB articles again because I think my weighting is off. I think it’s supposed to be 45-60% INCLUDING band weight because there was NO exploding this up. Anyone know this off the top of your head?
Good mornings brought back painful memories of saturdays escapade in maxing out on these from pins. I kept them extra light because my lower back was still a little tight from saturday. The pull throughs just finished off my glutes and hammies.
This will be the first real ab work I’ve done in a while and it is going to HUUUUUUURT tomorrow. I was sore from sundays high rep action and this heavy weight stuff isn’t going to be any better.

Bench Shirt Work

Warm Up
L-Flyes: 3×10@mini band
Tricep Pushdowns: 2×10@95lbs/43kg
Pull Aparts: 2×10@monster mini band
Bench: 15@bar, 10@95/43kg, 5@135/61kg, 5@185/84kg, 5@225/102kg, 3@255/116kg, 3@275/125kg, 3@295/134kg, 1@315/143kg

Core Work
Shirted Bench: 1@365/166kg/3board, 1@385/175kg/2board, 1@385/175kg/1board, 1@405/184kg/chest, 0@425/193kg/chest

Accessory Work
Ab Cruches on Swiss ball: 50@bw, 25@bw

My shoulder was bugging me again by the time I got up to 225 so I decided to leave the triples at 295 and then just single 315 for my last warm up. I’ve had the arms shortened in my bench shirt and they seem like they are pretty damn close to right on where I need them. They got over my elbows with very little trouble. I wanted to try getting 385 to my chest today but after the 1 board I knew it probably wasn’t going to happen so we bumped it to 405. 405 was still a fight to get to the chest but I pressed it easily after an extra long pause. Decided to see if 425 would get the weight to my chest faster allowing me to save more energy for the push, it was a little faster but still not quick enough. I paused at lock out, after touching too low and then my shoulder causing me to “torque” hard under the bar. I think with a healed shoulder and less sets working up 425 will be easy. My goal for the meet has now become 440/200kg.
It’s become evident that my left shoulder is pretty bad and I can’t figure out what is wrong with it. I’m going to try and get in for a massage as soon as possible with a guy that’s been recommended.

ME Good Mornings and More Recovery

Warm Up
Front Hip Raises: 6×10-15@45-150lbs
Side Hip Raises: 3×10-15@45-60lbs
Weighted Abs: 2×15@70lbs
Pull Throughs: 2×10@green bands

Core Work
Good Mornings: 5@135, 5@185, 5@225
Good Mornings from Pins: 3@275, 3@295, 3@315, 3@335

Accessory Work
Assisted GHR: 3×10@bw-mini bands
Reverse Hypers: 3×15@bw
Front Hip Raises: 2×12@105lbs
Hammer Curls: 10@20lbs, 2×10@33lbs

Lots of work today, most of it focused on trying to strengthen my hips. The pain is not too bad now, I’m hoping I can get it good enough to handle heavy squats next saturday.
A good day for good mornings either way. I got 335 for three so I should have gone up but I was pretty sure I was right near my max there so I left it at that. Full range good mornings I really feel in my glutes but from pins it just seems to be lower back for me which is good because I really need to strengthen it.

Recouperative Workout

Cable L-Flyes: 3×10-15@10-15lbs
Hammer Curls: 1×10@20lbs, 1×10@30lbs, 1×10@25lbs
Rear Delt Flyes: 1×15@95lbs
Bench: 1×5@185ls, 2×5@225lbs
Abductor Raises: 4×10-15@60-75lbs
Hip Raises: 3×10@60lbs

Nothing much to the workout, it was mostly all to test and see how I felt. The bench sets were pretty damn hard which surprised me but I never really felt any pain.
I’ve had alot of hip pain lately and decided to try and locate what exercise would activate it. The abductor raises brought on the familiar pain whereas the hip raises did not. I’m going to continue to do light abductor work for the next little while and see if it makes things better.

DE Squat Day

Speed Squats: 8×2@235lbs+blue bands(450+ on top)
Hyper Extensions: 3×15@bw
Abs: 3×15@bw

An extremely sore shoulder cut things short, I was going to do 12 sets of squats. The blue bands really spiced things up, they were damn hard at the top, causing a 1000lb(static tested) bar to bend like nothing. I think my pec minor along with some sore rotator muscles are what has caused the shoulder problems. Hopefully alot of massage tonight will help me get back to the heavy weights soon. If my shoulder is still buggin me tomorrow I will only do accessory work.

MM Week 1 Day 1

Medium Grip Bench(Pinkies on rings): 5×135, 5×185, 3×230, 3×280, 3×290, 3×305, 3×315, 3×325
Shirted Bench(New shirt, index finger on ring): 335(3board), 365(3board), 385(2board), 385(1board), 405(chest), 415(chest)
Standing L-flyes: 3×10@mini bands
Rear Delts: 3×15@monster mini bands
Side Bends: 3×6@92lbs
Reverse Grip Barbell Curls: 1×10@40lbs, 1×10@60lbs
Standing Alternating Hammer Curls: 1×20@33lbs
External Rotations: 1×8@15lbs, 1×8@20lbs, 1×8@25lbs

The triple at 325 is definately nice to do. I would have been able to do more had my left shoulder not felt like it was going to fall off, I probably have a 335 triple in me, perhaps next week. I was happy to get to 325 though, I’ve never tripled anything more than 295 or 305 if I remember correctly.
I tried a new method for putting a bench shirt on which worked good and was probably ten times easier than doing it the normal way. The shirt is still too tight to get it completely seated in the arm pits and the arms are also too long, the shirt will go in to get the arms shortened tomorrow. Started off working to boards to try and get it to loosen up which worked great. I was happy that I could get 405 to touch my chest. This means that once it’s worked in I’ll be able to touch at least 385 or less, allowing me to open with an easy weight without having to change shirts between attempts. 405 and 415 were easy but I did have to collapse under the weight to get it to touch. Once I get the shirt dialed in, and pulled down lower on the chest, I think I’ll be able to get at least 435 or more from this shirt(450 might even been in the cards).
I didn’t follow the MM routine very well, I skipped all the raw board work and forgot to do the lockouts after. I think I’m just going to use the next few weeks to get this shirt worked in and try and follow the routine as well as my body will let me.

That Was Harder Than I Thought

Squats: 135×5, 185×5, 225×5, 275×3, 315×3, 365×2, 405×1(belt on), 455×1(wraps)
Suited Squat: 495×0 Couldn’t get depth, 545×0 Fell forward coming up, 545×1 Hard as hell
Squats: 405×3(belt)
Good Mornings: 5×135, 5×225, 3×5@245
Weighted Abs: 3×10@85lbs
Pull Throughs: 2×10@green bands

Well I have to say I thought I’d get more from the suit, and I still might. It needs to be broken in which I’m sure today helped with alot. It also needs to have the straps shortened, which it’s in for right now. I couldn’t sit back well in the suit, my knees just wanted to float forward so that didn’t help anything. I still think I have high 5s in me in this suit but we’ll see what it feels like with shorter straps and a little broken in. I still got a PR but nothing like I wanted, I think I’ll suit up again in a few weeks and try again.

I Don’t Think I Understand

Speed Bench: 8×3@225lbs
Close Grip Bench(14″): 275×2, 315×1, 335×1
Wide Grip Bench(Middle Finger on Ring): 355×1, 360×1, 365×0, 335×1(Paused)
L-Flyes: 5×15@mini bands

I really don’t think I understand the concept of a deload week. This is why I need a routine, I’m no good on my own, I just keep going and going. I think 365 is possible it just seemed like I got tired and stopped pushing. 360 was as strong as 355 and my form was tighter. I dropped to 335 and did a good pause on the chest and it went up like nothing, at least another 10lbs in me with a pause.

Deload Week?

SLDL: 5×5@315lbs
Barbell Shrugs: 3×5@365lbs
Assisted Neutral Grip Chins: 1×6@195lbs, 1×6@210lbs
Wide Grip Seated Rows: 1×8@122.5lbs, 1×8@147.5lbs
Pull Throughs: 3×10@150lbs

I was initially planning to do 3×5 on the SLDL and then do goodmornings but decided instead to do the 5×5 and leave goodmornings to another day. The SLDLs wrecked havok on my lower back, something I think I really need. I’m pretty sure my lower back is my weak point for deadlifts and it probably isn’t helping my squat any either. The next 6 weeks is going to attempt to repair this problem with a variety of good mornings and SLDLs being added to the mix.
I did shrugs because I couldn’t think of anything else to do. The work sets were extremely hard and I was barely able to finish them each time. A little bit of upper back work and some more lower back/glute work and I was on my way home.