DE/Close Grip Bench

Speed Bench: 9×3@225lbs
Close Grip: 3×5@275lbs
Dips: 3×8@bw
Pull Aparts: 1×15, 1×20, 1×15 all with monster minis
Cable L-Flyes: 15@15lbs, 2×15@20lbs

My bench is still feeling stronger and stronger. These last three weeks of no shirt work have made a HUGE difference in my feeling on the bench. Speed sets went well with good speed all the way through. We decided to go straight weight this week just for a change.
Close grip bench was good and I was able to squeeze off all my reps even though I went 5lbs heavier than I had planned(I was working on the same bench as Jeff and it was just easier to put 275 on for my sets). The third set was definately hard but I probably had another 5lbs in me.
I felt really strong on the dips, pumping off 8 reps like nothing on every set, I really need to start weighting these. Pull aparts were good, the 20 rep set caused some massive burning. The last set I choked up on the bands more and still pulled off 15. Some light rotator work finished off the day.

DE Squats

Speed Squats: 9×2@250lbs/114kg + chains(80lbs/36kg at top)
SLDL: 3×3@365lbs/166kg
Bent Over Rows: 3×6@209lbs/95kg
Decline Crunches w/ball: 3 sets to failure w/3kg/6.6lbs ball

Speed squats went very well, I’ve got a bit of pain in my right knee but I think that’s just from the extra wide stance I’ve been using on box squats so I’ll narrow up again next week. I realized how easy it was to get to the box at this width about half way through, my flexability has gone through the roof since I started to widen my squat stance up.
Still moving the weight up on the SLDLs, I might just have a triple at 405 in me but I decided I wasn’t going to test that only 3 weeks out from a contest. These and good mornings are going to be my bread and butter after the meet.
Finished off with bent over rows and some ab work. The rows finished off both my lower and upper back and the crunches got some cramps going in my abs…that was enough core work.

Bench Day, 3 Weeks Out

Floor Press: 3×5@280lbs/127kg
Lock Outs: 5@365lbs/166kg, 5@405lbs/184kg, 5@425lbs/193kg, 5@465lbs/211kg
Shoulder Press: 5@135lbs/61kg, 5@155lbs/70kg, 5@165lbs/75kg, 5@185lbs/84kg
Upright Rows: 10@110lbs/50kg, 10@120lbs/55kg, 10@130lbs/59kg

Another good floor pressing session. Still didn’t have difficulty with this weight, I think 290 might be a different story but I won’t know until after the comp now. 5 at 465 is a definate PR for me in lockouts and it seemed a little too easy, possibly I was using a smaller ROM which made all the difference.
I was happy to get a set of 5 at 185 in on shoulder press, I’m SURE I couldn’t have done close to this a couple months ago and I’m sure it’ll help my bench.


Deads: 5x155lbs/70kg, 5x245lbs/111kg, 5x335lbs/152kg, 2x425lbs/193kg, 1x475lbs/216kg, 0x515lbs/234kg, 1x515lbs/234kg, 0x535…

I dont know what was going on but I had no top end. I put my suit on(same suit as squats) to see what I could do with it for deadlifting. It ended up that I just couldn’t finish my lifts today. Not sure if it’s from the extra wide box squats leaving my hips a little weak or what. I’ve also come down with a cold…blah blah blah no excuses. The weight just didn’t want to move well today.
Had to goto work so I didn’t have time to do accessory stuff.

Blah Bench Day

Speed Bench: 8×3@195lbs/89kg + chains
Close Grip: 3×5@260lbs/118kg
Dips: 3×8@bw(301lbs/137kg)
Pull Aparts: 3×15@monster minis
Laying Lateral Raises: 15@15lbs/7kg, 2×10@20lbs/9kg
External Rotations: 3×8@25lbs/11kg

Nothing much to say about the day it was pretty standard. The first set of close grip was hard, I haven’t done them for a while and I couldn’t seem to find the grove. Same feeling goes for dips, I just couldn’t seem to find the groove or rhythm the first set.
Finished with more rear delts and rotator work. I’m not sure if you can over do rotator work but I sure hope I’m not.

DE Squats

Box Squats w/Chains: 8×2@235/107kg+80lbs/36kg chains
SLDL: 3×3@352lbs/160kg
Chest Supported Rows: 3×6@115lbs/52kg
Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns: 3×6@160lbs/73kg

Didn’t have much energy today so I kind of felt like I just went through the motions. I went with an extra wide stance on box squats which just KILLS my hips and glutes. I was planning on doing 10 sets but on the 7th I started day dreaming and did 3 reps instead of two which just killed me. I’ll feel these tomorrow for sure.
Stiff legs are up 22lbs/10kg from last week which felt really good and I’ll probably go up again next week. I anticipate my back hurting hard tomorrow.

Bench Day, 4 Weeks out

Floor Press: 3×5@270lbs/123kg
Lightening Bands Bench: 3x365lbs/166kg(blue), 2×3@405lbs/184kg(blue), 3x455lbs/207kg(blue+black)
Laying Lateral Raises: 20@12lbs, 15@15lbs, 10@20lbs
External Rotations: 8@25lbs, 7@30lbs
Rear Delt Flyes: 15@105lbs, 15@125lbs, 12@135lbs
Upright Rows: 3×10@110lbs
2 sets of obliques

Quite the workout today. Floor presses went really well again, I’m really getting curious what my max is with these. I’m going to start planning my next routine to start after westerns and I think I’m going to switch back and forth with floor presses and legs up for my max effort movement every couple weeks.
For lightening bands the blue ones were hung down from the top pin in the rack which made 135lbs hover right at chest level. Later on we hung the black from the very top of the rack which provided an extra 75-ish lbs at the chest of assistance. Over all I’d say there was 200-225lbs of assistance at the chest and 30-50lbs of assistance at the top. I felt strong on everything, the 455 was definately a struggle on the last two reps. I tried to get a picture of the setup but the camera seems to be out of batteries. Time to go get some rechargables.
Finished off with a variety of things, some rotator, rear delts, traps, abs…boring but necessary.

Squat Suit Work Take 2

Squats: 135×10, 185×5, 225×5, 275×5, 315×5, 365×5, 405×3
Suited Squats: 455×1(box), 495×1, 515×1, 545×1
GHR: 3×8@bw
Reverse Hypers: 3×10@bw
Weighted Abs: 15@85lbs, 2×15@97.5lbs
Crunches on Swiss ball: 2×30@bw

Video of 495, 515 and 545
This is my second attempt at working in this squat suit and I’m really happy with how it went. My raw lift of 405 was horrible I couldn’t find my form anywhere, I almost got stapled by the first rep…this is not a good thing to have happen right before suiting up. My first rep in the suit was to a box with 455 and the suit almost squeezed the lift out of me. I can’t wait till I get used to the suit and it doesn’t feel like I’ll die by using it. Straps up, knees wrapped, no box and 495 loaded. I sat back pretty good but not 100% sure if I got good depth on this one…it’s close. 515 went good, I got a little wobble at just below parallel but was able to steady it out and finish the lift easily(sorry the guy put the camera sideways…why do people do this??). Same thing for 545, everything felt good and it was a smoke show. The weights felt like a ton on my back which I don’t really like.
Everything else went well and seemed really boring after squats.

DE Bench

Speed Bench w/Chains: 9×3@185lbs/84kg + chains, felt like about 240-250 on top
Bench w/Boards(reps@weight(boards)): 5@295lbs/134kg(2), 5@315lbs/143kgs(2), 5@325lbs/148kgs(2), 5@335lbs/152kgs(3)
Shoulder Press: 6@135lbs/61kg, 5@155/70kg, 5@165/75kg
Cable L-Flyes: 15@15lbs/7kg, 12@20lbs/9kg, 12@20lbs/9kg
Cuban Press: 2×10@30lbs/14kg
Laying Lateral Raises: 2×15@15lbs/7kg, 20@15lbs/7kg

The speed work felt really good today, I really felt like I was popping the weight off the chest hard and driving through it. Hopefully the weight on the board presses wasn’t too high to cause any CNS issues, I don’t feel nearly as twitchy as usual. The weight did feel pretty heavy however so that causes a little concern but perhaps it’s just because I backed off a bit for the last few workouts.
Shoulder presses were awesome, I don’t think I’ve ever gone this heavy and I think I had a little left in me…perhaps I can get 185 for a few reps. Finished off with alot of rotator work which actually raised my spirits quite a bit. The laying lateral raises are up quite a bit from the last time when I could only get 10 reps with 15lbs.

DE Squat Day

Chain Box Squats: 10×2@220lbs/100kg+chains(300lbs/136kg at the top)
Stiff Leg Deadlifts: 3×3@330lbs/150kg
Wide Grip Seated Row: 3×5@197.5lbs/90kg
DB Side Bends: 3×8@92lbs/42kg

Reading some more WSB stuff I decided to drop my percentage on dynamic work. This week I started at 42% of my belt+wraps max and every week for the next three I will go up 3%. It’s alot slower wave which is nice and the lower weights will help act as a deload while adding more explosive speed to my squat…or that’s the thinking at least. Anyway the box squats went well, I did half of the sets with a wider than normal stance, about 4-6″ wider. This caused some REAL fun for the hips.
I anticipated getting up a little higher than this on the SLDLs but when I got to 330 it felt like enough weight. I’ll try to add 10lbs a week for the next few weeks. I’m subbing these in for good mornings for the next few weeks because I can go heavier with these and I still feel them in the glutes which is really where my posterior chain is lacking I think.