Volume Bench(Week 1)

Floor Press: 3×8@250/114
Legs up bench: 5×5@215/98
Rotator Cuff: 6sets
Rear Delts: 1×15, 1×20, 1×10 all with monster minis

Pretty light weight but lots of volume on the agenda today. This is pretty much how the first three sundays look, just with a little more weight each week. Even with the lighter weights the 8th rep was a tough one on all three sets. The legs up were all paused and they were easy all the way through with good explosion the whole time.
As Jamie mentioned we are thinking of doing a meet at the end of January. Which will pretty much coincide with the end of this routine. Once we decide for sure if we are going to do it I will have to modify the last few weeks to allow for some gear work to get done. I’ve updated the side with my new goals that I’d like to see at the end of this routine. They put me within 2.5kg of qualifying for nationals.

Box Squats – Week 1

Box Squats: 3×5@315/143
Pull Throughs: 3×10@130/59
GHR: 3×8@bw
Abs: 3×10@122.5/56

I did my work sets of box squats with three different stances. Starting with narrow(shoulder width), then my competition stance, and last was extra wide which was about 5 inches wider than my comp stance. I found that the wider I got the easier they got. Narrow stance was really tough on my quads and really wide left my hips feeling abused. I’m going to try working all stances.
My hammies were still sore from tuesday’s SLDLs so I knew pull throughs and GHRs would be an adventure and I wasn’t wrong. The pull throughs were easy enough as I kept the weight low but the GHRs were really tough.

Second Day Back(Triceps)

CGB: 5×5@215/98
Lockouts: 3×5@365/165
Shoulder Press: 10@95/43, 2×10@135/61
Abs: 3×15@110/50

Alot of volume on the pushing today. It woke up some soreness I didn’t know I had from the meet. This workout was mostly ment as a light, high volume, “get back into it” kind of thing. The CGB was light but by the last rep of the last set I was definately tired. The lockouts were harder than need be because I was working with Jeff so the range of motion was about 8inches instead of the 4inches I would prefer.
Sets of ten for shoulder presses are the work of the devil. I was struggling pretty hard by the last few reps on each of the sets at 135.

First Day Back

SLDL: 3×10@242/110
GM: 3×10@155lbs/70
DB Shrugs: 8@76/34.5, 8@87/40, 8@92/42(weight is per db)
Bent Over Rows: 3×8@185/84

I’ve been itching to get back to the gym since Sunday. I’ve designed a new routine which started today with my SLDL’s. The SLDL part is based on a routine by Sgt. Rock that was in the last issue of Monster Muscle. I’m hoping this will help bring my deadlifts up as they are definately where I could use some improvement.
I’m hoping to get some video up tonight of my lifts from the meet. We’ll see how it goes.


Squat: 550/250×0(no depth), 572/260×1(smoke show), 600/272.5×1(easy peasy)
Bench: 407/185×1(easy), 429/195×1(easy), 440/200×1(easy peasy)
Deadlift: 485/220×1(easy), 517/235×1(fairly easy), 539/245×0(:()
Total: 1556.5/707.5

Quick round up. I probably left 5-10lbs on the platform in both squat and bench. I was sad I missed my last dead but overall I’m very happy, I PR’d in squat and bench and both were pretty easy. I changed to conventional for deadlifts which I think worked nicely for me, I’m not sure if I had gone sumo if I would have gotten the last lift. Pictures and videos to come later.

Last Heavy Bench Workout

Bench: 25@bar, 10@154/70, 5@176/80, 5@220/100, 3@264/120, 2@308/140, 2@319/145, 2@341/155(2 board)
Shirted Bench: 1@363/165(2 board), 1@385/175, 1@407/185, 1@418/190, 0@440/200
6 sets of rotator work

We did all the bench work at Jeff’s house on his ER-Equipment rack, this is the same rack that will be used at the contest. It’s absolutely amazing how well you can pin your shoulders on this bench, you absolutely STICK to the bench. We also used his calibrated Ivanko bar and plates, this is all Worlds level equipment.
I wasn’t feeling all that “pumped” today, perhaps it was the different location or the fact I was out too late last night. 385 was a smoke show, it took me 5 times longer to get it to my chest than it did for me to press it. I lost my path at 407 but still locked it out just fine. 419 was easy peasy, by far a better lift than 407. At this point I realized I’d already made my three lifts and wasn’t even close to what I wanted to get at the meet(440). So instead of 429/195 I went straight to 440/200. From the start the shirt didn’t feel right, it had risen up a little to much. I got it down to the chest, good pause and got an okay pop, I just couldn’t get it through lockout. I’ve given it some thought and I have to change my opener. I’ll now open with 407/185, second will be 423.5/192.5 and depending on how that feels I’ll go to 434.5/197.5 or 440/200.
I feel really confident about my bench going into this meet. Now for one last workout on tuesday and then eat and sleep for the week. 🙂

Last Heavy Squat Workout

Squats: 5@135/61, 5@185/84, 5@225/102, 3@315/143, 3@365/166, 2@405/184, 2@455/207(knee wraps), 2×1@500/227(knee wraps), Walk out with 600lbs
Stiff Leg Deads: 3×8@220/100
Abs: 3×12@110lbs

I just wanted to work up to 500 for a single today, just to have the weight on my back. Both singles at 500 I was trying as hard as possible to not look into the mirror, unfortunately the first one I was looking at the ground which caused a pretty fucked up squat. The second one I looked up and it went much better. I also wanted to do a walk out with 600 to get the feeling of it on my back, I want to be used to the weight that I plan to squat next weekend. I had my belt on for this, it felt heavy but I did feel stable under it which is a nice feeling.


Well I haven’t really been in the gym much this week. I was out way too late on Sunday night and have been trying to catch that sleep up since. I would be fine but works been busy and I’ve been working nights all week too. All this ontop of a couple of sore shoulders which seemed to come from a dipping session on Monday. Seeing as my shoulders were fine before this and fucked after I think dips shall be removed from future programs.
Today I got in and did 3×8@225 on bench just to do something so that I hopefully wouldn’t lose any strength. I then did 2×5@325 squats, which seemed pretty hard. I don’t think my legs are really recovered from Saturday. I didn’t do any accessory, all I wanted was to actually get there and lift something. I’ll probably be shirting up this weekend just to make sure I can touch my opener of 385.

Bench Day…sort of

Bench: 15@bar, 10@135/61, 5@185/84, 3@225/102, 3@255/116, 3@275/125
Rotator work, 6 sets high reps

Not much work today, after the 275 lift my left shoulder hurt a bit so I called off the rest of the work. I just helped Jamie with his shirt work and did lots of rotator work.