Speed Bench

Speed Bench: 9×3@185/84 + Green Bands
2 Board Press: 5@315/143, 2×5@325/148
Incline Bench: 8@185/84, 2×8@205/93
Side Bends: 2×15@45/20 + Double Monster Minis
Ab Curldowns: 2×15@115/52

This is the first time I’ve done speed work since I started this routine and I think I need to keep it in at least every other week. It almost feels like active recovery, I mean it’s hard but I feel almost refreshed after. The speed was really good through all my sets, this weight feels a little light(it’s just over 50% of my raw max) but I think that’s a good thing for the first session.
The board presses were good, and I’ve come to realize that I’m extremely weak at the 2 board range. I could probably almost do 5@325 from my chest so from my chest to 2 board is really not much difference. I’m going to stick with the 2 board for the next three weeks jumping up 5-10lbs a week.
This also marks the first time I’ve done incline bench in a long time. I plan to keep it in for the next three weeks as well as a change up from shoulder press. I was pretty happy with the weight, I know it is light but I paused all the reps too so that made it alot harder.

SLDL Week 6

SLDL(3 inch block): 3×5@325/147.5
Bent over rows: 3×8@185/84
DB Shrugs: 12@87/39, 12@98/44, 12@102/46

I was able to get all my sets of SLDL in with double over hand again. However the bar fell out of my hands on the last rep of the last set so I’m not really holding much hope of doing it all double over hand again next week. I kept my rest times down for everything again, this was especially hard on the SLDLs. I also jumped up the size of the block I stood on another .5 inches or so.

Legs Up Bench

Legs Up: 3×5@260/118
Floor Press: 3×8@245/111
Rear Delt Fly: 2×15@135/61
External Rotations: 10@20/9, 8@25/11, 8@33/15
DB Bicep Curls: 2×8@38/17
Standing Reverse Curls: 2×10@50/23
Weighted Abs: 2×12@110/50
Side Bends: 2×20@45/20

I was pretty happy with my workout today. I cut my rest periods for the benching sets down to about 2 minutes or less which makes a huge difference. My last set of floor presses I was unable to finish the last rep, I just couldn’t lock it out, my triceps just had nothing left. Two weeks ago I did 3×8@265 but I took my usual long ass rest periods. I’m going to try and keep the rest periods down in order to hopefully get more of a cardio workout too.

ME Deadlifts

Conv Deadlifts: 6@154/70, 5@242/110, 2@343/156, 1@433/197, 2×1@483/220, 1@523/238
GHR: 10, 9, 6 @ bw
Lunges: 10@135/61(barbell), 10@76/34(each dumbell)
Pullthrough: 10@160/73

Deadlifts went pretty good today. I didn’t work up to any kind of a PR but I was happy with the 523 pull. It wasn’t the strongest pull I’ve had but I was once again out too late drinking and playing poker. What I was REALLY happy with today was my single at 433 because I pulled it double overhand, in fact all sets up to that point were double overhand. I know I would never have been able to get close to pulling 400 double overhand before.
GHRs were hard, Jamie tried to convince me to do 50 reps, didn’t matter the number of sets but I declined. After the 25 I’d done my hammies were already fried, I’m sure it would have taken me 10 more sets to get those last 25.

CGB Week 5

CGB: 3×5@265/120
2board: 1×3@350/159
3board: 2×5@350/159
Shoulder Press: 5@135/61, 5@185/84, 5@175/80
Abs+Obliques: 6sets

Close grip went well I got through the first two sets with relative ease and decided to then pause the reps on the third set which made it a bit more difficult. I’m feeling pretty good about the close grip strength.
Decided to do my board press with 2boards like I had written in my routine, however I MUST assume that is a typo. The third rep was a grind fest and I just knew I wasn’t going to get the fourth. Up I went to three boards where I finished off the last two sets up to the prescribed reps.
Shoulder press was not good this week. The first set was alright but again once I got to 185 it was not pretty. I barely got all my reps of 185 in so I decided to drop the weight to get my last set in. This would indicate that I am getting weaker which is a sign of overtraining. I suppose it could have been the board pressing that just took too much out of me but I’m worried that I’m over doing it. I have a habit of doing that when I’m left to my own accord. I’m going to watch myself closely for any of the other signs of overtraining and if so I’ll make some drastic changes to the routine.

SLDL Week 5

SLDL(2.5″ platform): 3×5@308/140
DB Shrugs: 12@93/42, 12@98/44.5, 10@113/51
Bent Over Rows: 3×6@185/84

Besides the SLDLs which I was happy with, this was a pretty slack workout. The stiff legs were good and I was still able to do them all double overhand, but by the end of each set the weight was just hanging off my fingers. Hopefully I can continue with the double overhand for at least another few weeks.
I was down weight in the bent over rows, I did them with Jamie and as he’s never done them before we stayed at a lower weight for him to get used to the motion. I should have done more reps but…like I said slack workout.

Legs Up in the Lime Light

Legs Up: 3×5@255/116
Floor Press: 5×5@240/109
Rear Delts: 3×15@145/66
Lying Lateral Raises: 3×15@20/9
External Rotations: 8@25/11, 8@30/13.6, 8@33/15(PR)
Biceps: a few sets of different things

Edited for poor typing…
First week for legs up press as the primary movement but I think the weight was a little light. Most of the reps felt like speed bench even with the pauses I was giving. Only the last rep or so of each set slowed down. It was pretty much the same story for floor press. Each set was easy but the volume got to me by the last set and it slowed down a bit.
All the rotator work sure fried my shoulders pretty good. My arms are basically hanging dead in their sockets now. I was happy to get the external rotations up to 33lbs for 8.

ME Squat

Squats with Wraps: 3×455/207, 1×500/227
GHR: 1×8, 1×10
GoodMornings: 10@135/61, 2×5@225/102

Alright I have a public service announcement for everyone. Staying out all night playing poker and drinking does NOT make for a quality squat workout. This is not up for discussion it is just not a good thing.
My single at 500 was supposed to be a triple but I just couldn’t stay tight and fell forward on the way up which caused a little pain in my lower back and I called it off then and there.
I could only handle a couple sets of my accessory work before I had no energy to go on. Tonight calls for a lot of good healthy sleep for tomorrows bench workout.

CGB Week 4

CGB: 3×5@260/118
3Board Press: 3×3@340/155
Shoulder Press: 3×5@185/84(last set I only got 4)
Abs: 3×20@97.5/44
Grip Training/Competition with Al Block again

The big change from volume to weight continues and proves to be harder than I’d anticipated. I paused the first two sets of CGB but decided to just do touch and go for my final set as I was worried I wouldn’t be able to complete it.
The board work was supposed to be 2board today but the 2board was missing in action so I went to the 3board. I’m glad I did, these sets all proved to be slow, not tough but slow. This is the first time this routine I’ve been over 260 for any kind of ROM as I’ve been above it for lockouts but that’s it. I’m hoping the difficulty is only because my body isn’t used to the heavy weight.
Shoulder presses were as well tough, when I first lifted it off I was SURE it was at least 225 on the bar and not 185 however a quick glance in the mirror showed that it was indeed the intended weight. I fought through the three sets but after four on the last set I knew I was done so there was no point in making my spotter pull it off me.
I did much better than last time in the grip contest, still lots of improvement to go.

SLDL Week 4

SLDL(2inch block): 3×5@297/135
DB Shrugs:10@92/42, 102/46, 113/51
Bent Over Rows: 3×6@220/100

Dropping down to five rep sets on the SLDLs is a miracle! They still caused a fair bit of discomfort for my lowerback but they were nothing near the maration of destruction that the ten rep sets are. I did all my sets off of a two inch block this week as well, the last few weeks I’ve only been doing the last set or two off the blocks. I will continue with the two inch block until week seven where I will go to a three inch block for the remainder.
DB shrugs went well today and I increased the weight for each set, the set at 113 was a tough one to finish even just to hold it the entire time, my grip was giving out by the last rep. The SLDLs and the crusher workout I did yesterday can be blamed for that. On an high note I got up to 2 sets of 5 on the #1 in my right hand and 2 sets of 2 with my left.
Bent over rows were tough and should result in a good amount of back soreness for a few days to come.