Calgary Open Results

The meet went great, I was a little off my mark on all my lifts but I set three new PRs so I won’t complain at all. My squat warm ups are horrible, I really need to work on how long it takes me to warm up. I ended up doing my last warm up at 484 with suit and belt but no wraps, I then went out and opened with 583/265. I smoked 265 like it was a warmup, but a ripping noise in the right strap of my squat suit had me worried during my decent. I checked the strap after and saw no damage so I went on with my second of 616/280. The lifter helping me didn’t call my depth on this one so I figured I wasn’t deep enough and was upset as I came up, however I found out this was my deepest squat. An easy squat but it did leave me tired as I was trying to get depth so hard. I opted for 644/292.5 for a third. Again it felt like I was going down forever and finally decided to just come up without hearing her call my depth(on review of the video she called it just as I grunted and came up). I smoked it too, I probably had 660/300 in me, oh well.

Up next was bench, easily what I was most worried about after my shoulder injury two weeks ago. My last warm up was 405 to a 1 board in the shirt which I paused on the board for a good 3 seconds before I pressed, I was confident that I could get my opener to my chest. That opener was 418/190 and I did indeed get it to my chest after a little bit of work, I paused it nice and long and powered it up. My second was to be 446/202.5 so I jacked the shirt up getting the chest plate lower and closer to the groove. While I was setting up my right hip and lower back cramped…wow that sucked. I brought it down and it just hit a wall about 2″ above my chest so I had to fight it a bit to touch but I still got it up pretty easily. I didn’t think I had 210 in me so I called for 457/207.5, again it hit a wall 2″ above my chest but I got it down easier. It flew off my chest but I just couldn’t transition to lockout and missed the lift.

So with the first two lifts down I knew I had to do 578/262.5 to make my national qualifier so I told my helper that my third would be 262.5 no matter what. I opened with a ridiculously easy 517/235, this could have easily been a warm up for me. I called for a second at 550/250. I setup alright but I never got my left hand wrapped around the bar well so about mid thigh the bar was in my fingers, it was all I could do to try and lockout and not lose it. I got the lift in a 2 to 1 call however so I’m was happy. My final at 262.5 flew off the floor and got to my upper thighs but stopped dead at lockout, I had hit my old sticking point.

Squat: 583/265, 616/280, 644/292.5
Bench: 418/190, 446/202.5
Deadlift: 517/235, 550/250

Light Bench Work

Bench: 3×5@225/102
DB Tate Press: 2×8@33/15

Another light workout but the shoulder continues to feel good. I would say it’s near 90% right now which hopefully means I can get it up to 100% by the meet on Saturday. The strangest part was that my left bicep was sore during the workout, I’m not sure where that came from but I’d prefer if it was feeling better by the meet too.

Light Box Squat

Box Squat: 3×5@275/125
Good Mornings: 2×8@225/102

First real workout since the shoulder injury and it went pretty well, the shoulder was bugging me but I followed the workout up with a massage which was fantastic. I guess I will see what tomorrow brings for shoulder pain.

Shoulder Pain Stops Workout

CGB: 8×135/61, 5@225/102, 5@265/120
Bench: 2×12@185/84
Skull Crushers to bench: 6@135/61
Tricep Push Downs: 12@60/27, 8@85/39

After the set at 225 I knew my shoulder was going to be sore but after the set at 265 I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do any more today. I decided to do some higher rep benching but even that hurt my shoulder. I figured some tricep movements shouldn’t be too bad, the skull crusher was the worst thing I did, it cause about 10 minutes of unbelievable pain(I couldn’t hold the camera while videoing Jamie’s second lift). I figured tricep pushdowns wouldn’t hurt but they sure did.

I have to admit I’m kind of worried now, after the high I was on yesterday this was a real slap in the face. I don’t plan on working out until Wednesday when I will do some light squatting and benching if anything. I plan to put on my shirt Saturday so I need this shoulder to be at least 90% by then.

Squat Suit Work, Last Time

Suited Squats: 1×545/148, 1×585/266, 1×615/280
Good Mornings: 5@275/125, 2×5@285/130
GHR: 5@bw, 2×5@bw+11/5
Crunch on Swiss Ball: 2×20
Side Bends: 2×20@45/20

Awesome workout today, all my suited lifts were easy and quick and I got depth on all of them. I had planned to make 585 my highest lift today but Jeff convinced me to do one more and I told him to put whatever he wanted on. The 615 lift I was out of the groove, I got a little forward near the bottom but still pounded it out pretty easy. That will either be my second or right around my second at the meet.

I went heavier on good mornings again today and they felt good, I didn’t feel them nearly as much in my glutes so perhaps they are starting to catch up to my hamstrings and lower back. This was about the first time I’ve used weight on GHRs except one time when I tried bands…that was bad. I kept the reps low just to get a feel for it.

Close Grip Bench

CGB: 2×8@255/116, 8@265/120
Standing Shoulder Press: 3×10@99/45
DB Tate Press: 10@38/17, 10@43/19.5, 10@48/22

Nothing much to report today, a pretty standard workout but the sets of eight of close grip were rather difficult at this weight. I’ve ignored these for too long and really need to get some close grip work in before this meet.

Standing shoulder presses are new to me and kind of fun but I did them to my chest and not behind the head which I’m going to change to next time I try these.

DE Squats

Box Squats(2-3″ below parallel): 5×2@275/125, 5×2@315/143
Good Mornings: 5@225/102, 5@255/116, 5@265/120
DB Shrugs: 3×20@87/40
Bent Over Rows: 3×8@176/80

Box squats were damn deep today, for the first few sets I had to relax near the bottom just to get to the box. I kept the weight relatively light today as kind of a “deload” however with the deep box they really hit my glutes. I dropped the box another inch for the very last set and it was super hard to get down to it but I popped off both reps pretty easy. I’m going to do all my box squats off this deep of a box for a while since deep box squats are supposed to help your deadlift.

I dropped the weight a bit on good mornings because my backside was already fried from doing the squats but I still think I pushed them about as far as I could have gotten today so I’m happy with them.  The shrugs were fun, 20 reps caused alot of burning in the traps and that was after the first set. The last set was quite the grind fest after the 15 rep. The weight was down on bent over rows because my lower back and glutes were so sore I couldn’t really support much more weight than 80kg.

ME Bench, Shirt Day 2

Bench: 25xbar, 15×100/45, 10@135/61, 6@185/84, 3@225/102, 3@275/125, 3@315/143, 3@365/166(3board), 1@385/175(3board)
Bench Shirt: 1,1@415/189(2board, 1board), 1,1@425/193(1board, chest), 0@455/207, 0@440/200
DB Tate Press: 10@38/17, 10@43/19.5, 8@48/22
Lying DB Side Raises: 15@15/7, 2×10@25/11
Unnamed Rotator Work: 3×8@25/11
DB Bicep Curls: 2×8@38/17
Reverse Grip Barbell Curl: 8@50/23, 8@60/27

I don’t really know what to think of today, kind of disappointed that I didn’t get the 455 press and after that I just didn’t have anything left for the 440 press. I think I might be over doing it so I’m going to skip shirt work next week and leave it until the last weekend before the meet. I AM happy I got the 425 press down to my chest but I did annoy my right wrist on the second rep of that set. I’m thinking a 424/192.5 opener would be pretty good at this point with a goal of 456.5/207.5.

Along with that I’m currently thinking of these lifts:
Squat: 572/260, 597/270, 616/280
Bench: 424/192.5, 440/200, 456.5/207.5
Deadlift: 506/230, 528/240, 550/250

Which would give me a goal total of 1622.5/737.5 and I would be very happy with that.

ME Deadlifts, Not So Good

Sumo Dead: 2×1@485/220
Seated Good Morning: 3×10@88/40, 10@132/60, 10@176/80
Lat Pulldown: 8@135/61, 8@147.5/67, 8@160/73

After I worked up to 485 I knew I wasn’t going to pull anything big today. I’m pulling too much and I’ve now decided to not pull again until the meet. Which means no suit at the meet because I won’t feel confident enough in it without at least 1 more workout in it and I just can’t do that to my body. I’ll pull conventional at the meet just because that’s what I’ve been training for up to now. I’ll continue to do alot of good mornings in order to bring up my glute strength and hopefully bring up my deadlift with it.

First time I’ve ever done seated good mornings and besides the first few sets, which were just kind of painful because of the stretch, they were good. The new plan is to do heavy standing good mornings on tuesdays and lighter seated good mornings on saturdays until the meet. We’ll see how it goes.