Last Shirt Workout

Bench: 5@275/124.7, 2@315/142.9, 1@365/165.6 off 3board, 1@395/179.2 off 3 board
Shirt: 1@415/188.2 off 1 board, 2×0@430/195, 1@430/195
Rotator Cuff Circuit

I wasn’t sure if I was going to put the shirt on today as I knew I’d be lower on energy than say on Sunday when I’d basically wake up and then goto the gym. Today’s workout was after a long day at work which didn’t help once I got to the heavy stuff. However I felt good enough warming up that I decided to go with the shirt. The 415 press off 1 board was super easy so I went to my planned opener of 430. The first one I actually didn’t know the weight was on my chest so I paused forever until someone said up at which point it popped off really quick but got out of the path and was getting over my head so they grabbed it. The second one again drifted towards my head as I didn’t tuck my elbows in. Finally on the third I tucked my elbows popped it off but flared my elbows too quickly so I had to muscle it back into the path. It was still an easy press but not as technically sound as I’d like. I think alot of this has to do with me changing my setup in the last little while and not having enough time in the shirt to get used to it. I’m not worried though, I still think I’ll open with 430 but if I’m not feeling it that day I’m confident I can drop it to 415 and touch with that. I’d like to make my second 451.9/205 and then see how that goes to determine my third.


Bench: 5@225/102.1, 5@275/124.7, 2×3@315/142.9
Rev. Band Bench(assistance 0lbs at top/90lbs at bottom(0/90)): 3@365/165.6, 3×3@385/174.6
Rev. Band Bench(15/120): 3@385/174.6, 3×3@405/183.7
DB Shoulder Press: 10@43/19.5, 10@53/24, 10@63/28.6
Face Pulls: 4×15@ monster mini
Seated Abs w/cable: 20@130/59, 20@140/63.5, 20@150/68
Pull Aparts: 3×15@ monster mini

First workout back since I came down with something last Sunday, I’m still sick but I had to get in a do a workout. I’m definately a little weak from being sick but I’m happy to have gotten to the weights I did. The reverse band work was good, the initial setup was pretty weak and only gave about 90lbs at the chest and each rep of the 385 sets was hard. We changed how the bands were setup and it ended up giving about 30lbs more on the chest which really increased the speed I could generate. The sets at 405 were markedly easier than the sets at 385.

I’ll be going to a doctor tomorrow to try and get some antibiotics so I can get healthy soon enough to get another shirt workout in before the meet.


2 Board Bench: 3@345/156.5, 3@365/165.6
3 Board Bench: 3@385/174.6, 0@405/183.7
Lockouts(6″ ROM): 5@365/165.6, 5@405/183.7, 2@ 425/192.8
DB Shoulder Press: 10@48/21.8, 10@59/26.8, 10@63/28.6
Rotator Cuff

The 2 boards felt pretty good today, the 365 was easy, the third rep being the best of the set. However once I got to 3 boards I had nothing, the triple at 385 was alright and I figured I might even get a double or triple at 405 but I couldn’t even get one. I just ran out of gas, it doesn’t help that I was out last night drinking and playing poker until 3am. That’s the last time I’ll be doing that until after nationals. It wasn’t even just last night, it was Friday night as well.

I still had no power once I moved to lockouts where I couldn’t even get a triple at 425. This whole day should be scrapped and forgotten about.

This and That Again

Hack Squat Machine(ugh): 2×8@180/81(plate weight, not sure what the sled weighs?)
Band Good Mornings: 15@green band, 15@2xgreen band, 15@blue band, 15@blue+black band
GHR: 2×8@bw
Box Jumps: worked up to 3@13 cardio stepper lifts, 30″+?

Well I tried to do one set of squats and it’s just murder on my shoulder so I’ve decided to drop doing bar squats for a few weeks, at least until after nationals, to give my shoulder the best chance for bench. I decided to try the hack squat machine which I quickly found to be a pain in the knee…that ended that quickly. Band goodmornings are just down right awesome, I will be doing these for a while as they will leave my shoulder alone too.

I decided to do some plyo to hopefully not let my squat drop too much during this break, man these were hard. I was jumping onto one of those step platforms they use in aerobics and I got it up to 13 lifts plus the top platform which I’m guessing is around 30″ although it seemed like alot more than that at the time. I’m only estimating each lift to be 2″ or so and the top platform to be 3 or 4″.

Rev. Band Deadlifts

Reverse Band DL(0 at lockout, 150lbs off floor): 1×506/230, 1×572/260, 1×577.5/262.5
Seated Rows: 8@160/72, 2×8@185/84
Lat Pulldown, Wide Grip to chest: 2×8@147.5/67; Rev. Narrow Grip to Chest: 2×8@147.5/67

Reverse bands were a good time, up to and including the 506/230 lift they were all light and really quick. The 572/260 changed that dramatically, it was alot harder. I decided to do a last one with 577.5/262.5, the weight that I failed to lockout at Calgary to qualify me for nationals. I was happy I could lock those out, maybe it’s a good sign for my lockout strength. I think I’ll do this kind of max pull every few weeks as I feel really beat up right now and don’t think I’d want to do it every week.

Bench Shirt Work

Shirt: 1×385/175(2board), 1×415/188(1board), 1×430/195, 0x450/205, 0x440/200
Bench: 3×3@315/143
Standing BNP: 4×10@88/40
Face Pull: 3×20 w/ mini band
Laying External Rotations: 2×15@10/4.5
Laying Side Raises: 2×15@12/5.5
Internal Rotations: 2×15@20/9, 15@25/11
BB Bicep Curls: 15@45/20, 2×10@65/30
Reverse Grip Bicep Curl: 2×10@50/23

Video of 430 bench. 

The 430 bench was a smoke show, everything felt right the leg drive was dead on and the bar just flew to lockout. I think I may have psyched myself out with the 450 press which paused about 5 inches off my chest after flying up to that point. 440 I just died at lockout, I ran right out of energy. The 3×3 at 315 is the first heavy work I’ve done off the chest in a long time, the reps weren’t super easy but definately not hard.

Lots of accessory work to try and work on the shoulders which made them feel both great and tired as hell. I’ve got some videos of my benches if any are interesting I’ll put them up.

This and That

Power Snatch: 2×2@88/40, 2@110/50, 2@132/60, 1@154/70, 0@165/75, 1@165/75
GHR: 3×8@bw
Band Goodmornings: 2×15@green band, 2×15@green+black band
Cable Twists: 12@50/23, 2×10@70/32(reps are per side)

A little bit of fooling around today as most of my efforts were towards helping people with shirts and suits. I’ve never done snatches until today and I’m sure if you asked a real weightlifter they would say I’ve still never done them ;). After each set of power snatches I did a set of 8-12 squats with the weight just to get some blood in the legs.

Band goodmornings were a fun change that was inspired by not wanting to put any more stress on my shoulder than I really needed to. By the fourth set my back and glutes were really tight and burning, I will have to keep these in perhaps going up to some stronger bands though. The “cable twists” are basically a horizontal woodchopper with a cable machine, I find them to be awesome for the obliques, I’m usually sore for a few days after.

Light Shoulder Workout

Standing BNP: 5×10@95/43
Band Face Pulls: 6×15 w/ monster mini
Internal Rotations: 3×15 w/ monster mini
Laying External Rotations: 3×10-15@10/4.5
Laying Side Raises: 3×20@12/5.4

And so continues my light week of recouping. I pulled my grip in a little closer on every set of BNPs to try and stretch my sore shoulder, I also paused 1/2 the reps to change things up a little bit. I felt progressively stronger as the sets went on which might just be the triceps being recruited more as I got narrower. The rest of the work just left my shoulders tired and sore, hope I didn’t over do anything.

Light Back Workout

Pendalay Row: 3×10@132/60
Lat Pulldown to Chest: 3×12@122.5/56
3 sets of Abs

This week is just going to be some light recouperative workouts to try and let my body recover from all the stupid stuff I’ve been doing to it. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get my left shoulder into better shape through daily stretches and exercises and allow my lower back, triceps, chest, upper back, hamstrings, quads, and pretty much every other major muscle group to catch up on the healing.

Board Benching

3 Board: 4@365/166, 4@375/170, 3@385/175
Standing BNP: 3×15@95/43
DB Tate Press: 8@38/17, 8@43/19.5, 8@48/22
Barbell Curl: 2×15@45/20, 2×15@55/25
Hammer Curl Bar: 10@55/25, 2×8@75/34
DB Hammer Curl: 8@38/17
Laying Ext Rotation: 3×15@10/4.5
Band Face Pull: 4×15@monster mini

My weak triceps are showing themselves now, I really think you should be able to do quite a bit more weight off a 3 board than you can do from your chest and considering I’ve done 375 from my chest for a paused single I would think a triple at 405 on a 3 board shouldn’t be that far off. However today’s triple at 385 was grueling to say the least.

BNPs were light and healing in their volume. They left my shoulders feeling quite good. However my move to tate presses once again left my shoulders hurting which is why I didn’t do as high of volume on them as I’d planned. A hole bunch of biceps and rotator cuff stuff once again had my shoulders feeling better.

Now I do think I’m over doing it on bench/triceps so this week will be a back off week to try and let everything recover. For my deadlift workout on Tuesday I’m going to do some light oly lifts and wednesday will be some light shoulder work.