CGB Week 3

CGB: 8@235/106.6, 8@245/111.1, 8@250/113.4
CGB 3board: 3@335/152, 3@345/156.5, 3@350/158.8
Floor Tate Press: 10@48/21.8, 2×10@53/24 (weight is per db)
BB Bicep Curl: 2×12@60/27.2
DB Hammer Curls: 2×10@33/15
Reverse Grip BB Curl: 2×10@50/22.7
Seated Cable Crunch: 25@120/54.4, 25@140/63.5, 20@140/63.5

Mmmmm tricep punishment. The close grip benching was awesome, the prescribed weight was 235 but it was easy so I went up each set, by the set of 250 it was definately enough for 8 reps. This is the first week for close grip board press and it went well. 345 was the weight that was called for but I started lighter to get a feel for it. The set of 350 was pretty tough but nothing too bad.
The floor tate presses were cool, doing them to the floor paused kind of changes them a little bit, they really caused a ton of burning in the triceps. Finished off with a lot of biceps and abs.

Squats Week 3

Squats: 2×5@225/102.1, 5@275/124.7, 8@315/142.9
Leg Extensions: 3×10@180/81.6
Calf Raises: 3×15@bw

Well my squats were supposed to be 3×8@327/148.3 but during my first warm up at 135 I knew it was going to be a tough day. My glutes were ridiculously painful coming out of the hole. I figured a couple sets would loosen things up and get me going but no amount of stretching or sets seemed to get the blood flowing well enough. In fact during the later sets my right hip started to bother me too. I’ve got a massage in 10 minutes so off to that now…hopefully it’ll help.

Bands and Shirt Week 3

Speed Bench: 9×3@185/83.9 + green bands
Shirted Bench: 1@405/183.7 3board, 1@435/197.3 2board, 0@455/206.4 1board
External Rotations: 3×12@20/9.1
Internal Rotations: 3×12@30/13.6
Rear Delt Fly: 3×12@115/52.2

Speed bench was awesome, we had rest periods down to 20 seconds or so, just long enough for the other guy to do his set then you got right back in. After 7 sets I was getting pretty beat and I took an extra 25 seconds rest before doing the last two sets back to back again. Today I tried on an size 50 Inzer RageX for the first time. This shirt is ALOT smaller than my size 50 Titan Fury especially in the arms. The 405 to 3 boards was tough to get down but absolutely nothing to put back up. The same story goes for the 435 to 2 boards, just blew it up like nothing. At this point my right hand began to go numb and eventually I lost all feeling in it before my third attempt. The 455 bench came down so slow and stopped like a rock so I ended up rotating it towards my stomach to touch but my forearm was turned too far away to get my elbow back under it and get it up so I had to get it pulled off me. I’d say that I need at least 470 to touch my chest in this shirt. I’m going to see if I can get a 52 from a guy to give a try.

Deadlifts Week 3

Deadlifts: 3×10@330/149.7
Good Mornings: 10@185/83.9, 10@205/93
Lat Pulldown: 2×15@122/55.3, 12@135/61.2
Seated Row: 3×12@135/61.2
Reverse Hyper: 3×10@bw

Thank God it’s the last week for sets of ten on deadlift, these just about killed me. They completely wiped me of energy and left my lower back extremely tight. So tight in fact that after two sets of good mornings I couldn’t do another one and had to move on to less lower back intensive exercises.
All the lat work was tiring, I can feel the pain coming on already. I don’t think I’ve done seated rows for a while and I’m sure they will make themselves known tomorrow. I did some reverse hypers at the end to try and stretch the lower back out, it helped a bit.

Legs Up Week 3

Legs Up: 5×5@265/120.2
Incline: 5@185/83.9, 2×5@205/93
Lockouts: 3×5@315/142.9
BB Bicep Curls: 2×12@60/27.2, 12@70/31.8
Reverse Curls: 3×10@50/22.7
Abs: 3×10@bw

Last week for the 5×5 on legs up and man am I glad, today was pretty tough by the last set. Hell it was pretty tough on the first set but sets 2, 3 and 4 were good :). This was the first time I’ve done incline bench in I don’t know how long and it was pretty freaking awkward for the first set but after that I seemed to find the grove so I bumped the weight to the prescribed value. Lockouts were easy, these just seem to light but I’ll stick with this weight as it’s the second time I’ve done lockouts in three days so perhaps that’s why it’s so light. Some boring biceps and abs and home I came.

CGB Week 2

CGB: 8@225/102.1, 8@235/106.6, 8@245/111.1
CG Lockouts: 2×5@305/138.3
Floor Skull Crushers: 3×10@115/52.2
Dips: 8, 6 w/ mini bands
Cable Crunches: 15@120/54.4, 3×20@140/63.5
Side Bends: 2×10@71/32.2

I did climbing sets with the close grip today, the routine called for 3×8@225/102.1 but after the first set it was too easy so I decided to bump it for the remaining two sets. The last couple on the 245 set were definately getting tough, the volume is more the culprit than the weight though. I forgot that the lockouts were supposed to be close grip which really changes the difficulty and in essense makes them difficult. They still weren’t too bad but definately worse than last weeks standard grip lockouts.
Bumped the weight up on the floor skull crushers without realizing it as I thought this was the weight I did last week, however half way through the first set I knew I had to have been mistaken. I still gutted it through all the sets but that didn’t leave much strength left for the dips which weren’t helped by adding the band resistance to the mix.

Squats Week 2

Band Assisted Squats(0 top/170/77.1 bottom): 8@405/183.7, 8@455/206.4(belt), 5@495/224.5(belt)
SLDL: 2×10@302/137
Leg Extensions: 15@195/88.5, 2×10@195/88.5(paused)

This wasn’t quite the workout my routine called for but since Jeff was doing this and he made my routine I decided to do it with him. I was pretty happy with how I felt while under the weight, I was slightly worried about that since I haven’t been under a heavy bar in at least a month. I had tons of speed on all but my last couple reps of 495. Sets of eights just don’t seem as hard as they did last week.
SLDLs were at the weight they were supposed to be at last week and I pulled both sets relatively easy without all the near-death-experience stuff afterwards. Leg extensions haven’t been in my routine in easily a year but they are now so I did them and they will cause me discomfort tomorrow I’m sure. I also skipped calf and ab work and opted to go for another coffee instead.

Bands and Boards Week 2

Speed Bench: 9×3@185/83.9 + green bands
3 Board Bench: 2×3@365/165.6, 4@365/165.6
Front Raises: 2×15@45/20.4
Rotator Cuff: 6×15
Bicep Curls: 3×15@45/20.4

The speed bench felt really good today, I paused most of the reps before exploding them up as fast as possible. However once I got to warming up for the board press things started to feel heavy. I did a triple at 275 that wasn’t as easy as it should have been and then a single at 315 that was way too slow. The 3 board presses were supposed to be sets of 5 but the first two sets I couldn’t get more than 3, the third set I moved my grip out to competition width and got 4 before stalling the 5th at lockout. That kind of set the pace for the rest of the workout. Not sure what happened today but I’ll write it off as a bad day.

Deadlift Day Week 2

Deadlifts: 3×10@302/137
Good Mornings: 3×10@225/102.1
Pull Throughs: 3×10@green band
Lat Pulldown to chest: 3×15@135/61.2
Side Bends: 3×15@45/20.4

Well I’m surprised to say that the sets of 10s for deadlift are already getting easier so I guess my body is adapting faster than I expected. They were by no means easy and I was out of breath by the end of each set but I definately powered through them easier than last week. That’s a very good sign considering I still have another week of 10s and then a couple weeks of 8s after that.
The good mornings were rather challenging, more so than I expected them to be as I don’t remember them being this hard last week although I did only do 1 set at 225 last week. After the GMs the pull throughs were just killer, they really caused some pain in the glutes. I love these especially with the bands because you are not only always fighting to pull the weight but you are also struggling to keep your balance the whole time too.

Legs Up a Day Early

Legs Up: 5×5@260/117.9
Floor Press: 3×5@245/111.1
Decline Press: 2×10@245/111.1, 8@245/111.1
Standing Shoulder Press: 10@95/43.1, 10@115/52.2

I decided to go in today to do cardio but seeing as my legs are still killing me from Saturdays session I decided to instead do tomorrows workout today. The legs up sets began to show the fatigue in my triceps from yesterdays close grip work after the first couple of sets. I had tons of power right off my chest but by the 4th rep of each set I was grinding the lockouts. Floor press was more of the same, the weight was easy off the bottom but by the second set I was grinding the lockouts for the last few reps. I almost finished all my decline presses even going up 20/9.1 from last week but after 8 on the last set I was done.
Shoulder presses were done in front of the head which seem harder however they are a little easier on my left shoulder so I stuck with them today. I’m already getting used to the volume which is good cause it’s not going down for another two weeks.