Deadlift Week 8

Deadlift w/belt: 5@469.6/213, 1@507.1/230, 1@540.1/245
Lat Pulldown: 10@147/66.7, 2×10@160/72.6
Seated Rows: 10@147/66.7, 10@172/78, 10@185/83.9

Good lifting today, the set of 5 felt heavier than I think it should have but I pulled through it. The two singles were pretty easy too, Jeff said both were pretty quick and I should leave it there. I wasn’t 100% today as usually my deadlifts would be tomorrow so I’m on 1 day less rest. I think that’s a good sign.

Legs Up Week 8

Legs Up: 3×5@281/127.5
Incline: 2×8@210/95.3, 8@225/102.1
Lockouts: 3@355/161, 3@385/174.6, 3@395/179.2

Good workout today even though I did it a day early to try and get all my workouts in this week before I head to Edmonton on the weekend. I’ll still have to wait and see if I feel up to doing deadlifts tomorrow.

CGB Week 7

CGB: 8@240/108.9, 2×8@245/111.1
CG 2boards: 3×3@340/154.2
JM Press: 10@95/43.1, 10@105/47.6, 10@115/52.2
Biceps: 3×12@65/29.5, 2×10@75/34
Abs: 20@140/63.5, 2×20@150/68

Good workout, the first set of close grip 2boards was quite hard but each set after that got easier and easier. I haven’t done JM presses in a while and they ended up being quite tough by the third set.

Squats Week 7

Squat w/belt: 5@370/167.8, 5@380/172.4, 5@390/176.9, 5@400/181.4, 5@410/186
Squat w/wraps+belt: 2@480/217.7, 2@490/222.3, 2@500/226.8, 2@510/231.3
Leg Extensions: 3×10@165/74.8

First week of heavier squatting. By the last set of doubles with wraps I was pretty beat so it was a bit of a grind but not too bad. Other than that set they were quick and easy. The sets of 5s weren’t that bad either but I was glad they weren’t heavier.

Bands and Shirt Week 7

Band Bench: 9×3@225/102.1 + monster minis
Bench: 3@275/124.7, 2@315/142.9, 1@365/165.6 3 board, 1@395/179.2, 3 board
Shirted: 1@425/192.8 2 board, 1@455/206.4 1 board, 1@460/208.7 chest
External Rotations: 3×12 w/ monster mini
Internal Rotations: 3×15 w/ monster mini
Band Face Pulls: 10, 15, 15 w/ monster mini
Abs: 3×10 w/ stretch band

Well the 460 bench is a 15lb PR for me so I’m pretty happy. I’d be even happy but I didn’t control it at the top during lockout I just tossed it towards the rack. However the 455 and 460 presses were VERY quick, hell the 460 had trouble touching my chest and I’m wearing my old Titan Fury which has touched with 407 before. Although I am up about 9lbs since nationals…some good(i think) and some bad…

Deadlift Week 7

Conv. Deadlift: 3×5@440/199.6
Pull Throughs: 3×10 w/ green band
Lat Pulldown: 10@135/61.2, 10@147/66.7, 10@160/72.6
Seated Row: 10@147/66.7, 10@160/72.6, 10@172/78

Good deadlifting today, the first set of deadlifts I could have probably pulled 8-10 and even the last one I had 6 or 7 in me. This is definately the strongest my deadlift has ever been. Next week I’ll pull a set of 5 at 470 and then pull a couple singles to get a handle on where my strength is for the meet and then I’ll lay off heavy deadlifts until the meet.

Legs Up Week 7

Legs Up: 5@275/124.7, 2×5@280/127
Incline: 3×8@205/93
Lockouts: 3@345/156.5, 3@365/165.6, 3@385/174.6
Biceps: 4×12@70/31.8

Kind of a tough workout due to the fact that it was SUPER humid here which drained some of my energy before I ever got to the gym. The sled pulling yesterday also took a little out of me(I did one length of chest flies).

CGB Week 6

CGB: 5@270/122.5, 5@280/127, 5@285/129.3
CG Lockouts: 3@335/152, 3@355/161, 3@365/165.6
Floor Skull Crushers: 3×8@100/45.4
Dips: 3×6@bw

Everything went well today, nothing was a struggle at all well until I hit the dips. As for everything else I was working with weights higher than recommended by my routine.

Squats Week 6

Narrow Stance Squats: 3×5@385/174.6
SLDL: 2×10@330/149.7
GM: 8@205/93, 8@225/102.1, 8@245/111.1
Adductor/Hamstring rehab

The squats were pretty hard today which I’d say was because I was beltless. I probably had at least a rep or two left in me at the end of each set but they were harder than I figured they’d be. I also moved my stance out just a little bit which didn’t seem to cause any added discomfort. The SLDL and GMs just destroyed what was left of my glutes/lowerback area.

Bands and Boards Week 6

Speed Bench: 9×3@220/99.8 + black bands
2 Board: 5@330/149.7, 5@335/152, 5@340/154.2
Internal Rotations: 3×15 w/ black band
Behind the Neck Band Pulldowns: 3×15 w/ black band
Face Pulls: 3×15 w/ black band
BB Bicep Curl: 25@45/20.4, 20@45/20.4
BB Reverse Curl: 2×15@45/20.4
Swiss Ball Cruch: 2×20@bw

Todays speed bench felt easy all the way through, in fact it seemed to get easier the closer my grip got(I do 3 sets with wide, medium and close grip). The following board work also felt quite easy although my left thumb area is bugging me and it really flared up during the first couple sets of these. I think it’s from the deadlifts yesterday so I’m not too worried though, the deadlifts also caused me to have a tight back all workout.