Deadlifts Week 6

Conv. Deadlift: 3×8@412.3/187
Pull Throughs: 3×10 w/ green band
Lat Pulldown: 10@135/61.2, 10@147/66.7, 10@160/72.6
Seated Rows: 10@147/66.7, 2×10@160/72.6
Weighted Abs: 20@140/63.5, 2×20@150/68

Thank God it’s my last week of 8s for deadlift… The weight wasn’t even all that bad but it tore up my hands and the top of my knees where the bar hits going down on every rep. I mean it was hard but the other pains kind of took away from that. I also took a wider grip that is more in line with my shoulders which should hopefully allow for a stronger lockout…I can’t say if it helped but all my lockouts were strong today.

Legs Up Week 6

Legs Up: 3×8@265/120.2
Decline: 8@225/102.1, 2×8@245/111.1
Floor Press: 3×5@260/117.9
DB Shoulder Press: 3×10@63/28.6

I was pretty beat going into todays workout, it’s the hottest it’s been this year and that kind of dragged me down. I didn’t think I’d make it after I did my first set of legs up. Things got better as they went along, the change to decline really helped get the energy back for floor press. I dropped the weight on shoulder press cause I’m a pansy.
PS: Kain told me “blog this”, while giving me the finger…so I did.

CGB Week 5

CGB: 5@265/120.2, 5@270/122.5, 5@275/124.7
Lockouts: 5@330/149.7, 2×3@345/156.5
Floor Skull Crushers: 2×8@120/54.4
Rotator work

The workout today was way too early, we started at 8 which is just not a good time to be trying to lift weights. I started out really slow but got all my main sets in, I just got tired and skipped almost all the accessory stuff.

Squat Week 5

Adductor Work/Stretching
Squats(narrow stance): 4×5@365/165.6
SLDL: 2×10@330/149.7
GM: 8@185/83.9, 8@225/102.1

The squatting was interesting as once again I had to squat with a rather narrow stance, although I believe I was wider than last week but I also had more pain than last week too. After I did my first set of 5 at 365 I thought I was done but I decided not to let this injury stop me and did the prescribed sets. Was it easy? No, but I’m not sure if it would have been easy with my normal stance either. I guess we will have to see as the weight goes up if I’ll be able to squat near what I used to if I had to stay with this stance.
After my first set of SLDLs Jeff noticed how narrow a grip I take (right on the edge of the knurling) and suggested that I move it out to help with a stronger lockout, this might have something to do with my problem as I always take as narrow a grip as possible.

Bands and Boards Week 5

Speed Bench: 9×3@215/97.5 + monster minis 30 second rest
2 Board Press: 5@305/138.3, 5@315/142.9, 5@325/147.4
Internal Rotations: 3×12@ monster mini
Pull Aparts: 3×20@ monster mini
Abs: 20@130/59, 20@150/68, 25@150/68

Quick workout today, blew through the speed bench really quick, the 30 second rest periods were grueling by the end. The board press was easy, it seems to be a little light so I kept going up, the routine called for 3×5@310/140.6.

Deadlift Week 5

Conv. Deadlifts w/belt: 3×8@385.8/175
Pull Throughs: 3×10 w/ green band
Lat Pulldowns(rev grip to chest): 2×15@135/61.2
Seated Rows: 2×15@135/61.2, 10@147/66.7
Adductor work and stretching

Well I thought the deadlifts would be much harder just looking at the numbers but I guess I’m getting used to the volume now. That’s not to say I wasn’t panting at the end of my sets but I wasn’t nearly dead at the end at least. I have one more week of eights and then the weight starts to get quite heavy. The pull throughs were supposed to be box squats but I wanted to save my adductors and shoulders the extra strain of squatting twice in a week.

Legs Up Week 5

Legs Up: 2×8@250/113.4, 8@255/115.7
Decline: 8@225/102.1, 2×8@245/111.1
Floor Press: 5@250/113.4, 2×5@265/120.2
DB Shoulder Press: 10@58/26.3, 2×10@71/32.2

Wow were my triceps tired by the end of all that. The legs up were not especially challenging and I seemed to get stronger with each set, really snapping the lockout on my last one. The decline is back again and I was surprised how quick I got into the movement, usually it takes a couple sets to get the feel for it but after a couple reps this time I was pumping them out like nothing. Even the jump to 245 didn’t cause too much trouble and I’ve never been much heavier than 225 on decline before.
The floor press was equally light on the first set so I had to bump it significantly from the prescribed 250. The shoulder press was good again, I almost didn’t get all 10 on my last set but I ground out the final rep.

CGB Week 4

CGB: 5@255/115.7, 5@265/120.2, 5@270/122.5
CGB w/ 3board: 3@345/156.5, 3@350/158.8, 3@355/161
Floor DB Extensions: 3×10@53/24
Dips: 3×8@bw

Tough day on the triceps, although the close grip bench felt pretty easy and I was way above what my routine called for(255). The boards on the other hand were pretty difficult, not that I missed any but I did kind of grind out my last few reps on the last set. They are kind of an strange movement. The rest of the tricep exercises just finished them off, a very good workout overall.

Squats Week 4

Squats(close stance): 5@285/129.3, 2×5@325/147.4, 5@345/156.5
SLDL: 10@315/142.9, 10@330/149.7
Pull Throughs: 10@130/59, 10@150/68
Adductor stretching/work

Well I think I figured out my problem with squats, I’m fairly certain it’s due to a set of tight adductors. Wide stance really hurts however close stance is fine. I was supposed to do 5×5@355/161 however since I changed to close stance I didn’t think I’d be as strong and I didn’t want to push too hard so I dropped the weight. None of the sets were too hard however I can tell that I’m not nearly as strong this way, but I do get depth like no one’s business.
The stiff leg deadlifts almost took me out again but I survived to lift another day. I’ll be focusing on stretching and massaging my adductors to hopefully regain the ability to squat wider again.