3×3 Week 1, Day 3

Close Stance Squat: 5×5@315/142.9
Legs Up Bench: 6×6@225/102.1
Sumo Deadlift: 5×5@324.1/147

My lower left back was tightening up by the time I finished squatting, I think my evil glutes cause this. Everything today was easy and I was going to do 7 sets of squats but the lower back slowed me down. Hopefully a couple days off here will get me back up to speed.

Korte 3×3 Week 1, Day 2

Box Squat: 5×5@290/131.5
CGB: 7×6@205/93
3″ Platform Deadlifts: 7×5@308.6/140

I changed up the exercises each day and because each of these are harder than their pure version I dropped the percentage for each. My sore glutes really showed themselves during the squat, causing alot of pain in the glutes themselves but also my hamstrings and my lower back. I need to get these things under control.

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Korte 3×3 Week 1, Day 1

Squat: 5×5@335/152
Bench: 6×6@225/102.1
Deadlift: 6×5@341.7/155

Well this is the first day of the 3×3 and it went pretty well. I did minimum sets on squat and bench but had more energy than I expected during deadlifts, I would have done the full 8 sets but my hands were just killing me after the 6 so I had to stop.

Deadlift Analysis and Winnipeg Video

Anyone who has read this page for any time knows that deadlifts have always been a sore spot for me, I’ve never been able to pull what I really think I should. Well this meet in Winnipeg went much better and going over the video I have an idea why.
First here is a picture of my attempted 577.6/262 pull in Calgary back in January:
262.5 pull in calgary
You can see how pitched forward I am, my head is down, my chest is pointing to the floor and my ass is high. This never looked weird to me until now…

544.5/247 pull in Winnipeg
247.5 pull in winnipeg
What a difference, my head and chest are up and my ass is way down there. I’m in much more of a squat stance than the Calgary pull.

566.6/257 pull in Winnipeg
257.5 pull in winnipeg
The same thing here, my ass is a little higher but nothing like Calgary, and I stay in that position as I pull it up and into lockout.

I’ve YouTubed my video from Winnipeg. The video was actually created by Kain, a fellow lifter.

Quick Wind Up of Winnipeg Meet

Squat: 1@595.2/270, 1@632.7/287, 1@661.4/300
Bench: 1@440.9/200, 1@463/210, 0 @474/215
Deadlift: 1@529.1/240, 1@544.5/247, 1@566.6/257
Total: 1690.9/767

Good meet, I was very happy with how I lifted. I got my national qualifier on my second deadlift and ended up leaving about 7-10kg on the platform in the deadlift alone. My third bench should have gone but I got a hamstring cramp and locked it out uneven.
The bad news is I didn’t get my third squat or third bench on video… 🙁

Last Bench

Bench: 2×3@275/124.7
Tricep Pushdowns: 10@85/38.6, 2×10@75/34
Reverse hypers: 2×10

That’s it, nothing now until the meet. We’ll be leaving this Thursday so I’ll have all day friday to rest before Saturdays lifting.

Last Squat

Squat w/belt: 5@385/174.6, 3@405/183.7
Seated Row: 10@160/72.6, 10@185/83.9, 10@210/95.3
Lat Pulldown: 10@135/61.2, 10@147/66.7

Squats felt good, my right hip was a little tight so I’ll have to get that massaged out before the meet but other than that I was feeling good.

CGB Week 9

CGB: 8@255/115.7, 8@260/117.9, 8@265/120.2
Lockouts: 3@365/165.6, 3@375/170.1, 3@385/174.6
DB OverHead Extensions: 10@76/34.5, 8@87/39.5, 8@98/44.5
BB Bicep Curls: 10@50/22.7, 10@70/31.8, 10@80/36.3
BB Reverse Grip Curls: 10@50/22.7, 2×10@60/27.2
Abs: 20@140/63.5, 2×25@140/63.5

Last of the heavy workouts, from here on out it’s one more light squat and one light bench then I’m off to the meet.

Final Deadlift Workout

Deadlifts: 3×1@440.9/200
Pull Throughs: 3×10 w/ green bands
Adductor Rehab
Hamstring Rehab
Leg Extensions: 10@150/68, 10@180/81.6

Last deadlift workout, just went light and pulled a few singles. The speed was good and all the pulls were really easy.