3×3 Week 6, Day 1(Deadlift)

Close Stance Squat: 3×3@350/158.8
Legs Up Bench: 5×4@230/104.3
Deadlift: 2×1@496/225 no belt, 1@496/225 belt + suit straps down, 1@496/225 belt + suit

Squatting was super easy today, I have so much speed with close stance I just slam it down and bounce off my calves. Benching was no harder, I really focused on keeping my upper back tight for the last few sets and it felt even easier.
Deadlifts went well, the two singles without a belt were pretty easy but they felt slow. Looking at the video they weren’t though, I think this is my problem in a meet. Same routine as last week, I pulled the suit on but straps down and belt on for a single and it was really easy but it stuck on my legs near the top. The next one I pulled the straps on and watered my legs down(to allow the bar to slide) and like last week it felt like nothing was on the bar. I’ll have video up later.
Edit: Video of deadlifts

3×3 Week 5, Day 3(Squat)

Squat: 2×1@465/210.9 with loose belt
CGB: 5×4@230/104.3
Sumo Deadlift: 3×3@352.7/160

The squat went well, it’s supposed to be with belt and wraps but with this weight I didn’t see the point. I was going to try to do it without a belt but the single at 405 didn’t seem strong enough to go up 60lbs without a belt. The belt was set for using it in my squat suit so it was quite loose however.

The bench and deadlift were easy, in fact on a challenge I ended up doing my last set of bench, one warm up and all three sets of deadlift in under 10 minutes. That got the sweat going.

3×3 Week 5, Day 2(Bench)

Box Squat: 3×3@350/158.8 (beltless)
Bench: 2×1@310/140.6, New Katana On: 1@425/192.8 2board, 1@455/206.4 1board, 1@470/213.2 chest
3″ Platform Deadlifts: 3×3@352.7/160

The box squat wasn’t too bad, I don’t think I’ve gone much heavier than this but I’ll have to look back. The bench went well, the program called for the 2×1@310/140.6 and both were really easy. I got a new Titan Katana bench shirt last week and I wanted to give it a try to see how it felt incase I needed to exchange it before the 30 days are up. I did a few singles onto boards working up to the shirt and then pulled it on. The sleeves are too long as usual and they were noticably tighter than my normal Fury but I think they will loosen up a bit. The 425 to a 2board was nothing, the 455 to a 1 board was a little tough to touch but went up easy. The 470 to the chest should have been to a 1 board, it hovered over my chest for what seemed like forever until I relaxed and it finally touched. I pushed it up fairly easy but it twisted a bit at lockout, Jeff touched the bar just to make sure it didn’t come to far over my head but I think I would have pressed it either way.

3×3 Week 5, Day 1(Deadlift)

Squat: 3×3@350/158.8
Bench: 5×4@231.5/105
Deadlift: 2×1@467.4/212 w/ no belt, 1@467.4/212 suit bottoms on belt on, 1@467.4/212 suit and belt

Well this next bit of the program is going to be dedicated to getting used to this damn deadlift suit(and maybe my new bench shirt). I easily pulled the weight today for the singles without a belt, it is recommended to use the gear used to get your original numbers for the program during these four weeks but I’m going to do my best to pull without a belt as long as I can. I pulled my suit on and did the first one straps down and belt on, the belt really dug into me, but I was able to get down and into position pretty easily. The pull was quick but the bar stuck to my, now exposed, legs near the top, I still locked it out easily. The second pull was in full gear, straps up and belt on. It was much harder to get down to the bar but I sucked it up and got down and into position. It absolutely felt like nothing was on the bar. I’m getting the straps shortened and then I’ll pull in it again next week.

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Weekly Volume Week 4

Squat: 9250 + 8125 + 8750 = 26125 decrease 5950
Bench: 8929 + 8100 + 8640 = 25669 decrease 7065
Deadlift: 14991 + 8543 + 8956 = 32490 decrease 3693

Well this isn’t the worst week of volume I’ve had but it’s down 16708 from last week.

3×3 Week 4, Day 3

Close Stance Squat: 5×5@350/158.8 = 8750
Legs Up Bench: 6×6@240/108.9 = 8640
Sumo Deadlift: 5×5@357.1/162 = 8956

Well it was a sad bit of volume today, I was tired from all the travelling yesterday but that’s a poor excuse. Overall this 4th week has been lackluster but I guess all weeks can’t be as good as last week.

Next week starts the heavy singles and the volume drops a lot, I’m really ready for that.

3×3 week 4 day 2

Box squat: 5×5@325/147.4 = 8125
Cgb: 6×6@225/102.1 = 8100
3″ platform deadlift: 5×5@ 341.7/155 = 8543

Went to Steve’s gym again for this workout. It’s such an awesome place. Was in a hurry so I did minimum sets on everything. I’m writting this on my blackberry as I head to the special o nationals. We have three lifters from moose jaw competing.

3×3 Week 4, Day 1

Squat: 5×5@370/167.8 = 9250
Bench: 6×6@246.9/112 = 8929
Deadlift: 8×5@374.8/170 = 14991

Rough workout today, I was tired by the time I got to the gym. After my third set of squats my left calf was hurting but then it just kind of went away. Everything was feeling heavy but I wanted to do max sets on something so I did deadlifts.

Weekly Volume Week 3

Squat: 10800 + 7875 + 13400 = 32075 increase 2525
Bench: 11374 + 10320 + 11040 = 32734 increase 7482
Deadlift: 9094 + 13200 + 13889 = 36183 increase 7689

That’s an overall increase of 17696, this week was by far the hardest and the numbers tell the story. I don’t really know that I can top this week, right now my left calf feels like it wants to fall off(sumo yesterday), my lower back is all tweaky, and my glutes hurt like hell. Those are just the pains that really stand out too. Oh well I got 2 days to recover.