Deadlift Week 2

Deadlift(no belt): 8@407.9/185, 8@418.9/190, 8@429.9/195
Front Squat: 5@135/61.2, 5@185/83.9, 5@205/93
Seated Row: 15@147/66.7, 15@165/74.8, 15@177/80.3
Lat Pulldown: 2×10@135/61.2
Reverse Hyper: 3×10@bw

The deadlifts were much better than last week, I guess my body got used to the 8’s quicker than I’d imagined. I finally was able to semi-comfortably do a front squat. Mike said to put wrist wraps on the bar, but I forgot why so I ended up putting them on it and using them as pads to sit on my shoulders which allowed the bar to rest there much easier without rolling around. This wasn’t the intention he had but it worked and I’m happy, now to get the weight up a bit.

CGB Week 2

CGB: 8@265/120.2, 8@275/124.7, 8@280/127
CG Lockouts(~6″ ROM): 5@345/156.5, 5@365/165.6
DB Floor Tate Press: 10@48/21.8, 2×10@59/26.8
Dips: 3×10@bw(~310/140.6)
BB Bicep Curl: 3 sets 85/38.6,65/29.5,45/20.4 pyramid thingy…ouch

My triceps were done after the dips and after three sets of the bicep pyramid my biceps were too. Good day overall, my arms are a little shakey now. My adductor is feeling much better today, I’ll probably do a little massage tonight and maybe a bit of icing but that’s it. I’m hopeful for a saturday squat day, even if it is light.


Squat: 5@365/165.6, 5@375/170.1

Well coming into the workout my left adductor was tight, I think it’s from squatting on saturday, but it seemed like the kind of thing that would losen up as the warm ups went on. Well it went the other way and tightened up, so I called it quits after just two sets. I’m kind of depressed as I was just getting back to squatting without pain. Hopefully after some icing/heating and stretching it’ll be better. I want to be able to deadlift on thursday and squat on saturday but I won’t risk another long term injury.

Legs Up Week 1

Legs Up: 5@255/115.7, 2×5@275/124.7, 2×5@285/129.3
Incline: 5@205/93, 5@225/102.1, 5@235/106.6
Floor Press: 5@265/120.2, 2×5@285/129.3
BB Curl: 10@75/34, 10@85/38.6

Lots of pressing today, I forgot how much volume there is on legs up day. The incline was tough to find the right path on, I think if I were to do the korte again one of the bench days would be an incline day. After finally finding the path on incline I had to move to floor press where I struggled to forget the incline path…I got it right on the third set.

Rev. Band Squats

Rev. Band Squat: 2×5@545/247.2, 5@555/251.7, 5@565/256.3
GM: 10@135/61.2, 10@185/83.9

Short workout as I ahve to goto a wedding in 15 minutes so I ran out of time. The reverse band squats are killer, the first set was so hard I didn’t think I would be able to finish another. However on the rest of the sets I widened out my stance so I could stay a little more upright and they all went smoothly except the last but I was pretty tired by then. I was supposed to do 5 sets in total but again, no time. The bands are taking around 200lbs at the bottom and they are slack at the top, I’ll try to get a measurement of what the bands are really taking next week.

Speed Bench and Boards Wk 1

Speed Bench: 9×3@215/97.5 + green bands
3 board: 5@345/156.5, 5@355/161, 4@365/165.6
3 sets of rotator
Band Pull Aparts: 3×20 w/ monster mini
Plate Raises: 3×10@45/20.4
6 sets of abs/obliques

Pissed off I missed my fifth rep on the 365 boards but I took a pretty quick break inbetween sets 2 and 3 and I’m sure that’s why. I’m also adjusting to the volume still and that’ll take another week or two.

Deadlifts Week 1

Deadlifts: 3×8@412.3/187
Fucked around trying to do front squats
Hack Squats: 2×5@4x45lb plates
Seated Row: 2×15@160/72.6, 1×10@160/72.6
Lat Pulldown: 1×10@135/61.2
3 sets of abs, 3 sets of lower back

Wow the deadlifts sure start hard enough, well that’s not true they weren’t really hard but definately had me sucking air at the end of all the sets. The routine has front squats and I really really want to do them, I’ve never been able to do them in the past and I’m convinced there is a way for me to do them. I tried about every position possible and they all hurt worse than the last, it seems like my neck is too thick to allow the bar to sit behind my front delts so it kind of rests on top which means it ends up rolling off and onto my arms, unless I do them in a clean position which just about rips my fingers off my hands. It’s a matter of inflexability so I guess I need to fix that.
I did hack squats to try and simulate the front squats but I’ll be trying harder next week to do fronts. All the accessory just kicked my ass. Ahh good times…

CGB Week 1

CGB: 8@255/115.7, 2×8@260/117.9
Lockouts(Medium Grip, 5-6″ ROM): 2×5@355/161
Floor Skull Crushers: 10@95/43.1, 2×10@115/52.2
Dips: 2×7, 1×8@bw(308ish)
BB Bicep Curl: 12@45/20.4, 2×12@65/29.5
BB Reverse Culr: 10@45/20.4, 2×10@65/29.5

Well this is day one of my new Jeff Butt program, it’s a 6day/week program that’ll have me benching three times, squatting twice and deadlifting once. If this all doesn’t kill me it should make me strong as hell.
Nothing was overly easy but nothing was really hard except the dips, and all the biceps which I tried to do as quickly as possible because everyone else was ready to go so I didn’t feel like hanging around by myself. I haven’t done any accessory work in two months so I’m pretty sure I’m going to feel it all tomorrow.

3×3 Week 8, Day 3(Squat) Last Day(VIDEO UP)

Squat: 1@551.2/250 w/belt, 1@606.3/275 w/wraps and belt
CGB: 5×4@231.5/105
Sumo Deadlift: 3×3@352.7/160

Well that went well. I pulled out a pretty easy 551.2/250 with just a belt so I decided to try and find a max squat with wraps and belt for my next program(all weights are based off belt+wraps). I figured I could do maybe 585-590 but Jeff said I should do 606.3/275. That turned out to be a tough, but not max, lift. Jeff said I probably have another 5-10kg. I never really did a max belt/wraps before my last meet but I’m sure the korte put at least 25-30lbs on it. For an 8 week program that’s huge in my opinion.
I’m out of town for a meet this weekend(just helping) but I’ll upload the videos when I get back on Sunday or Monday.

3×3 Week 8, Day 2(Bench)

Box Squat: 3×3@350/158.8
Bench: 2×1@365/165.6
3″ Deficit Deadlift: 3×3@352.7/160
Video of todays benches

Box squats were really good today, I just planned out my next program that includes a fairly box squat heavy portion so I’m pretty excited as I haven’t done them heavy for a while. The benches sure felt slow but watching the video tells a whole different story. The second one seems even quicker than the first. Maybe I have the 385 or 395 in me that I’d like to get. There is a raw bench contest for cash in September that I’ll probably enter, I’d like to do 405 there.