Knee Wrap Squats Week 6

Squats w/belt+wraps: 1@495/224.5, 3@545/247.2, 3@565/256.3, 3@585/265.4
Good Mornings: 8@225/102.1, 245/111.1, 265/120.2
Lunges: 10@154.3/70, 176.4/80, 187.4/85
Seated Cable Crunch: 3×30@120/54.4

Well I figured coming into this workout I wasn’t going to get my top set that was supposed to be 580. I used metal all black wraps for the first set and they just stopped me dead and didn’t offer alot of “spring.” I change to titan titaniums for the next two sets and they were much better, they let me get depth and “bounce” out of the bottom better. I wonder if the knee wraps were partly responsible for my trouble getting depth last week with the suit. I think they could be a good wrap for your third when you are going all out but as an opener I don’t know if they restrict depth too much.

Shirted Bench Week 6

Bench w/50 Katana SS: 2@450/204.1 2,1 board, 1@465/210.9 1″ off chest, 1@475/215.5
Speed Bench(straight weight): 9×3@205/93
External Rotations: 3×15 w/ mini band
Supraspinatus Raise: 3×10 w/ mini band
Band Pull Aparts: 4 w/ doubled mini band, 10 w/ choked monster mini, 15 w/ choked monster mini
Face Pulls: 10@80,90,100,110

Well my bench with the katana went better than last time but not by much. The 450 to the 2board then 1board was rough holding the weight while they pulled a board off, I don’t think I’ve ever done a double in a shirt, or at least I haven’t in a long time. I figured 465 would get there but at 1″ off the chest it just stopped, I figured I could waste alot of energy fighting it down but I decided to just push it up…it was an easy push. The 475 was the same deal, it took alot of work to touch but because I had to bring it so low to touch it was a much harder push. I think this shirt is too small right now, I can’t get it up far enough in the arms to pull the shoulders back enough which is where I feel it stopping me. I think I might order a 52 or I might try a 52 Rage X.
Lots of rotator and rear delt work finished off the shoulders. The band pull apart with a doubled mini band was super hard, after four my rear delts were burning. So i switch to a monster mini choked up so I could actually get some reps in.

Deadlifts Week 6

Deadlift: 5@396.8/180, 5@418.9/190, 5@440.9/200, 5@463/210, 5@485/220
Front Squats: 10@205/93, 10@225/102.1
Lat Pulldown: 2×10@135/61.2, 10@147/66.7
Standing Cable Crunch: 10@110/49.9, 10@122/55.3, 10@110/49.9

Deadlifts were better this week, my top set of 485/220 was easier than last week’s top set. This is also the last week for 5×5 which I’m happy for except instead of 5×5 it goes to 3×10…which seems like some sort of cruel joke.

CGB Week 6

CGB: 5@275/124.7, 2×5@295/133.8
2board CGB: 3@335/152, 3@345/156.5, 2@350/158.8
Shoulder Rehab

My right shoulder continues to plague me, I’m doing everything I can to try and isolate and fix the issue or at least minimize the impact to my training.

High Bar Squats Week 6

HB Squats: 8@385/174.6, 8@405/183.7, 8@425/192.8
SLDL: 2×10@335/152
Pull Throughs: 3×10 w/ green band

My right shoulder is bugging me much like my left one did back in January so hopefully I’ll be able to use what I’ve learned to stop it from getting much worse. The shoulder made me skip good mornings and do the pull throughs instead. This is the last week of 8s for squats and for that I am quite grateful. It’s like a birthday present…on my birthday :).

Legs Up Week 6

Legs Up: 8@275/124.7, 8@285/129.3, 8@290/131.5
Decline: 8@275/124.7, 8@285/129.3, 8@290/131.5
Lockouts(4-5″ ROM): 5@395/179.2, 5@425/192.8, 4@445/201.9
Standing Shoulder Press: 10@132.3/60, 10@143.3/65
Power Clean: 1@198.4/90 1@220.5/100
BB Bicep Curl: 10@80/36.3, 10@90/40.8, 10@100/45.4
Rev Grip Bicep Curl: 3×10@70/31.8
Seated Cable Crunch: 3×30@130/59

Last week for 8s on the legs up and man am I happy, the 290 was a rough set by the last three reps. Everything else was pretty easy except my last set of lockouts where I just couldn’t squeeze out the last rep. Not sure why we started doing power cleans, we were doing them to get the weight up for shoulder press, then we just started doing them.

Squats Week 5

Squat: 3@495/224.5 belt+wraps, 1@565/256.3 w/suit bottoms, 0@625/283.5 w/suit, no depth, 0@655/297.1 w/suit, no depth, 0@675/306.2 w/suit, no depth
Good Morning: 8@225/102.1

Video of suited squats
Tried out my new metal viking squatter today, it is a lot of suit to say the least. Considering my best in my old titan centurian is 660 and I was unable to get depth with 675 in this suit, I was much closer than with 625 though. I also used a pair of metal all black knee wraps which might have had something to do with it but not a whole lot I’d say. I’ll try to get the suit up higher in the legs next time, hopefully it’ll make it easier to get depth.
Ran out of time again as I had to get to my A.R.T. appointment.

Speed Bench and Floor Press

Speed Bench: 9×3@225/102.1 + blue bands(90lbs+ at top)
Floor Press: 5@295/133.8, 5@305/138.3, 5@315/142.9
Internal Rotations: 3×15 w/monster mini
Supraspinatus Raise: 3×10 w/ mini band
Band Pull Apart: 3×20 w/ choked up monster mini
Front Raise: 2×10 w/ 45lb plate
Leg Raise: 2×10 w/ heavy ass legs

The speed bench was good, I didn’t pause any of my reps which I have a bad habit of doing. However not pausing them was quickly felt in my right bicep. I judge that the blue bands are 90lbs or more at the top because right after I did a triple with 315/142.9 and locking it out felt really light. My first set of floor press was rough but after that they went well.

Deadlifts Week 5

Deadlifts: 5@396.8/180, 5@418.9/190, 5@440.9/200, 5@463/210, 5@474/215
Front Squats: 10@205/93, 10@225/102.1
Seated Rows: 10@160/72.6, 10@185/83.9
Lat Pulldown: 2×10@135/61.2

The deadlifts were good until the last set, my grip was off on the first rep so I tried to reset it and I just couldn’t get it right so I was in danger of dropping the weight the whole set so it was too slow. Front squats are about the most evil thing ever invented…

CGB Week 5

CGB: 5@275/124.7, 5@285/129.3, 5@295/133.8
CG 2board: 3@335/152, 2×3@345/156.5
Skull Crushers: 10@95/43.1, 10@115/52.2, 10@120/54.4
Dips: 8 w/monster mini, 2×5 w/ green band
Core stability work

All the benching was easy tonight, the 295 set was easier than that 275. I almost think my close grip bench is stronger than my wide grip…don’t know what that means though.