CGB? and Shirt Work

CGB: 8@260/117.9
Shirted(50 F6): 1@405/183.7, 1@425/192.8, 1@449/203.7, 1@471/213.6
Floor Skull Crushers: 3×8@115/52.2
Pushdowns: 2×15 w/ light band
Seated Cable Crunch: 3×20@140/63.5

Benches from today

Well I got my new(used) 50 F6 yesterday and decided to toss it on today for my second last shirted bench before the contest. This very well could be the meet shirt after how it went today. Continuing with the “No boards in a shirt” strategy I did a 365 double to a 2 board then about 20 minutes later(helping others) put the shirt on and started at 405. Leaving the neck up high and arching up the bar I pretty easily touched this weight and it was an absolute joke of a press. In fact all of the weights were super easy except the 471 which I didn’t really arch up to like the others. I’ve never actually arched to the bar before and I think it really helped both touching and the press.

High Bar Squats Week 11

Squats(belt): 8@385/174.6, 8@395/179.2, 8@405/183.7
SLDL: 2×10@365/165.6
Leg Ex: 3×10@190/86.2

The squats felt really good for how cruddy I felt coming into this workout, I could probably have done 425 or so for 8 today. Although I wasn’t specifically supposed to use the belt but my lower back needs the help these days, of course SLDLs after didn’t help a damn thing…

Legs Up Week 11

Legs Up: 3@305/138.3 3@315/142.9, 3@325/147.4
Floor Press: 5@295/133.8, 5@310/140.6, 5@320/145.2
Standing Shoulder Press: 8@115/52.2, 2×8@135/61.2
DB Hammer Curl: 10@38/17.2, 2×10@43/19.5

Good workout, the shoulders held up through it. I changed incline bench to shoulder press as it’s a definately weak point that I’m dedicating myself to bringing up.

Knee Wraps Squats Week 10

Squats(wraps and belt): 2@545/247.2, 2@560/254, 2@575/260.8
Good Mornings: 10@255/115.7, 2×10@260/117.9
Standing Cable Crunch: 10@110/49.9, 2×10@122/55.3

Good workout, the weights all felt light on my back but they weren’t the fastest squats I’ve ever done.

Speed Bench and Shirt Week 10

Speed Bench: 8×5@205/93 + green bands(over 100lbs at top)
Shirted Bench(52 RageX): 1@405/183.7, 1@425/192.8, 1@440/199.6, 1@460/208.7
Lockouts(4-5″ ROM): 3@455/206.4, 2×3@465/210.9
Band Pull Aparts: 3x20w/ choked monster mini
External Rotations: 3×10 w/ monster mini
DB Cleans: 3×10@25/11.3
Face Pull: 10@100/45.4, 2×10@120/54.4

Videos of benches

This is the first time I’ve ever done speed bench for fives and it was weird, those last two reps just don’t want to be fast. The eight sets were four close grip and four medium grip and my shoulder survived all the way through. I borrowed a 52 ragex, I’ve had a 50 on before but it was just too damn tight. I also took some advice I heard on Fortified Iron about not benching to boards in the shirt so I took 405 with the shirt and fought it to a touch. It was a tough touch but it went and it was an easy press. I continued on up staying tight but touching each weight and the presses were all good, the 460 was a little slow but not bad.
Gave my shoulders/rear delts a good workout after just for good measure.

Deadlifts Week 10

Deadlift: 1@315/142.9 hook grip, 1@405/183.7 hook grip, 1@495/224.5 hook grip, 1@540.1/245 convo suit, 1@584.2/265 convo suit, 1@584.2/265 sumo suit, 1@606.3/275 sumo suit, 1ish@606.3/275 convo suit
Front Squat: 5@235/106.6, 5@255/115.7, 5@265/120.2
Close grip, Neutral Grip Lat Pulldown: 10@147/66.7, 2×10@172/78
Rev Hypers: 3×10@bw

Deadlifts today

This’ll be my heaviest deadlift before the contest(4 weeks from saturday). I’m fairly happy with how it went, I put on my metal deadlifter and pulled a really easy 584.2/265 both conventional and sumo, then pulled 606.3/275 easy sumo and my grip started to go on the 606.3/275 conventional which is why i said 1ish. I’ll more than likely go sumo for the meet as it just feels better and my form is better, at least I think so.

CGB Week 10

CGB: 8@245/111.1, 8@255/115.7, 8@265/120.2
3 Board: 1@365/165.6, 2@385/174.6
JM Press: 10@110.2/50, 10@121.3/55, 10@132.3/60
Lots of shoulder/rotator rehab/prehab/dear lord feel better

Well the close grip went well but once I moved onto the boards the left shoulder wasn’t having any of it. It’s clearly supraspinatus at least and perhaps a touch of infraspinatus…ahh…back to the ice and massage…

Squats Week 10

Squat: 8@385/174.6, 8@395/179.2
SLDL: 2×10@363.8/165
Leg Ex: 3×10@180/81.6

My left shoulder started bugging me after the second set of squats so I opted out of the third, it’s a different hurt…yeah for finding new ways to hurt my shoulders. I think it’s supraspinatus so I’ll focus some massage/ice on the area and see if I can’t get it back into order.

Legs Up Week 10

Legs Up: 3@315/142.9, 3@320/145.2, 3@325/147.4
Floor Press: 5@295/133.8, 5@305/138.3, 5@315/142.9
BB Curl: 3×10@70/31.8
DB Clean: 3×10@25/11.3
Seated Cable Crunch: 30@130/59, 30@140/63.5

Finally felt strongish again today, I’m almost over this cold that’s had me weak (and sassy(read: grumpy)) for the last few days. The legs up was all easy probably could have pushed out 5s on each weight. Floor press was more of the same, really easy. I skipped incline just to be sure as it really bugged my shoulder last I tried it. Although after yesterdays heavy squats my shoulders aren’t bugging me today…I’ll take that as a good sign that this A.R.T. is paying off.

Squat Suit

Squat: 1@405/183.7 belt, 1@495/224.5 belt+wraps, 1@585/265.4 suit bottoms, 1@675/306.2 suit, 1@695/315.2 suit
Good Morning: 5@245/111.1, 5@265/120.2, 5@285/129.3
GHR: 2×8@bw(312/141.5)

Video of Squats

Good workout, I’m still sick so I’m really happy with how the squats went today, we also worked out at 8am so that didnt’ help matters. Finally found depth in the metal squatter and put up a big PR.