Bench Shirt Week 13

Bench Shirt(50 Katana SS): 1@405/183.7, 1@455/206.4
External Rotations: 3×12 w/ mini band
Pull Aparts: 45 w/ choked mini band

Videos of Benches (the date is wrong on the video oops)

Well my workouts keep getting shorter and shorter. I put the 50 katana on which I’ve had a horrible time touching weight in(1, 2), I took what I’ve learned in the last few weeks with my other shirts and put it to work. I touched with 405, nearly 70/31.8 less than what I’ve needed to touch with in the past. Then jumped to 455/206.4 which is about where my opener will be and it flew up, by far the fastest 455/206.4 i’ve done.

Squats Week 12

Rev Band Box Squats: 3@455/206.4, 3@495/224.5, 3@525/238.1
Pull Throughs: 3×10 w/ green band

Well this workout doesn’t seem like much at all! I did the rev band box squats because I have to squat heavy on Monday so I wanted to keep it relatively light while also forcing myself to use really good form(a box does this form me). I tried to do GM but they bothered my upper abs where they hurt last week so I did pull throughs instead.

Speed Bench and Lockouts Week 12

Speed Bench: 8×5@205/93 + blue bands(80-90lbs on top)
Lockouts(5-6″ ROM): 3@485/220 2×3@505/229.1
External Rotations: 3×12 w/ mini band
Pull Apart: 25 w/ choked mini band, 2×10 w/doubled mini band
External Rotations(Poliquin style): 3×8@25/11.3
DB Cleans: 10@25/11.3, 10@30/13.6, 10@33/15
BB Curl: 10@75/34, 2×10@85/38.6
DB Hammer Curl: 2×8@38/17.2
Side Bends: 2×15@45/20.4

Speed bench felt super light this week, it was all quick. The fives were really weird at first but now they feel great. Lockouts went really well, the 485 was the most I’d ever done so then to go to 505 and do two sets really felt good which is about 50lbs more than I’ve ever done.

Last Heavy Deadlift

Deadlift, Suit, Sumo: 1@540.1/245, 1@584.2/265
Front Squats: 5@225/102.1, 5@245/111.1, 5@265/120.2

Video of deadlifts

Quite the workout. 584.2/265 will be my opener, just wanted to pull it one last time, I’m two weeks out come Saturday so this is it for deadlifts. I might pull some speed ones next week but I’ll see how stuff feels come the day.

CGB Week 12

CGB: 8@255/115.7, 2×8@275/124.7
3Board(ring finger on ring): 3@405/183.7, 3@415/188.2 PR, 1@420/190.5
DB Extensions(Kennelly Style): 10@53/24, 2×10@63/28.6
External Rotations(Poliquin style): 8@20/9.1, 8@33/15
DB Cleans: 10@25/11.3

The close grip was easy but my triceps were pretty tired by the end of it. Having to move onto the heaviest three boards of all time didn’t feel the best. The 405 was rough, the 415 was the best but the last one was a grinder and the 420 well somethign just went wrong on the second rep and it stalled at lockout. Although I only got 1 at 420 thats still the heaviest 3 board i’ve ever done.
I wanted to test where my “Structural Balance” external rotations were at, with a guesstimated 355 close grip bench I should be doing about 31/14.1 for 8s so I was happy to get the 33/15. Ran out of time on the db cleans.

Squatless Squat Day Week 12

Power Cleans: 5@135/61.2, 2@165/74.8, 2@185/83.9
SLDL: 2×10@365/165.6
Leg Ex: 10@185/83.9, 10@215/97.5, 10@230/104.3
Stretching/Flexability work

Instead of squatting today, to help save the pec a bit, I decided to work on power cleans. I really wanna get decent form on these because I’d like to use them in my next program and want to do them right. The weights on them were no where near a max but just trying to keep decent form. I took videos that I might post up later.

Legs Up Week 12

Legs Up: 3@315/142.9, 3@325/147.4, 3@335/152
Floor Press: 5@315/142.9, 2×5@325/147.4
Incline: 8@225/102.1, 7@245/111.1
DB Hammer Curl: 10@38/17.2, 2×10@43/19.5
DB Clean: 10@25/11.3

Well my pec injury is strange, it does hurt but doesn’t seem to bother me when lifting. I’m pretty sure it’s a minor strain and nothing more so I shall worry no more about it. The incline brought about some the old injury pains so I stopped at 7 and skipped my last set…I don’t feeling like bringing that injury back.

Squats Week 11

Squats(belt+wraps): 2@565/256.3, 2@580/263.1, 2@590/267.6
Good Mornings: 3×10@255/115.7
Leg Curls: 10@90/40.8, 10@115/52.2, 10@125/56.7
Side Bends: 3×15@45/20.4

Well I hurt something in my chest(pec minor maybe) doing squats, guess that’ll teach me to not stretch enough before. Hopefully some ice and rest and it’ll be fine for benching tomorrow.

Speed Bench and Rev Bands Week 11

Speed Bench: 8×5@205/93 + blue bands
Rev Bands(Blues, ~100/45.4 off at chest): 2×3@405/183.7
Rev Bands(Blues + Doubled Red, ~175/79.4 off at chest): 3@405/183.7, 3@455/206.4, 3@475/215.5
External Rotations: 3×15 w/ mini bands
Pull aparts: 2×20 w/choked up mini bands

Long day…the rev bands felt much more “shirt like” when I added the doubled minis onto it which is kind of the feeling I’m going for.

Deadlifts week 11

Deadlifts(Sumo, no belt, full stop): 5@463/210, 5@485/220, 5@507.1/230
Shrugs: 3×5@315/142.9

This is really the first official time I’ve pulled sumo this routine except for when I’m in gear. I’m pretty happy with the 507.1/230 no belt pull, especially since they were all stopped on the floor, the grip was getting rough by the end but nothing horrible. This is the last time I’ll pull reps for the deadlift, next week I’ll put the suit on one last time and then no more until the meet. It’s getting so close I’m tingling!