Rev Band Bench Week 4

Rev Band Bench: 5@390/176.9, 5@410/186, 5@420/190.5
Rotator Cuffs
Rear Delt/Upper Back

Quick workout this morning. I’m contemplating benching in the meet this sunday so I didn’t do boards today to try and save something for the meet.

Deadlifts Week 4

Sumo Deadlift: 10@385/174.6, 10@405/183.7, (Belt on), 1@455/206.4, 1@495/224.5, 1@525/238.1
Chin Ups on hoist: 3×8@bw – 110/49.9
Seated Rows: 8@160/72.6, 8@185/83.9, 8@197/89.4

Decided to pull some singles today instead of a third set, all the singles felt pretty good, the 525 could have been faster but not bad considering what I’d already done.

Legs Up Week 4

Legs Up: 5@275/124.7, 5@285/129.3, 3×5@295/133.8
Standing Shoulder Press: 3×8@150/68
Floor Press: 5@295/133.8, 5@305/138.3, 5@315/142.9

Everything felt slow and heavy today, just strike it up to an off day. I’m happy with the shoulder press, it’s starting to get better and better, hopefully strengthening everything up will help future shoulder problems.

Rev Band Bench Week 3

Rev Band Bench: 5@395/179.2, 5@405/183.7, 5@415/188.2
3 Board: 3×3@385/174.6
External Rotations: 3×15 w/ mini band
Reapers: 3×10@75/34
Face Pulls: 10@100/45.4, 10@120/54.4, 10@130/59

Man the weights felt like a ton today, 225 felt like 405 at the top. My triceps are still sore from Tuesday and it wasn’t making things easy but I got through all the sets alright.

Deadlifts Week 3

Sumo Deadlifts: 10@385/174.6, 10@395/179.2, 10@405/183.7
Front Squats: 5@240/108.9, 5@255/115.7, 5@270/122.5
Chin Ups on Hoist: 3×8@bw – 110/49.9
Fat Bar Bent Over Row: 8@140/63.5, 2×8@150/68

Deadlifts were rough tonight, the oly bar was being used and whatever bar we were using wasn’t as good grip wise so by the third set my grip was really starting to suffer. Front squats hurt my right knee for some reason, who knows maybe it’s 16s two days ago. The fat bar was about 2.5″ and smooth, great for grip but not for working the back hard.

CGB Week 3

CGB: 2×8@270/122.5, 8@275/124.7
CG Lockouts: 2×5@365/165.6
Floor Skull Crushers: 2×10@115/52.2, 6@135/61.2
Tricep Pushdowns: 2×15 w/ doubled mini band
Shoulder Mobility Work

The close grip bench was a little rougher than I expected it to be but I got through it. The rest was alright until I tried 135 on skull crushers…that didn’t work out.

High Bar Squats Week 3

Squats: 16@280/127, 16@300/136.1, 16@320/145.2
SLDL: 3×10@315/142.9
Leg Extensions: 15@135/61.2, 15@150/68, 15@165/74.8
10 minutes on the recumbant bike

The 16s are really starting to get rough but my cardio is getting much better, I got to 14 reps on my first set before stopping for a quick breather. Only one more week of them…and it’s on Christmas…it’s like a Christmas present to my legs…

Legs Up Week 3

Legs Up: 5@270/122.5, 5@280/127, 3×5@290/131.5
Standing Shoulder Press: 3×8@142/64.4
Floor Press: 5@280/127, 5@295/133.8, 5@310/140.6

Good workout, the shoulder press is feeling easier which I think is a good sign. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it up to something decent by the end of this program.