Rev Band Squats Week 2

Rev Band Squat: 5@545/247.2, 5@565/256.3, 5@585/265.4, 5@600/272.2
Good Mornings: 10@225/102.1, 10@235/106.6, 10@245/111.1
GHR: 3×8@bw(306/138.8)

Really hard workout, my hamstrings are just killing me. The squats went alright, the last set was a bit tough but not too bad.

Rev Band Bench Week 2

Rev Band Bench: 5@375/170.1, 5@390/176.9, 5@405/183.7
3board: 3×2@405/183.7
External Rotations: 3×10 w/ monster mini, 3×10@25/11.3 db
Reapers: 10@75/34, 2×10@95/43.1
Face Pulls: 10@100/45.4, 2×10@120/54.4

The rev band bench went really well. I got all the reps pretty easy, the last couple at 405 weren’t easy but not bad. I think this weight is working good, hopefully the next couple weeks will prove to be the same.
3 boards are like my bain. Last wek I had no trouble with 385 but this week I only managed 2 reps on each set of 3, I’ll have to drop the weight back for next week and slowly work up. Lots of upper back work finished the workout off.

Deadlifts Week 2

Sumo Deadlift: 10@370/167.8, 10@380/172.4, 10@390/176.9
Front Squats: 5@245/111.1, 5@255/115.7, 5@260/117.9
Chin Ups on hoist: 3×8@-120/54.4 (weight is assistance)

Hard workout, I went in hungry so that didn’t help things. The front squats felt really hard for some reason, I just couldn’t get them right, the last set was the best. The chins went well, I’ll drop the weight next week and try and get 3×8 at it, once I do I’ll drop the weight again.

CGB Week 2

CGB: 3×8@265/120.2
CG Lockouts: 2×5@365/165.6
Floor Skull Crushers: 10@85/38.6, 2×10@105/47.6

Seems like I did more than that. All the weights were easy enough, though the skull crushers really pull on the tricep connection at the elbow.

High Bar Squats Week 2

Squats: 16@265/120.2, 16@285/129.3, 16@305/138.3
SLDL: 3×10@315/142.9

That’s it. If you’re paying attention you’ll notice the 16s are actually lighter this week. We all decided that they were a bit heavy for the start and dropped the percentages back a bit.

Legs Up Week 2

Legs Up: 5@265/120.2, 5@275/124.7, 3×5@280/127
Standing Shoulder Press: 3×8@135/61.2
Floor Press: 5@280/127, 5@290/131.5, 5@300/136.1
Bicep crap
Shoulder mobility work

Pretty easy workout but I sure can feel the shoulders after this.

Rev Band Squats Week 1

Rev Band Squat(~135/61.2 off at bottom): 5@545/247.2, 5@565/256.3, 5@585/265.4
Good Mornings: 3×10@225/102.1
GHR: 3×8@bw(308/139.7)

The weights all felt pretty damn heavy on the back but all the sets went well and were fairly easy. The GHRs just about destroyed me, I limped away from those. I just hope I heal fast enough for the 16s on monday.

Rev Band Bench Week 1

Rev Band Bench(~100/45.4 off at chest, nothing at lockout): 5@365/165.6, 2×5@385/174.6
3 Board Bench: 3×3@385/174.6

Short but tough workout, i think this combo worked pretty well and I look forward to the coming weeks I think my triceps will definately respond to this kind of work.

Deadlifts Week 1

Sumo Deadlifts(2 boards, full stop on floor): 10@360/163.3, 10@370/167.8, 10@380/172.4
Front Squats: 5@225/102.1, 5@235/106.6, 5@245/111.1
Band Assisted Chin Ups: 2×5 w/ green band
Hoist Assisted Chin Ups: 8@120/54.4(weight is assistance)
Bent Over Rows: 3×8@198.4/90

The sumo deadlifts off boards are HARD, the amount of reps didn’t help matters either. I’m going to find a good way to do chin ups if it kills me, and if I keep using bands I think it will…I’ll probably stick to the hoist for now.