Shirted Bench Week 7

Speed Bench: 9×3@225/102.1 + blue bands
Shirted Bench(50 F6): 3@405/183.7, 2×3@425/192.8
Rotator Cuff
Rear Delts

The shirted work went awesome tonight, the weight is still really light in hindsight but at the time it doesn’t seem like it.

Deadlifts Week 7

Sumo Deadlifts(no belt, 1.5″ platform): 5@410/186, 5@420/190.5, 5@430/195, 5@440/199.6, 5@450/204.1
Rev Band Deadlifts(sumo, belt, ~150/68 off at floor): 2@625/283.5, 2@645/292.6, 2@660/299.4
Close Grip Chins on Hoist: 2×8@95/43.1 weight is assistance
Seated Rows: 2×10@185/83.9, 10@210/95.3
Abs and Obliques

Good night tonight, the deadlifts felt a little extra hard but all the rev band work felt good. The double at 660 wasn’t on the program but I’m suiting up next week so I wanted to pull an extra set tonight.

CGB Week 7

CGB: 5@285/129.3, 2×5@295/133.8
CG 2Board: 3@340/154.2, 2×3@350/158.8
DB Extensions(Kennelly Style): 3×10@58/26.3
Dips: 3×6@bw + purple band

All the close grip work felt easy and quick. The dips were rather difficult though, by that point my triceps were pretty tired.

High Bar Squats Week 7

Squats: 8@390/176.9, 8@410/186, 8@425/192.8
Close Stance GM: 8@215/97.5, 8@225/102.1
SLDL: 2×10@340/154.2
Abs and Obliques

I really tried to concentrate on my form for the squats today, big breaths and staying as upright as possible. My last set this worked until my 7th and 8th reps which had me fairly bent over doing a half good morning to get it up. This is the heaviest i’ve done for 8 reps no belt I’m pretty sure, i’ve done the weight but with a belt before(i think, my log isn’t specific). My knees are getting better, daily trigger point therapy is starting to pay off. I’m hopeful that the end is in sight.

Legs Up Week 7

Legs Up: 8@265/120.2, 8@275/124.7, 8@285/129.3
Standing Shoulder Press: 3×5@175/79.4
Decline DB Press: 10@102/46.3, 10@113/51.3, 9@117/53.1
Abs and Obliques

Awesome workout today, the shoulder press felt good, the benching all felt good. The decline db press I just couldn’t lock out the last rep of the last set, which I guess is okay since 117’s the biggest DB the gym has so it would suck to be passed them already.

Knee Wrap Squats Week 6

Squats(Wraps, Belt): 3@545/247.2, 2×3@565/256.3
Good Mornings: 8@260/117.9, 8@270/122.5, 8@280/127
Hamstring Curls: 2×15@90/40.8
Abs and Obliques

Todays heavy squats went much better than last week, I’m sure my re-dedication to ab work has already paid off and should continue to in the coming weeks and months. The good mornings felt awesome too, they are probably the strongest they’ve ever been, maybe I’ll shoot for 8@300/136.1 next week.

Speed and Shirt Week 6

Speed Bench: 9×3@225/102.1 + blue bands
Shirted Bench(50 f6): 3@395/179.2, 3@405/183.7, 3@415/188.2
Rotator Cuff
Rear Delts

Good workout, the shirt went way better than last week and I even put it on horribly, the right arm was twisted giving tons more support so I had to fight that too. The speed bench felt awesome, I really missed it for the first four weeks.

Deadlifts Week 6

Deadlifts(sumo, 1.5″ platform): 5@400/181.4, 5@410/186, 5@420/190.5, 5@430/195, 5@440/199.6
Rev Band Deadlifts(sumo, belt): 3@590/267.6, 3@630/285.8
Close Grip Chin Ups on Hoist: 8@bw – 105/47.6, 2×8@bw – 95/43.1
Seated Rows: 3×10@185/83.9

The deadlifts weren’t too bad today, the bar we had to use wasn’t so hot so my grip was fried before we even got to the rev band deadlifts. Luckily Jamie had finished with the Oly bar so we swapped to it for rev bands which allowed the grip to hold on. The bands were setup for about 150/68 off at the bottom, we never measured it exactly but i’m pretty sure that’s close, at the top the weight is pretty close to full.

CGB Week 6

CGB: 5@275/124.7, 5@285/129.3, 5@290/131.5
CG 2Board: 3@325/147.4, 3@335/152, 3@340/154.2
DB Extensions(Kennelly Style): 3×10@59/26.8
Dips: 3×8@bw

Good workout, my triceps were killing me by the end, hopefully they will be recovered by friday for shirt day.

High Bar Squats Week 6

Squats: 8@370/167.8, 8@390/176.9, 8@410/186
SLDL: 2×10@340/154.2
Close Stance GM: 8@205/93, 8@225/102.1, 8@235/106.6
Abs and Obliques

My knees are still bugging me, but i widened out my stance today to try and take some pressure off them and it worked okay.