Rev Band Squats Week 11

Rev Band Squats: 2@620/281.2, 2@640/290.3, 2@660/299.4
Good Mornings: 5@295/133.8, 5@315/142.9, 5@325/147.4
Hypers: 3×10 w/ monster mini bands
Rev Hypers: 3×10

The squats went really good again this week, the weight feels good on my back and the top set was pretty easy. I’m feeling good for hitting my number next week but I might skip it and do suit work instead. The lower back was pretty well seized up after all the work to it, but I’ve ignored direct lower back work for a while and I need to get it up to speed.

Rev Band Bench Week 11

Rev Band Bench: 3@425/192.8(~125/56.7 off at the chest), 3@440/199.6(~155/70.3 off), 3@455/206.4(~155/70.3 off)
3Board Bench: 2@415/188.2, 2@425/192.8, 2@435/197.3
Rotator Cuff, Upper Back

Quick workout, all the sets were done in less than an hour. We changed the bands after the first set, we had forgotten where we put them and quickly remembered after the first set. The 3 board work is definately a PR, I’ll have to look back to be sure but I dont think I’ve ever even singled that weight before.

Deadlifts Week 11

Deadlifts(Conv, .75″ platform, no belt): 10@410/186, 10@425/192.8, 10@440/199.6
Rev Band Deadlifts(~135/61.2 off at floor, conv, belt): 2@595/269.9, 2@635/288
Front Sq: 5@225/102.1, 5@255/115.7, 5@275/124.7
Lower Back and Obliques

Deadlifts went well today, I miss gripped my last set of 10 which made it a little extra difficult but nothing too bad. The rev band’s went well, my goal is to pull 660 for a double next week.

CGB Week 11

Tate Presses: 10@63/28.6, 10@71/32.2, 10@76/34.5
DB Extensions(Kennelly Style): 2@10@63/28.6
Lat Pulldown: 10@135/61.2, 2×10@160/72.6
Biceps, Abs, Lower Back

Skipped close grip to save my shoulders, hopefully get back to it next week. Just hit the triceps hard to make up for it.

High Bar Squats Week 11

Squats(no belt): 5@440/199.6, 5@460/208.7, 5@480/217.7(that’s a 25/11.3 PR)
Squats: 2@585/265.4(belt + black wraps), 1@625/283.5(straps down Squatter, Titaniums), 1@645/292.6(straps down Squatter, All Blacks)

Well it was a day of PRs for me. First my high bar squats I was happy to get 460 without a belt but that set went so well I decided to do my 480 without it either. While it wasn’t quite as pretty I got through the set which is a big PR for me. After all the crap with the titan centurian last time I had it on I’ve been wanting to get my metal viking squatter on. Finally did today, although I was rushed through the sets I’m fairly certain the 645 is a PR straps down, that’s only 15lbs lighter than I opened with last meet. I think alot of this has been wrapping my thumbs around the bar with squats, it helps me keep my elbows in which helps keep me more upright…

Legs Up Week 11

Legs Up: 5@290/131.5, 5@300/136.1, 5@310/140.6
Seated DB Shoulder Press: 10@63/28.6, 8@76/34.5, 8@82/37.2
Floor Press: 5@305/138.3, 5@315/142.9, 5@325/147.4

Workout went well, the legs up caused a bit of shoulder pain but it was gone by the time I got to the floor press. Things are starting to feel good.

Rev Band Squat Week 10

Rev Band Squats(belt, ~145/65.8 off at bottom): 3@605/274.4, 3@625/283.5, 3@645/292.6
GM: 3×5@285/129.3
GHR: 1×13@bw(309/140.2)

Quick workout as I had to get to an A.R.T. appointment. The rev band squats felt awesome, my last set was probably my best, no where near a max. I started to wrap my thumbs around the bar today which helps get my elbows forward, this made a big difference. Things are going well!

Rev Band Bench Week 10

Rev Band Bench(~155/70.3 off at chest): 3@420/190.5, 3@435/197.3, 3@445/201.9
3Board Bench: 2@405/183.7, 2×2@415/188.2
Rotators, Rear Delts, Obliques

The benching went really well tonight I felt really strong through all the sets. My 3 board feels about as strong as it’s been, i’ll have to look back to check though. The second set of 415 was REALLY easy, I think I finally got some leg drive into it.

Deadlifts Week 10

Deadlifts(Conventional, .75″ block, no belt): 10@395/179.2, 10@410/186, 10@425/192.8
Rev Band Deadlifts(Conventional, belt, ~145/65.8 off at floor): 3@585/265.4, 3@610/276.7
Box Squats(Wide Stance): 3@325/147.4, 3@335/152, 3@345/156.5

The deadlifts went alright tonight, I did the first two sets really quick one after another and that left me near dead so i took my time before my last set. During rev band warmups I pulled 545/247.2 for a single with hook grip….that hurt alot…
My right shoulder was getting sore with the box squats so I only did three sets instead of five. These are supposed to work the hips for sumo deadlift while I’m doing conventional. I might stick with them or I might do front squats next week…we’ll see.

CGB Week 10

CGB: 3×10@250/113.4
CG Lockouts: 5@405/183.7, 5@435/197.3, 5@455/206.4
JM Press: 10@115/52.2, 2×10@125/56.7
Shoulder Rehab

This workout was done tuesday, was alright till I got to the lockouts and especially the jm presses caused alot of shoulder discomfort.