Second Last Bench Day

Bench: 1@305/138.3, 1@325/147.4, 1@345/156.5, 1@365/165.6, 1@385/174.6

Not much of a workout, just some quick singles to do something. I’ll do one more bench workout, tuesday or wednesday morning.

Squat Week 16

Squats: 1@505/229.1(suit bottoms, belt, no wrap), 1@595/269.9(full gear)
GM: 2×8@225/102.1

Wow, I really didn’t know if I’d hit depth with full gear at 595, this is 110/49.9 less than I plan to open with. I feel like this is much like my bench shirt, where I can touch 365/165.6 but have pressed 505/229.1. My form was right on and that was all I wanted to work on today.

Speed and Shirt Week 16

Speed Bench: 3×3@225/102.1 + blue bands(~100/45.4 at lockout)
Shirted Bench(50 katana s/s): 1@415/188.2, 1@475/215.5
Rotator Cuff
Rear Delts

Last heavy bench, just up to my opener and I’m done. My meet warmup will look similar, touch and press 418.9/190 as my last warmup, then out the platform for 474/215.

Deadlifts Week 16

Deadlift(suit): 1@495/224.5, 1@525/238.1, 1@545/247.2
Front Sq(belt): 5@225/102.1, 5@255/115.7, 5@275/124.7
Lat Pulldown: 10@147/66.7, 2×10@185/83.9
Adductors, Abductors, Abs, Rever Hypers

Well I just wanted to work technique this week with the deadlift suit, and the pulls were all good, I felt my technique was right on by the end and I dont think it took anything out of me.

CGB Week 16

CG(2board): 8@275/124.7, 8@290/131.5, 8@305/138.3
3Board: 3@365/165.6, 3@395/179.2, 3@420/190.5
JM Press: 2×10@135/61.2, 10@150/68
Abs and Obliques

Everything felt good tonight, the three board stuff was a little rough, my left shoulder seemed to be the problem there.

Squats Week 16

Squat(belt): 5@385/174.6, 5@395/179.2, 8@395/179.2
SLDL: 2×10@360/163.3
Calves, Abs

Light squatting today, just to keep the blood flowing. The last set of 8 I did without a stop to catch my breath, felt easier than some of my sets of 16 at the beginning of this program.

Speed and Shirt Week 15

Speed Bench: 9×3@235/106.6 + blue bands(~100/45.4 at top)
Shirted Bench(50 Katana S/S): 1@415/188.2, 1@475/215.5, 1@505/229.1
Rotator Cuff
Face Pulls
Pull Aparts

The bench went well today. I torqued the sleeves a bit more today which made 415 a much harder touch but I let the chest panel ride up so it wasn’t bad. The 505 might have been the hardest touch of the day as I had the chest pulled down pretty well. 505 is a PB and looks good for a second at nationals.

Squats Week 15

Squat: 1@495/224.5(belt), 1@595/269.9(belt + wraps), 1@660/299.4(straps down), 1@705/319.8(full gear)

Last heavy squat before nationals, two weeks from today I’ll be lifting.

Legs Up Week 16

Legs Up: 3@330/149.7, 3@340/154.2, 3@350/158.8
2board: 5@335/152, 5@355/161, 5@375/170.1

Did this workout early, I’m swapping it for the speed/shirt day which I’ll do on sunday now. Pretty sure theres a few PB’s in there.

Deadlifts Week 15

Deadlift: 1@496/225(belt), 1@584.2/265(suit), 1@617.3/280(suit)

The 265 was really fast but the 280 could have been faster, I had trouble rolling the bar into my legs so the weight was kind of out front the whole time which made lockout a bit harder than it should have been.