Bench 1 Week 4

Bench: 8@265/120.2, 8@275/124.7, 8@285/129.3
Standing SHP: 5@160/72.6, 5@170/77.1, 5@180/81.6
2Board: 3@345/156.5, 3@355/161, 3@365/165.6
Band Pull Aparts
Face Pulls

The bench was alright but the close grip on squats is really lending some pain to my bench workouts. The shoulder press went better than I’d expected, I’m now hopeful of hitting my final target of 5@200.

Rev Band Squats Week 3

Rev Band Squats(~135/61.2 off at bottom, belt): 5@605/274.4, 5@625/283.5, 5@645/292.6
Pull Throughs: 10@130/59, 2×15@150/68
GHR: 3×10@bw

The rev band squats were good, way better than last week, the top set was probably my max for 5 today but after last week and even during warm ups today I had no expectations to hit it so I’m happy.

Rev Band Bench Week 3

3 Board: 3@365/165.6, 3@385/174.6, 3@395/179.2, 3@405/183.7
Rev Band Bench(~120/54.4 off at chest): 5@405/183.7, 5@415/188.2, 5@425/192.8
JM Press: 10@135/61.2, 2×10@145/65.8
Face Pulls: 10@130/59, 10@140/63.5, 10@150/68
DB Cleans: 12@20/9.1, 2×12@25/11.3
Abs, Obliques

Good workout, lots of volume. The boards went better when I put them first, it allowed me to focus on the path by warming up with the 3board. The rev band benches were almost too easy.

Deadlifts Week 3

Deadlifts(conv, no belt, TnG): 5@455/206.4, 5@465/210.9, 5@475/215.5, 5@485/220, 5@495/224.5
Box Squat w/bands(blue bands, ~200/90.7 at top, loose belt): 2×2@325/147.4, 2×2@335/152, 2×2@345/156.5
Lat Pulldown: 10@147/66.7, 10@160/72.6, 10@172/78

I took fairly short breaks between sets today and man was I sweating my face off by the end. I’d been pausing all my deadlifts on the floor for the last cycle and half but I think I need to work my lockout more so I’ve upped the numbers by 3% and started to “touch and go” on the reps. The box squats were the best they’ve been, I felt much faster this week that any so far. I plan to drop back to 315 next week and add another band to hopefully get it to about 250/113.4-275/124.7 at the top.

Front Squat Week 3

Front Sq: 8@265/120.2, 8@280/127, 8@295/133.8
SLDL: 3×10@335/152
Pfister Style Hyper Extensions: 2×10
Rhaea Fowler interpretation of Pfister Style Hyper Extensions: 1x i dont know it hurt a lot

Well the front squats were damn near brutal, my second set was a pr and I still had to go up 15lbs. The last set was really rough and I was getting bent forward by about the 6th rep. Rhaea’s version of the Pfister hypers is way worse….

Bench 1 Week 3

Bench: 5@305/138.3, 5@315/142.9, 5@325/147.4
Standing SHP: 8@145/65.8, 8@155/70.3, 8@165/74.8
Floor Press: 5@275/124.7, 5@290/131.5, 5@300/136.1
Face Pulls: 4×15

Good workout, the shoulder press is still rough, next week it drops to 5s but the weight takes a big jump so I dont think things are going to get better.

Rev Band Squats Week 2

Rev Band Squats(~135/61.2 off at bottom): 5@585/265.4, 5@605/274.4, 5@625/283.5
Pull Throughs: 15@140/63.5, 2×15@150/68
GHR: 3×10@bw
Adductors, Abductors

This is the heaviest set of 5 for rev bands I’ve done and it was a bit tough but nothing serious. Next week it jumps 20lbs so we’ll see how that goes. The closer grip on squats is starting to generate some elbow pain, so I might loosen up a bit and slow down the progress a bit.
I did pull throughs instead of good mornings to save some shoulder stress.

Rev Band Bench Week 2

Rev Band Bench(120/54.4 off at chest): 5@385/174.6, 5@400/181.4, 5@415/188.2
3 Board Bench: 1@405/183.7, 3@405/183.7
Rotator Cuffs
Face Pulls
DB Cleans

My left shoulder/pec is being a pain in the bench. Nothing felt right with the 3 boards, my plan next week is to do the 3 boards before the bands because since it’s such a weak point for me I need to focus on it.

Deadlifts Week 2

Deadlifts(conv, no belt): 5@425/192.8, 5@435/197.3, 5@445/201.9, 5@455/206.4, 5@465/210.9
Box Squats w/Bands(blue bands, ~200/90.7 at top, loose belt): 2×2@315/142.9, 2×2@325/147.4, 2×2@335/152
Lat Pulldown: 10@147/66.7, 10@160/72.6, 10@172/78

Good workout, the deadlifts weren’t too bad, even the last set felt pretty easy. The box squats were quite fun again, I’m really glad I put these in.

Front Squat Week 2

Front Sq: 8@245/111.1, 8@260/117.9, 8@275/124.7
SLDL: 3×10@335/152
Pfister Style Hyper Extensions: 3×10

Eeep, these front squats are getting heavy fast, next week the jump is up to 295, might have to toss the ol belt on for that set. The hyper extensions destroyed my low back, going to be doing these every week for the remainder of the program.