Deadlifts Week 8

Deadlifts(sumo): 5@495/224.5, 5@515/233.6, 5@530/240.4(belt)
Front Sq(to low box): 3@225/102.1, 3@240/108.9, 3@250/113.4
Pfister Style Hypers w/mini band: 3×10@bw

The deadlifts were hard, especially the last set, good thing I tossed my belt on or I’m sure I wouldn’t have got it. I think it’s my best set of five though.

Front Squats Week 8

Front Sq(belt): 3@340/154.2, 3@350/158.8, 3@355/161
SLDL: 2×10@365/165.6

Well I missed my target of 365 on front squats but I’m still happy with 355, I’d say 365 would have been there on a better day.

Squats week 7

Squats(metal viking): 1@645/292.6(straps down), 1@705/319.8(full gear, metal wraps), 1@705/319.8(full gear, titan wraps)
Romanian Deadlifts: 5@315/142.9, 5@325/147.4, 5@335/152
Lower Back and Abs

Well the first 705 was slow but I widened out and used the titan wraps for the second one and it was much better.

Speed and Shirt Week 7

Speed Bench(blue bands, ~100/45.4): 6×5@235/106.6
Shirted(50 katana s/s): 1@415/188.2, 1@485/220
3 Board w/blue bands(~100/45.4): 3@315/142.9, 3@335/152, 3@370/167.8
Shoulder Rehab(YTWL, Scap Pushups, External Rotations, etc)

Well the shirted bench sucked today, my right shoulder was feeling wonky and 485 was slow so I called it there.

Deadlift Week 7

Deadlift(sumo): 5@475/215.5, 1@545/247.2(straps down, no belt), 1@585/265.4(full gear), 1@615/279(full gear)
Box Squats w/double purple bands(at least 300/136.1 at top): 6×2@285/129.3
Seated Rows w/ medium pronated grip: 10@135/61.2, 10@147/66.7, 10@160/72.6
Ab roller style abs

Good workout today, the 615 sumo was definately better than the same weight last week conventional, guess it’s sumo for this next meet.

Front Squat Week 7

Front Sq(belt): 3@325/147.4, 3@335/152, 3@345/156.5
SLDL: 2×10@365/165.6
Pfister Style Hypers w/ mini band: 3×10
Abs and calves

I’m happy with the front squats, I didn’t think they would feel this good after the last few weeks being so darn hard. I’m hopeful of getting my top set of 360 next week now. The pfister hypers with mini band did not disappoint again.

Bench 1 Week 7

Bench(1board): 3@330/149.7, 3@340/154.2, 3@350/158.8
Seated Row w/medium pronated grip
Face Pulls
Scap Pushups

Bench went okay, shoulders started bugging me as the weight got heavier.

Suit Bottom Squats Week 6

Squats(metal viking bottoms): 3@600/272.2, 3@620/281.2, 3@640/290.3
Pull Throughs: 2×15@150/68
Romanian Deadlifts: 5@295/133.8, 2×5@305/138.3

Well I’m happy with the workout today. My first rep at 640 the knee wraps threw me a bit and the suit rolled a little bit and I ended up in the bottom thinking what the heck just happened. I was ready to get it pulled off me when I realized that it was easy and I just pushed it through and did the next two reps.

Speed and Shirt Week 6

Speed Bench(blue bands, ~100/45.4): 9×3@225/102.1
Shirted Bench(50 Katana S/S): 1@405/183.7, 2@440/199.6, 2@460/208.7
3Board(blue bands, ~100/45.4): 3@315/142.9, 3@335/152, 3@355/161
Seated Rows w/medium pronated grip
Face pulls
External Rotations

Well I’m fairly happy with the shirted work, it matches my best double and I had my shoulder give out two weeks about trying to do 40lbs less so I’ll mark this a success.
Lots of shoulder rehab/prehab action today, i need to make sure I stick on this stuff even if my shoulders are feeling good. I just got my copy of Magnificent Mobility but have not had a chance to watch it yet.

Deadlifts Week 6

Deadlifts(conv, 56 metal deadlifter, belt): 1@545/247.2, 1@585/265.4, 1@615/279
Front Squat to 12″ box: 3@225/102.1, 3@245/111.1, 3@260/117.9
Pfister Styler Hypers: 3×10 w/mini band
Ab Wheel style abs: 3×6

Well 615 is the most i’ve ever pulled conventional but it’s just not enough to make me go back to it for this next contest, I can’t give up 10+kgs. The front squats to the box were enjoyable, the box is a good 4″ lower than I normally use. The pfister style hypers were down right brutal with a band around the neck, these have been taken to the next level.