Front Squat Week 6

Front Squats(belt): 5@305/138.3, 5@315/142.9, 5@325/147.4
Hyper Extensions: 15(mini band), 15(light band), 15(mini+light band)

The front squats weren’t really all that bad but I did put on my belt for them which was kind of a wussy thing to do. I skipped stiff legs cause I had no where to do them and moved onto some brutal hyper extensions that left me with a lower back cramp for a while.

Bench 1 Week 6

Bench(1board): 8@285/129.3, 8@295/133.8, 8@305/138.3
2board: 3@350/158.8, 3@360/163.3, 3@370/167.8
Face Pulls: 3×15@100/45.4
YTWL: 3×3@2.5 – 5(8 second count)
Seated Row w/ Pronated medium grip: 12@110/49.9, 12@122/55.3, 2×12@135/61.2
External Rotations: 3×10@20/9.1

My shoulder let me know it didn’t care for what was going on during the 2board stuff but I got mad and just pushed through it, then did as much rehab stuff as I could.

Suit Bottom Squats Week 5

Squats(Metal Viking bottoms): 3@575/260.8, 3@600/272.2, 3@620/281.2
Romanian Deadlifts: 3×5@295/133.8
Pull Throughs: 3×15@150/68

The shoulder survived another workout. I’m fairly happy with how this went, the triples all felt really easy and I was getting more and more comfortable in the bottoms as I went on with them. The weight felt really light on the back which is a good thing.

Speed and Shirt Week 5

Speed Bench(blue bands, ~100/45.4): 9×3@225/102.1
Shirted Bench(50 katana s/s): 1@405/183.7, 2@420/190.5, 2@435/197.3
3Board + blue bands(~100/45.4 at lockout): 3@295/133.8, 3@315/142.9, 3@335/152
Shoulder Rehab
Rotator Cuffs

Well the shoulder held out for this workout. I was supposed to do a third set in the shirt but after the second double i could feel a little bit in the shoulder so I took it off. I really like the 3boards with bands, feels like a ton in the hands at lockout.

Deadlifts Week 5

Deadlifts(conv, no belt): 10@440/199.6, 10@450/204.1, 10@460/208.7, 3@505/229.1(belt), 2@555/251.7(belt)
Seated Row(medium pronated grip): 3×12@135/61.2
Shoulder Rehab
Adductors, Abductors
Pfister Style Hypers: 10@bw, 13@bw
Ab wheel style abs w/bb: 2×7@bw

The sets of ten were rough tonight, but overall better than last week. I think I need to start drinking something during these workouts to keep the energy up, after I finished deadlifts I had a powerade and felt way better. I’m disappointed that the double at 555 was so hard but i had already done alot before it and was still sore coming into this workout.
Oh and the ab wheel style abs were stupid hard…an ab cramp is not a fun thing.

Front Squat Week 5

Front Sq: 5@295/133.8, 5@305/138.3, 5@315/142.9
SLDL: 2×10@350/158.8
Pfister Style Hyper Extensions: 3×10
Abs, Abs, Abs, Obliques, Obliques
Some Shoulder Rehab

The front squats were REALLY hard today, not sure if it’s cause I didn’t do them last week or what but the 315 set I thought i was done after 2 but was able to fight for the last 3. Did lots of abs and obliques, trying different things, should be extremely sore tomorrow.

Bench 1 Week 5

Shoulder Rehab, Prehab, Warmup(YTWL, Band Rows for 25 reps)
Bench(1board): 8@275/124.7, 8@285/129.3, 8@295/133.8
Shoulder Rehab(YTWL, Band Rows, Rotator Cuff)

My shoulder put up with the benching to a 1board but once I went to move onto the 2 board stuff with heavy weight it told me to stop so I did before I pushed it to failure again. I did almost all the motions I could think of for rotator cuffs. The YTWLs leave me with my arms hanging limp at my sides for a few minutes after.

Suit Bottom Squats Week 4

Squats(58 viking squatter, bottoms): 3@495/224.5(loose belt), 3@545/247.2(belt, loose wraps)
Shoulder Rehab
Romanian Deadlifts: 3×5@308.6/140

Ugh again, I was supposed to get to 615 for a triple today but after 545 my shoulder wasn’t having any of it. Tried romanian deadlifts for the first time, ouch, felt that in the hamstrings and lower back. I will probably keep them in for a few weeks.

Speed and Shirt Week 4

Speed Bench: 9×3@225/102.1 + blue bands
Shirted(metal presser, 58/56): 3@415/188.2, 0@425/192.8
Rotator Cuffs
Shoulder Rehab

Ugh…again with the shoulder problems. My right shoulder was hurting after the first set of shirt work but i went on and on the way down with the first rep at 425 it just gave out and I basically dropped the weight onto myself. Who knows, nerve impingement?

Deadlifts Week 4

Deadlifts(no belt, conv): 10@430/195, 9@440/199.6, 11@450/204.1
Box Squats w/blue+purple bands(260/117.9 at the top): 2×2@275/124.7, 2×2@295/133.8, 2×2@315/142.9
Lat Pulldowns: 10@147/66.7, 2×10@160/72.6

It’s like i block out how hard 10s are after I finish them cause this was crazy, I had to go stand in the bathroom after my last set just in case. I was out of town at a conference for the last few days and was up rather late last night so I don’t suppose that helped.
The box squats got purple bands added this week which I estimated at another 30lbs a side, it was definitely noticeable.