Deadlifts Week 1

Deadlifts(conv, no belt): 8@405/183.7, 8@415/188.2, 8@425/192.8
Bulgarian Split Squats: 10@bw, 10@15/6.8, 2×10@25/11.3
Hyper Extensions: 3×12 w/doubled mini band

Went pretty well for only having one day in between deadlifts. The split squats are still really challenging.

CGB Week 1

CGB: 16@185/83.9, 16@195/88.5, 16@205/93
JM Press: 10@135/61.2, 10@145/65.8, 10@150/68
Seated Row w/medium pronated grip: 10@160/72.6, 10@185/83.9, 10@197/89.4

16s, still not fun, getting better but the last set is rough and it’s hard to bend my arms after. The JM presses took away the good feeling in my triceps and just made them feel brutal…I guess that’s a kind of good feeling.

Snatch Grip Deadlifts Week 1

SG Deadlifts: 5@320/145.2, 5@330/149.7, 5@340/154.2, 5@350/158.8, 5@360/163.3, 5@370/167.8
Romanian DL off 3″ plate: 5@320/145.2, 5@330/149.7, 5@340/154.2
Supermans: 3×10@25/11.3

Lots of pulling in this workout, my upper back and lower back are beat after this. I’ll have to wait and see how I feel in a couple days to tell if I need to check the volume on this day. The super long range romanians are just brutal.

Wide Bench

Illegal Wide Bench: 12@215/97.5, 2×12@225/102.1
Face Pulls: 15@100/45.4, 2×15@110/49.9
External Rotations: 3×12@20/9.1
Shoulder rehab movements

Tired going into this workout so that didn’t help, the benches weren’t bad but my shoulders had had enough after three sets.

Squats and Sled

Friday(June 22)
Squats: 8@315/142.9, 8@335/152, 8@355/161
I dont think i did anything else….

Saturday(June 23, 8:00am)
Sled Draggin
200m running with 15kg
100m backwards walk with 15kg
100m side step walk with 15kg
100m ankles straps with 15kg
100m rear delt fly with 15kg
100m chest fly with 15kg
100m rowing with 15kg

I didn’t do as much sled work as last week but it was also 8am and raining for most of it. Oh well I’m lazy sometimes.


CGB: 16@185/83.9, 16@195/88.5, 16@205/93
Shoulder Rehab/Rear Delts
Tate Press: 10@48/21.8, 10@58/26.3, 10@63/28.6, 10@71/32.2

I think 16s are hard no matter what you are doing or what weight you are using.

Deadlift 2

Conv Deadlift: 8@385/174.6, 8@395/179.2, 8@405/183.7
Bulgarian Split Squat: 10@bw, 2×10@22/10 (10 reps per leg)
Hyper Extensions: 3×12 w/ mini bands

The deadlifts were alright, but 8 reps sure did seem like alot even though the weight was light. The split squats just messed me right up, my legs were all shaky after. I added the weight by holding a plate in front of me which actually only made them worse…man these are hard.


Illegal Wides(1″ outside rings): 12@195/88.5, 12@205/93, 12@215/97.5, 3×12@225/102.1
Decline DB: 8@82/37.2, 8@87/39.5, 8@92/41.7
Standing SHP: 10@105/47.6, 10@115/52.2, 10@125/56.7
Seated Row w/Medium Pronated Grip: 12@135/61.2, 12@160/72.6, 12@172/78

Yeah, that’s right I did 6×12 on the bench, not really sure why, it wasn’t overly hard so I just kept going since Rhaea was egging me on. The decline db’s felt better with each set as I found the balance and groove.


Snatch Grip Deadlifts: 5@325/147.4, 5@335/152, 5@345/156.5, 5@355/161, 5@365/165.6, 5@375/170.1, 5@385/174.6
Romanian DL off 3″ plate: 3×5@335/152

I think I started a little light on the SG DL but I really didn’t know what to expect, so when I got to my 5th set and it was still easy I decided to do two more, I’d rather get all the volume in now that I can anyway. The romanians off the 3″ were super hard.

Close Grip Bench

Close Grip: 16@185/83.9, 16@195/88.5, 16@200/90.7
Lockouts: 5@315/142.9, 5@365/165.6

Sled pulling for an hour, did 200m sprints with 15kg, 200m walk with 30kg, front raises, rear delt flyes, pull throughs, pec flyes.

The lockouts hurt my left shoulder, i think it’s front squats irritating the front delt insertion(or origin?) and then benching just makes it worse, so I think I’m dropping front squats for a few weeks to see if it helps. The sled pulling was awesome, Jamie and I are going to try to do it every weekend.