Bench Week 6

Bench: 8@185/83.9, 8@225/102.1, 8@245/111.1, 8@265/120.2, 8@285/129.3
Standing 1hand DB SHP: 10@33/15, 10@43/19.5, 2×10@53/24

Well i discovered that if I keep my upper body VERY tight while benching I dont get any pain in the shoulder. I know you are supposed to stay tight but I never really have, at least now I have some really good motivation to.

Squats Week 5

Squat(no belt): 5@435/197.3, 5@445/201.9, 5@455/206.4, (belt) 2@495/224.5, 2@515/233.6, 2@535/242.7
Good Mornings from Pin: 5@295/133.8, 5@325/147.4, 5@345/156.5

Long day, we had lots of people in in gear today getting ready for a contest next week. It’s fun but it does make it long day. I’m hopeful to work up to 575×2 with just a belt in the next few weeks. The weights didn’t feel bad today but my hips were sore so I was a little slower than I’d like.

Rev Band Bench Week 5

Rev Band Bench(double blue, ~300/136.1 bottom/ ~50/22.7 top): 5@365/165.6, 5@405/183.7, 2×5@455/206.4
Standing One Arm DB Shoulder Press: 2×12@25/11.3, 2×12@33/15, 2×12@43/19.5(12 reps per side)
Face Pulls: 10@110/49.9, 10@130/59 10@140/63.5
Internal and External Rotations

Well the rev band bench was a way for me to hold and lock out heavy weight while leaving very little on my chest. Although even with as light as it should have been on my chest I could still feel it in my left shoulder the whole time.
I really liked the standing one arm db shoulder presses, I’m going to do them for a while. They really showed up a huge flexibility difference in my left and right side that could be a symptom of the problem.

Deadlifts Week 5

Deadlift(conv, no belt): 10@407.9/185, 10@418.9/190, 10@429.9/195
Zercher Squat: 8@154.3/70, 8@187.4/85, 8@198.4/90
Seated GM: 10@154.3/70, 10@187.4/85, 10@209.4/95

Second workout in the new gym. The deadlifts were pretty easy today, that’s a good sign since it’s the first week of tens, lets hope they continue that way.
Zercher squats were not much harder but definitely getting painful on the crooks of my arms. Not sure if I should just handle it or wrap a towel around the bar.

Tricep Accessory Week 5

Triceps Pushdown: 15@60/27.2, 15@72/32.7, 15@85/38.6, 15@97/44
JM Press: 10@115/52.2, 10@135/61.2, 10@155/70.3
Monster Mini Rows: 3×15
Abs w/ rings

Pretty good workout, the jm presses are the heaviest i’ve done so I guess I’m at least keeping my triceps strong.

Snatch Grip Deadlift Week 5

Snatch Grip Deadlift: 8@330.7/150, 8@341.7/155, 8@352.7/160, 8@363.8/165
Romanian Deadlift: 2×10@297.6/135
Abs and Low back

First workout done at the new gym. Took some videos so I might put them up later.

A few more pictures with more equipment moved in, and lots of junk in the back that has to get moved out.

Bench Week 5

Bench:(pinkies on ring) 8@185/83.9, 8@225/102.1, 8@245/111.1, 8@265/120.2(started to hurt my shoulder)
3board:(thumb length from smooth) 8@285/129.3, 4@305/138.3(pain in my left shoulder on the fourth so i stopped)
DB Extensions: 10@48/21.8, 10@59/26.8, 10@63/28.6
Rotator Cuffs

I’m probably going to try and do a similar bench day every week. I felt like I got a good workout and hopefully I can slowly progress to using more weight full range.

Squats Week 4

Squat(no belt): 8@405/183.7, 8@425/192.8, 8@445/201.9(15lbs pb)
Good Morning from pins(at bellybutton): 5@295/133.8, 5@315/142.9, 5@335/152
GHR: 3×8@bw

Well I’m happy with my squats, the top set was a pretty big pb and I’d say I could have done another 10-15lbs. The good mornings from pins are awesome.