Deadlifts Week 4

Deadlift(conv, no belt): 8@440/199.6, 8@450/204.1, 8@460/208.7
Zercher Squats: 8@135/61.2, 8@160/72.6, 8@185/83.9

Looks short and sweet but didn’t feel like it. This is the last week for 8s on deadlift…10s start next week…evil…
This is the first time i’ve ever even attempted a zercher squat, none of the reps were challenging, it’s more like getting used to the bar on the arms that was rough. These are going to stay in for the foreseeable future as a replacement to front squats and split squats.

Tricep Accessory

Tricep Pushdowns: 15@60/27.2, 15@72/32.7, 15@85/38.6, 10@97/44
Monster Mini Rows: 3×15
Overhead DB Extensions: 10@72/32.7, 10@87/39.5, 10@98/44.5
Abs and Obliques

No pressing today, just all triceps and some upper back. I’m positive the overhead extensions will leave me sore tomorrow.

Snatch Grip Deadlifts Week 4

Snatch Grip Deadlifts: 5@365/165.6, 5@385/174.6, 2×5@405/183.7
Romanian Deadlifts: 5@365/165.6, 2×5@375/170.1
Obliques and Abs

Well I missed the snatch grip deadlifts for a few weeks but I’m back to them and still on track. The sets of 405, while challenging, weren’t especially hard. The romanian deadlifts were done close stance to just below the knees, these were pretty brutal by the end.

CGB 1 Week 4

CGB: 5@225/102.1, 5@245/111.1, 5@265/120.2, 5@275/124.7, 5@275/124.7
Rotator Cuff

Well I decided that I’m only allowed to do close grip, and even then probably only once a week, this workout was mildly irritating to the shoulder so I’ll probably have to keep the weight lower and go up in the reps.

GPP Work

3 trips of:

50 yards tire flip
200 yard walk with 15kg on sled

This was brutal, my heart was trying to escape and i was sweating my face off.

Squats Week 3/Injury Update

Squats(no belt): 8@385/174.6, 8@405/183.7, 8@425/192.8
Good Mornings from Pins(bellybutton): 5@275/124.7, 5@305/138.3, 5@325/147.4

Lets hope this all comes out negative but I’m going in for xrays(not sure why exactly) and an ultrasound on my left shoulder to look for a labrum tear or anything else that could be torn. Not really sure what this means, adapt and improve in some way I suppose. Deadlifting shouldn’t be an issue still, I figure if I pick up a safety squat bar I should be able to squat and close grip bench doesn’t seem to cause any discomfort so I might be able to do that for a little while.
If it comes out that I have a torn ANYTHING i’ll probably skip worlds this year and try to rest and recover it for nationals next year.
Here’s hoping it’s nothing serious.

Deadlifts Week 3

Deadlifts(conv, no belt): 8@430/195, 8@440/199.6, 8@450/204.1
Bulgarian Split Squats: 3×10@25/11.3 in each hand
Seated Rows: 10@147/66.7, 10@172/78, 10@185/83.9
Superman style Hyper Extension: 3×10@25/11.3
Plank: 30 second hold with: 22/10, 44.1/20, 66.1/30

Deadlifts went well today, a little tougher than last week but not too bad for not having anything to eat all afternoon before the gym. The split squats are just brutal, I can barely balance and they are so hard on my hips and quads…man how can this be so hard?? The planks with the weight were hard enough too.

Close Grip Bench Week 3

Close Grip: 16@185/83.9, 16@205/93, 10@245/111.1, 8@265/120.2
DB Extensions: 10@53/24, 2×10@63/28.6
JM Press: 10@95/43.1, 10@115/52.2, 10@125/56.7

I decided to only do two sets of 16s today and go up a little heavier to get some more weight in my hands, both the heavier sets felt good and didn’t result in any shoulder pain. I’m going to probably do the same thing next week as it felt good to have more than 225 in my hands. All the rest left my triceps just destroyed.

Speed Deadlifts Week 3

Sumo Speed Deadlifts(mini bands): 8×3@365/165.6
Abs and Obliques

This is the first real time I’ve tried to do deadlifts against bands. The biggest thing is trying to find a good way to set them up. I think I’m going to leave them until I can make a platform for this.

Squats Week 2

Squat(no belt): 8@365/165.6, 8@385/174.6, 8@405/183.7
Good Mornings from pins(bellybutton height): 5@275/124.7, 5@295/133.8, 5@315/142.9
GHR: 2×10@bw
Abs and Obliques

The squats were a little harder than I’d like but I plan to jump another 20lbs next week anyway. My goal would be a set of 8 at 440 without a belt, I dont know if this is a personal best or not.
I haven’t done good mornings or GHRs in months and months so I anticipate some soreness from both of these.