Bench Shirt Week 10

Speed Bench: 9×3@230/104.3 + blue bands
Shirted Bench(50 F6): 5@375/170.1, 3@395/179.2, 3@415/188.2
External Rotations

Short but sweet workout. The 415 set wasn’t all that pretty but it all went up.

Deadlift Week 10

Deadlift(conv, no belt): 5@451.9/205, 5@463/210, 5@474/215, 5@485/220, 5@489.4/222
Zercher Squats: 5@220.5/100, 5@231.5/105, 5@242.5/110
KB Swings, 1 handed, 2 handed: lots @ 52.9/24

Deadlifts felt good today, definitely feel like my top set of 511.5/232 should be there in a couple weeks. Zerchers also felt good, the best they’ve felt.
Got my new 52.9/24 kettlebell today and played around with it a lot. I started with basic two handed swings then I moved to one handed then I started doing catch and release two then one handed. Finally I moved to flips two handed then finally after a number of attempts I got a flip with my right hand. My hips feel good after all the swinging, we’ll see how they feel tomorrow.
At the end of the workout we did some box jumps and stuff. I two foot jumped onto a 30″ tire and 1 foot jumped onto the 24″ box with my right leg. I also did an 84″ standing broad jump.

CGB Week 10

CGB 3Board: 5@297.6/135, 5@319.7/145, 5@341.7/155
Skull Crushers: 2×8@95/43.1, 8@105/47.6

Decided to try benching three days a week again, at least in some form. We’ll see how the shoulder handles it.

Messing About Week 10

Overhead Squat: 5@66.1/30, 5@77.2/35, 2×5@99.2/45

Overhead squats are so much harder than you’d think they should be. I probably had a little more in me but not much. I did a hang snatch to get into position each time too, I tried to catch it as low as possible. I also did some whip smashes and some other stuff but nothing really structured.

Bench Week 10

Bench: 5@253.5/115, 5@286.6/130, 5@308.6/140, 5@324.1/147
1handed DB SHP: 12@45/20.4, 12@55/24.9, 12@65/29.5, 12@75/34
DB Rows: 10@65/29.5, 10@95/43.1, 10@115/52.2
Whip Smash: 20+ times

Well my bench went worse than last week but I guess I just had the shirt on on friday so I’m not fully recovered as I’m not used to benching more than once a week anymore. Everything else was good, the whip smash was harder than I expected.

Squat Week 9

Box Squat(purple bands:80/36.3 at top): 3@330.7/150, 3@341.7/155, 3@352.7/160, 3@363.8/165, 3@374.8/170
Flipping 573.2/260 tire, about 8 times
Loaded 260/117.9 stone, once…hard
Good Morning(narrow stance): 5@220.5/100, 5@242.5/110, 5@264.6/120

The box squats felt hard enough, I forget how they feel after not doing them for so long. I think I’ll do a 4 week cycle with them and see where I’m at. After that we played with some of the new strongman stuff that was brought down to the gym by our local strongman. Atlas stones are hard.

Bench Shirt Week 9

Bench Shirt(50 F6): 2@345/156.5, 5@365/165.6, 3@385/174.6
Face Pulls: 12@110/49.9, 12@130/59, 12@150/68
External Rotations: 2×10@33/15(right), 2×10@20/9.1(left)(hmmm)

Well I decided to try tossing a bench shirt on and see how the shoulder reacted. So far, no ill effects. The weights stayed light, just to get a feeling of some heavier stuff in my hands and work lockout a bit while also getting comfortable in the shirt.
The external rotations tell a story, first, I’ve been very slack on them and I need to start hitting them hard again, second, that my left shoulder obviously has some infraspinatus problems.

Deadlifts Week 9

Deadlift(conv, no belt): 5@440.9/200, 5@451.9/205, 5@463/210, 5@474/215, 5@478.4/217
Zercher Sq: 5@205/93, 5@225/102.1, 5@235/106.6
DB Rows: 15@40/18.1, 15@65/29.5, 15@85/38.6

The deadlifts felt rough today, I’m going to chalk that up to all the extra work I did yesterday with cleans. The zerchers felt good at this weight and rep range, still hurts the most on the forearms but hopefully one day I’ll be used to it.

Something Different 2

5 Turkish Getups(per arm) 25lb db
10 Front Squat + Pushpress w/40lb dbs
15 Ring Abs with knees on floor
20 Box jumps to 24” box

2 cycles

Time: 12:50

Horrible. I almost died before the end of the first round and still had another whole one to do. My legs are already aching badly from the box jumps, tomorrow should be a treat.