Bench Week 3

Bench 1board: 5@275/124.7, 5@285/129.3, 3×5@295/133.8
Bench 2board: 2@355/161, 2@365/165.6, 2@375/170.1
Face Pulls: 3×20 w/monster minis
1handed DB SHP: 3×10@65/29.5

Benches felt good today, no pain in the shoulder so that’s always good.

Straps Down Squats Week 2

Straps Down(52 cent): 3@573.2/260(All Blacks), 3@606.3/275(All Blacks), 3@634.9/288(THPs)
Cambered Bar GM: 10@225/102.1, 10@245/111.1, 10@265/120.2

The first set of straps down was rough, the very first rep I think I forgot I had to squat fast or something. However it all got better from there, and the third set with the THPs was awesome. Video of squats below.

Deadlift Week 2

Deadlifts(Conv, no belt): 10@396.8/180, 10@407.9/185, 10@418.9/190, 10@429.9/195, 10@436.5/198
Wide Stance Box Squats(doubled black bands, ~180/81.6 on top): 6×2@264.6/120
Band Pull Downs: 12@purple bands, 2×12@purple+red

Deadlifts are evil, well at least when doing 5×10. The wide stance box squats felt awesome, I remembered I did these the program before my last meet and my deadlift went well so I figured I’ll give them another go.

CGB Week 2

CGB 2Board: 8@260/117.9, 8@270/122.5, 8@280/127
Floor Skull Crushers: 10@85/38.6, 2×10@95/43.1
Rotator Cuff
Shoulder Rehab

Pretty good workout, the left shoulder was a touch sore so I spent a little extra time on massage before and during.

Squats Week 2

Cambered Bar Squats: 8@375/170.1, 8@390/176.9, 8@405/183.7
Snatch: 2@132.3/60, 2@154.3/70, 2@165.3/75
KB Swings: 3×25@52.9/24

Well my left shoulder is sore so I decided to change to the cambered bar today, which meant I didn’t go quite as heavy(about 10lbs light), but I’m sure I got as good a workout, my back is sore. I worked snatch doubles trying to catch the bar a little lower.

Bench Week 2

Bench 1board: 5@250/113.4, 5@260/117.9, 5@270/122.5, 5@280/127, 5@290/131.5
Bench 2board: 2@335/152, 2@350/158.8, 2@365/165.6
KB 1 handed SHP: 3×10@52.9/24
DB Row: 15@65/29.5, 15@85/38.6, 15@95/43.1

My left shoulder is seemingly getting worse again, I think it’s due to the jerks I’ve been doing so I’m going to stop that now, I’ll still probably train the snatch.

Straps Down Squat Week 1

Squat Straps Down(52 cent): 3@551.2/250, 3@584.2/265, 3@617.3/280
Cambered Bar GM: 10@225/102.1, 10@245/111.1, 10@255/115.7
Cambered Bar Lunges: 2×20@135/61.2

The straps down stuff felt good, probably better than last week. I got video of it this week too which is good, as I really want to see how the speed and depth looks.

Weightlifting Meet

1@165.3/75, 1@180.8/82, 1@198.4/90

Clean and Jerk:
1@198.4/90, 1@220.5/100, 1@242.5/110
BW: 138.1

I went 6/6, left at least 10kg on the platform overall. Had fun, I’ll probably do another meet in the future, just not sure when. My initial goals were 80/120 so I hit my total goal and beat my snatch goal. I think 120 might have been there in the c&j anyway.