Squats Week 7

Squats(cambered bar): 8@135/61.2, 8@225/102.1, 8@315/142.9
Good Mornings(cambered bar): 6@275/124.7, 6@295/133.8, 6@315/142.9
KB Stuff

Just really light squatting today, need a bit of a rest after all the suited doubles.

Bench Week 7

Bench 1board: 3@308.6/140, 3@319.7/145, 3@330.7/150
Medium Grip Lockouts(5″ ROM): 6@315/142.9, 6@345/156.5, 6@365/165.6
Incline Press: 8@145/65.8, 8@165/74.8, 8@175/79.4

I took it really easy with lockouts and incline since both have been known to give me shoulder problems, however today they both felt good.

Full Gear Squat Week 6

Squat(Centurion 52): 2@672.4/305(all blacks), 2@694.4/315(titaniums), 2@716.5/325(titaniums)
Lunges: 2×10@185/83.9

Had the straps shortened on my suit and it made hitting depth much harder, both reps at 305 were high. The 315’s were close and the 325s I’m pretty sure they were in there. Quads were cramping up on the lunges, that made them extra fun.

Second Weightlifting Contest

1@198.4/90, 1@220.5/100, 0@231.5/105

Clean and Jerk:
1@231.5/105, 1@253.5/115, 0@264.6/120

Definitely not my best day, both are PBs but I feel like I should have been good for more. Maybe if I actually got some kind of technique instead of just trying to power everything…

Speed Bench + Shirt Week 6

Speed Bench: 9×3@220.5/100 + green&black bands
Shirt(new 50 katana a/s): 2@412.3/187(3board), 2@440.9/200(3, 2 board), 2@463/210(2, 1 board)
Rotator Cuff
Face Pulls
Bottoms Up Press: right hand: 8×0@70.5/32 1@70.5/32, left hand: 10×0@70.5/32, 1@70.5/32

Trying to break in a new shirt today, the bastard is tight, hopefully I can get a couple more good sessions in it before the meet so I can use it. I won’t use it unless I can comfortably touch 33.1/15 below an opener.

Deadlifts Week 6

Deadlifts(sumo): 1@551.2/250(belt), 1@617.3/280(suit), 1@639.3/290(suit), 5@451.9/205, 5@463/210
Wide Stance Box Squats(double light bands): 6×2@265/120.2

Well this is the first time I’ve had any kind of heavy weight in my hands in a long time. I need at least one or two more times in the suit to find the groove again but I’m fairly happy with how it went. I really should have done the sets before the suit, my hands were dead going into the sets.

CGB Week 6

CGB 3b: 5@315/142.9, 5@325/147.4, 5@335/152
JM Press: 10@88.2/40, 2×10@121.3/55
Rotator Cuff

Quick workout tonight, the close grip felt good, I was probably good for another 10-15lbs.

Full Gear Squat Week 5

Squat(52 cent): 2@661.4/300(metal all black), 2@676.8/307(titaniums), 2@687.8/312(titaniums)

That’s all I did. Yesterday I did some sprints against the jump stretch bands and today my hips are really sore so after the squats I didn’t have much left.