2007 Western Canadians

Squat: 1@738.5/335, 0@777/352.5, 1@777/352.5
Bench: 1@474/215, 1@501/227.5, 1@513/232.5
Deadlift: 1@628.3/285, 1@683.4/310, 0@705.5/320
BW: 303/137.5
Wilks: 501

I’m pretty happy with the meet, I am disappointed that I lost my balance on my second squat and had it have it pulled off me because after watching my third I know that 804.7/365 was probably there. Oh well, next meet. My bench is almost back to where it was pre-injury so I’m very happy with that, I was glad I went 3/3 on bench again after June where I almost bombed.
The 310 second was the total that would give me my first 500 wilks then the 320 third was to go for the best lifter win, however once Steve Powell pulled his third I needed about 325 and it wasn’t there for sure, of course, neither was 320…

Last Heavy Bench

Speed Bench: 3×5@245/111.1 + blue bands(80/36.3 on top)
Shirted Bench(50 A/S): 1@440.9/200, 1@463/210, 1@474/215

Bench felt okay tonight, probably put my opener in at 215 and go from there, if warm ups feel rough i’m confident I can drop it as low as needed and still touch.

Last Deadlift

Sumo Deadlift w/belt: 5@507.1/230, 5@529.1/240
Front Sq to 13″ box: 5@215/97.5, 5@225/102.1, 5@235/106.6
Hyper Extensions: 12@55/24.9, 2×12@65/29.5

Deadlifts went okay, glute was still a little sore doing them but it should be fine by meet time. Front squats and hypers finished me off.

CGB Week 9

CGB 3Board: 3@330.7/150, 3@346.1/157, 3@357.1/162
JM Press: 5@145/65.8, 5@155/70.3, 5@165/74.8
Rotator Cuff
Face Pulls

Pretty good workout, everything felt okay, my shoulders were a little sore after the benching but not too bad.

Squat Week 9

Squat(52 Centurion): 1@672.4/305, 1@738.5/335, 1@760.6/345
Step ups, 24″ box: 2×10@110.2/50
Hyper Extension: 3×12@45/20.4

Heaviest squat and the last one in gear before the meet, looks like 335 will be my opener with 345 a little less than a second. 345 is already a PB squat in or out of a contest so I think I’m getting pretty hopeful for a 360 squat at this meet. Step ups are hard, they are going to be in my next program I think, perhaps as a substitution for lunges. Hypers again left my low back fried.

Bench Week 9

Bench 1board: 3@330.7/150, 3@341.7/155, 3@352.7/160
Incline Bench: 5@165/74.8, 5@185/83.9, 5@215/97.5
Tricep Pushdowns
T-bar Rows

Bench was okay today, felt like I had more left in the tank on the triples. Incline is still staying light to keep the shoulder happy. Lots of accessories.

Shirted Bench Week 8

Speed Bench: 3×3@242.5/110 + blue bands
Shirted Bench(50 A/S): 1@440.9/200, 1@463/210, 1@485/220
Rotator Cuff
Face Pulls
Elevated Feet Pushups

Now that I’ve touched 440.9/200 in the shirt I feel confident wearing it at Westerns. My lockout still isn’t where it was at but I’ll be hitting the triceps to try and get it as strong as possible. My goal right now is a 507.1/230 bench, less than my best but better than it could be.

Deadlifts Week 8

Deadlifts(56 Viking Deadlifter): 1@551.2/250(no belt), 1@628.3/285(full gear)
Front SQ(low box): 5@154.3/70, 5@187.4/85, 5@209.4/95, 5@231.5/105
Hyper Extensions: 3×15 w/mini band

Deadlifts went well, 285 feels like a good solid opener with lots left.