CGB Week 3

CGB: 2×5@264.6/120, 3×5@286.6/130
CB Skull Crushers: 10@95/43.1, 10@105/47.6+mini bands, 10@115/52.2 + mini bands

Dropped the high rep stuff for now since I need to ramp up for this meet. The skull crushers with bands were definitely interesting, i’ll keep them in just for a change, the bands are probably only adding 20lbs on top.

Box Squat Week 3

Straps Down Box Squat(56 viking/belt): 3@374.8/170, 3@418.9/190, 3@451.9/205, 3@485/220, 3@507.1/230
SLDL: 3×10@297.6/135

Changed things up today, I am going to do a meet January 26 so I need to get some weight on my back again and this seemed like a good enough way.

Legs Up Week 3

Legs Up: 8@264.6/120, 8@280/127, 7@291/132
Incline: 10@165.3/75, 10@187.4/85, 10@198.4/90
Face Pulls: 3×15 w/monster mini bands

Only got 7 on my last set of legs up, could be due to the earliness of the workout, not sure.

Squats Week 2

Squats: 8@375/170.1, 8@385/174.6, 8@400/181.4
Butt Squats: 5@315/142.9, 5@325/147.4, 5@335/152

These sets of 8 are still too hard, I’m below my target now. I’m not sure if it’s because of weak abs/lowback or something else. I think I’ll have to double my effort on abs and see if that helps.

Rev Band Bench Wk2

Rev Band Bench: 5@363.8/165, 5@374.8/170, 5@385.8/175, 2×5@396.8/180
3Board Bench: 3@352.7/160, 2×3@368.2/167, 3@374.8/170
Rotator Cuff

Rev band bench was good, but caused my path to be all over the place on the 3boards. That’s why i repeated my second set, the second time was much better so I decided to go a bit heavier for a fourth set.

Deadlifts Week 2

Deadlift: 8@396.8/180, 8@418.9/190, 8@440.9/200
Front Sq: 8@187.4/85, 8@198.4/90, 8@209.4/95
Shrugs: 10@264.6/120, 2×10@286.6/130
KB Handoff Hypers: 10@35.3/16, 14@35.3/16

Deadlifts were good, although the footlong sub I had an hour before might have been a mistake in hindsight as more than once it threatened to come back up. Also during my second set my left lower back tightened up a bit and was mighty sore, some massage of the glute seemed to loosen it up, have to give that glute some attention over the next couple days. Everything else was good, this new hyper variation is as good as the old pfister style for sure.

Rep Bench Week 2

Bench: 18@225/102.1, 17@225/102.1, 15@225/102.1, 35@135/61.2
Skull Crushers w/CB: 10@95/43.1, 10@105/47.6, 10@110/49.9
Overhead Walk w/209.4/95
Bent Over Rows: 10@154.3/70, 10@165.3/75, 10@176.4/80

Well again I missed the target of 20 reps on the bench, I think I would have gotten it the first set but I kept hitting the stupid uprights. I was using an eleiko bar which means the plates are closer and I always hit the uprights using it. Jamie tried to take the overhead walk title back with 95kg but missed it 3/4 of the way so I had to hammer a nail in the coffin ;).

Box Squat Week 2

Box Squats: 5@330/149.7, 5@350/158.8, 5@370/167.8
Romanian DL: 5@330.7/150, 2×5@352.7/160
Step Ups(20″ box): 10@145/65.8, 10@155/70.3, 10@165/74.8
Hyper Extensions: 15@bw(2second count): 2x10ish @ 16kg kb w/hand swap at top

Box squats felt hard for what seemed like no reason, although I think I started on too low of a box, felt like I was almost on the floor. The hypers are done by holding the kb in one hand coming up with it, handing it to a partner who then hands it to your other hand, takes about 1.5 seconds probably. It’s a replacement to the old pfister style.

Legs Up Week 2

Legs Up: 8@264.6/120, 8@275.6/125, 8@286.6/130
Incline: 10@154.3/70, 10@165.3/75, 10@187.4/85
Face Pulls: 3×15 w/ monster mini bands
100′ Over head walk: 154.3/70, 198.4/90

Legs up is still a big challenge after not doing them for months, the added stabilization makes them much harder. Everything else felt pretty good. The overhead walk at the end was to take the lead back from Jamie who had done one with 176.4/80.

Squats Week 1

Squat: 8@352.7/160, 8@374.8/170, 8@396.8/180
Butt Squats(1min rest): 5@297.6/135, 2×5@308.6/140
CB GM: 3×5@253.5/115

Squats were good today, the eights felt harder than they should have but I guess the volume will do that. “Butt Squats” are just bottom half squats, you come up half way then back down again, Jeff says he invented them and therefor they are called Butt Squats. After those I did some no-hands squats with Jamie and worked up to a double at 308.6/140, they were fun.