CGB Week 1

CGB: 12@209.4/95, 12@220.5/100, 12@231.5/105
CG 3Board: 5@275.6/125, 5@297.6/135, 5@308.6/140
Bent Over Rows: 3×10@165.3/75

Still really light, high volume stuff.

Swift Video

Also did my first workout back today:
Squat: 12@220.5/100, 12@242.5/110, 12@253.5/115
Narrow GM: 2×10@154.3/70

Yeah, the weights are light, but man, twelve is a lot of reps.

Swift Current Open 2008

Squat: -749.6/340, 749.6/340, 782.6/355
Bench: 474/215, 507.1/230, 524/237.5
Deadlift: 617.3/280, 661.4/300, 689/312.5
Total: 1995.2/905
BW: 301/136.4
Wilks: 507.75

Nothing like starting off the day by missing your first squat, dropped into it but didn’t get depth and got shot onto my toes, didn’t get up with it. I pulled the legs of the suit up a bit on my second and didn’t roll the straps and hit it just right. 355 on my third is a small PB and was about as easy as the 340.
Bench went well, for the first time in almost a year I’ve had a PB on bench, after fighting shoulder injuries for the better part of last year I think I’m moving in the right direction, I even feel good today. My 237.5 was easier than 230, I think I had 242.5 in me.
Well for the first time in a year and a half I pulled conventional, and 300 on my second was pretty well limit for it. I switched back to sumo for my third to try and make my secondary total goal(primary being 917.5/elite). 312.5 was a hard pull but I got it. Time to look back to some old programs to find out what I was doing last June that made my deadlift so damn strong.
I’m happy with the day, 10kg PB on the total and since the day before I really felt like backing out as I didn’t feel ready at all I can’t complain.
Next up, nationals.

2 Board Bench Week 8

2 Board Bench: 3@341.7/155, 3@352.7/160, 3@363.8/165, 3@374.8/170, 3@385.8/175, 3@396.8/180
Bent Over Rows: 5@209.4/95, 5@220.5/100, 5@231.5/105, 5@242.5/110, 5@253.5/115
Band Pull Aparts w/ purple bands

Good bit of volume, I like the 2board benching, might have to make that a day in the next program, I think it has good carryover to my raw bench.

CGB Week 7

CGB: 8@264.6/120, 8@275.6/125, 8@286.6/130
JM Press w/Cambered Bar: 8@95/43.1, 8@115/52.2, 8@135/61.2

Bench felt okay, the JM Press with a cambered bar doesn’t really add anything, might as well stick with the straight bar.