Speed and Shirt Week 5

Speed Bench: 6×3@231.5/105
Shirted Bench(50 katana A/S): 3@418.9/190, 3@429.9/195, 3@440.9/200
Rotator Cuff
Band Pull Aparts

The speed bench was great, felt very fast, I’m going to up the weight every week as long as the sets remain fast. The shirted work was good, the 190 and 195 sets were tough touches, the 200 was much better, all the reps were easy.

Deadlift Week 5

Deadlift: 8@474/215(conv, no belt), 1@551.2/250(52 cent straps down, sumo), 1@617.3/280(52 cent straps down, sumo), 1@661.4/300(52 cent, sumo)
Lat Pulldown: 15 w/green band, 2×12 w/green+purple band

Decided to pull some heavier stuff in my centurion as I haven’t tried pulling in a centurion in a few years at least so this was a good experiment. The straps down stuff was really easy but the straps are really tight so the straps up was hard to get into a good position and it was squeezing the air out.

CGB Week 5

CGB 2boards: 8@265/120.2, 8@275/124.7, 8@285/129.3
JM Press: 5@135/61.2, 5@155/70.3, 5@165/74.8, 5@175/79.4
Face Pulls
Rev Grip Biceps

Pretty good workout, was supposed to drop to 5s for close grip and go heavy but decided that everything has been feeling good so I kept them higher reps. The JM presses get super tough around 165-175.

High Bar Squats Week 5

Squat: 6@363.8/165, 6@374.8/170, 6@385.8/175, 6@396.8/180
SLDL: 2×10@319.7/145
Close Stance GM: 8@205/93, 8@225/102.1, 8@235/106.6

Squats are still light but surprisingly rough, my left hip is pretty rough so it’s kinda slow going. Plus I was still pretty damn sore from the front squat craziness on Saturday.

Board Bench Week 5

2 Board Bench: 4@308.6/140, 4@319.7/145, 4@330.7/150, 4@341.7/155, 4@352.7/160, 4@357.1/162
3 Board Bench: 4@374.8/170, 2×4@385.8/175
Bent Over Rows: 4@185/83.9, 4@205/93, 4@225/102.1, 4@245/111.1, 4@265/120.2

Benching felt really good, lots of room to spare on these, I’m pushing my original numbers in my program quite a bit at this point. I’m really happy with how this workout has been going, I think it’s definitely contributing to how strong my bench is feeling.

Knee Wrap Squat Week 4

Squats(Wraps+Belt): 3@551.2/250, 3@573.2/260, 3@595.2/270
Pyramid of Death Front Squats: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 @ 154.3/70
Romanian Deadlifts: 5@297.6/135, 5@319.7/145, 5@330.7/150

The belt/wrap squat is a small PB so I’m happy and they felt easier than last week too. The Pyramid of Death is a name we came up with for a circuit of lifters each doing the same lift one after another. So for front squats it was Jamie, Jeff, Hoabinh and I. Hoabinh does 3 reps then Jamie does 3 then I do 3 then Jeff does 3, then Hoabinh does 4, then Jamie does 4, etc. With no break except the time it takes others to do them. Hoabinh got to 7 or 8, I did 10, Jamie got 12 and Jeff did 13. Total of 52 reps for myself. Rough…

Rev Band Bench Week 4

Rev Band Bench: 3@418.9/190, 3@429.9/195, 3×3@440.9/200
Rev Band 3Board: 5@451.9/205, 5@463/210, 5@474/215
Rotator Cuffs
Band Pull Aparts: 3×15 w/ light band

Felt really strong tonight, all the benches were easy and fast, even the board stuff felt like it was all light compared to last week.

CGB Week 4

CGB 2Board: 10@265/120.2, 2×10@275/124.7
JM Press: 10@135/61.2, 10@145/65.8, 10@155/70.3
Face Pulls

Good workout, the JMs just left the triceps burning away.

High Bar Squats Week 4

Squat: 12@308.6/140, 12@330.7/150, 12@352.7/160
SLDL: 2×10@319.7/145
Close Stance CB GM: 10@187.4/85, 10@209.4/95, 10@220.5/100

Okay, that’s enough high volume now, next week the squats drop to sets of 6 and I’m very excited for that. After the SLDL and GM my low back/glutes were burnt.