Board Bench Week 4

2Board Bench: 6@308.6/140, 6@319.7/145, 6@330.7/150, 6@341.7/155
3Board Bench: 6@352.7/160, 6@363.8/165
Bent Over Rows: 6@198.4/90, 6@220.5/100, 6@242.5/110, 6@253.5/115

Everything felt good, all the benches felt strong. Bent over rows were tough at 115.

Rev Band Bench Week 3

Rev Band Bench: 4@407.9/185, 4@418.9/190, 3×4@429.9/195
3Board Rev Band Bench: 5@434.3/197, 5@445.3/202, 5@451.9/205
Rotator Cuff
Band Pull Aparts

Good workout, the benches were starting to feel heavy by the end. The board stuff was pretty easy but still enough of a challenge.

CGB Week 3

CGB 2Board: 10@253.5/115, 10@264.6/120, 10@275.6/125
JM Press: 10@115/52.2, 10@135/61.2, 10@145/65.8
Lateral Raises

Everything felt good, went a touch heavy on the close grip. The JMs feel better than ever, think I’m finally getting the form down.

Squats Week 3

Squats: 12@295/133.8, 12@315/142.9, 12@330/149.7
CB Narrow Stance GM: 10@185/83.9, 10@195/88.5, 10@205/93

My hamstrings are still destroyed from romanians on saturday so I skipped stiff legs but the GM and squats were enough on them anyway. The 12s are going good, next week I’ll be shooting for 350/158.8.

Board Bench Week 3

2 Board Bench: 6@297.6/135, 6@308.6/140, 6@319.7/145, 6@330.7/150
3 Board Bench: 2×6@352.7/160
Bent Over Rows: 6@187.4/85, 6@209.4/95, 6@231.5/105, 6@242.5/110

Really like this workout, lots of pressing volume without any shoulder stress. The bent over rows keep getting better, would love to get up to around 315 for 5 before nationals.

Knee Wrap Squat Week 2

Knee Wrap Squats: 3@518.1/235, 3@540.1/245, 3@562.2/255
Romanian Deadlifts: 5@242.5/110, 5@264.6/120, 2×5@286.6/130

First time I’ve done a workout in just knee wraps/belt for a while, felt pretty good but definitely different. Romanian DLs were a bit light, might bump the numbers next week if I’m not too sore tomorrow.

Deadlift + Rev Band Bench Week 2

Deadlifts: 10@385.8/175, 10@407.9/185, 10@429.9/195
Rev Band Bench: 5@390/176.9, 5@400/181.4, 3×5@410/186

That was all I did, I can’t make it to the gym tomorrow so I just did the main movements for both workouts. Deadlifts for 10s, hard as ever and these are light too!

CGB Week 2

CGB 2Board: 10@245/111.1, 10@255/115.7, 10@260/117.9
JM Press: 10@105/47.6, 10@115/52.2, 10@135/61.2
T-Bar Rows: 12@95/43.1, 12@115/52.2, 12@135/61.2
Abs and Obliques

Good workout, the close grip was pretty damn light, I was snapping the lockout on all reps. JMs felt about as the best they ever have.