Squat Week 10

Squat(Cambered Bar): 5@341.7/155, 5@363.8/165, 5@385.8/175
Hypers: 3×15 w/ doubled monster mini

Quick workout, the squats all felt really good, really easy, the hypers left me with a very sore back.

Deadlift Week 9

Deadlift(sumo, 52 centurion): 1@562.2/255(straps down), 1@628.3/285
Hypers: 10@52.9/24, 3×10@70.5/32

Good night tonight, the centurion is a much better suit for me for sumo right now. 285 should be an easy opener.

Suited Squat Week 8

Squat(56 Metal King): 1@694.4/315, 1@749.6/340, 1@760.6/345
GHR: 3×6 @ bw
Rev Hypers: 3×8

Still feeling a little under the weather, the squats weren’t as fast as I’d have liked them to be but it’s the first time with any real weight on my back in about 8 weeks.

Shirted Bench Week 8

Shirted Bench(50 katana a/s): 1@451.9/205, 1@485/220, 1@507.1/230
Rotator Cuff
Band Pull Aparts

Good day for sure, the 230 is the best I’ve ever done in the gym, it could damn well be an opener.

Back after a few day outage

Did a Close Grip Bench Workout:
CGB 3board: 3×5@308.6/140, 319.7/145, 330.7/150
T-Bar Rows

Deadlifts Workout:
Deadlifts(conv, belt): 5@507.1/230, 5@529.1/240, 5@551.2/250
Shrugs/Powerclean attempts at 264.6/120, finally got the clean after about 4 tries

Couple good workouts, the deadlift is a pb, have to look back to see just how much of a pb though.