Prone Glute Bridge: 10
Single Leg Prone Glute Bridge: 2×10
Quadruped Leg Raise: 2×5 w/5sec hold
Hip Thrust: 10@154.3/70, 154.3/70
Goblet Squat: 4×10@52.9/24
Cambered Bar Squat: 5@225/102.1, 225/102.1, 245/111.1, 245/111.1
Inverted Row: 4×8

Things are progressing, my low back is feeling pretty good but I’m not taking any chances yet. My shoulder feels like it might be getting better.

Continued Recent Training

No benching still, doing lots of prone bodyweight rows and other rehab movements. Plus biceps and triceps…sweet.

Warm Up:
Supine Bridge: 10 x 3 second hold
X-Band Walk: 2×10 w/mini band
Hip Thrusts: 2×10@bw, 10@99.2/45, 10@165.3/75

Sumo Deadlifts: 5@231.5/105, 231.5/105, 242.5/110, 242.5/110, 253.5/115, 253.5/115, 253.5/115
Hypers: 3×20
Planks: 3 x 1minute

Keeping deadlifts super light, and full reset on the floor. The back didn’t hurt at all doing them today. Still going to take my time.

More Recent Training

Couldn’t bench in any meaningful way, the bar hurt. I’m thinking my shoulder might be lat/subscap(shocking, it always is), since it got much worse after doing weighted pull ups on tuesday. Going to take time off pull ups for a while.

Squatted! Only 225lbs but it was relatively pain free, so that’s progress. Going to take it really slow on the progress. I’d rather take my time and get 6 good weeks of training for nationals then keep reinjuring it.

Still doing lots of heavy hypers.

Recent Training

Did light sumo deadlifts, and I do mean light, 6×5@225/102.1. The back was okay with it though. I’m not going to push too hard too soon and repeat what I did Monday.

Shoulder still too sore from Tuesdays workout so I did a bunch of rehab stuff.

Did a ton of goblet squats(10×10 w/52.9/24 kb) and tons of glute activation. I feel like my glutes are finally getting stronger and actually working. I’m also working on true single leg stuff like deadlifts and pistol squats.
The last two days I’ve done heavy weighted hypers with a bar on my back, very good. I need to keep doing hypers everyday.


Warm Up:
Glute Max Activation/Isolation
Behind the head pull aparts
Pull aparts
External Rotations
Front Raise
Lateral Raise

CGB 2Board: 10@253.5/115, 8@275.6/125, 6@297.6/135, 4@319.7/145, 2@341.7/155
CGB 3Board: 6@319.7/145, 341.7/155, 363.8/165
Pull Ups: 4, (10kg weight vest on) 2, 2, 2, (vest off) 4

So after re-injuring my low back I’ve been on a big rehab spree and it seemed to be coming around but last night I tried to squat and after 140kg it was hurting again. It’s going to take time and I’m going to have to be patient.


Warm Up:
Standing Abs: 2×20
Behind the head pull apart: 2×20
Pull Apart: 2×20
External Rotation: 2×15
Internal Rotation: 2×15

CGB 2Board: 8@286.6/130, 297.6/135, 308.6/140
CG Floor Press: 5@265/120.2, 275/124.7, 285/129.3, 295/133.8
CG 4Board: 6@330.7/150, 341.7/155, 352.7/160
Ring Abs: 3×10

Good workout, the last set on the 4board was easy but my help was leaving so I left it there.


More rehab for my low back. A specialist in Ontario that I know recommended doing isolation exercises on my right glute(injury is on the left). So that’s what I’ll do for a couple weeks and see what happens.

Legs Up W2

Warm Up:
Behind the head pull aparts: 2×20
Pull Aparts: 2×20
External Rotation: 2×15
Internal Rotation: 2×15

Legs Up 2Board: 7@265/120.2, 275/124.7, 285/129.3, 295/133.8
Side Planks: 4 sets till i couldn’t hold it any longer

The weights are going up at least…

Bench W1

Warm Up:
Behind the head pull apart: 2×20
Pull Apart: 2×20
External Rotation: 2×15
Internal Rotation: 2×15

Cambered Bar 1board: 6@195/88.5, 205/93, 215/97.5
2Board: 6@275.6/125, 297.6/135, 308.6/140, 319.7/145
3Board: 6@330.7/150, 341.7/155, 352.7/160

The most I’ve benched in a while, my shoulder seems to be coming along.