SnG P1 W1 D2

Day 2
Optional Workout 1
Side shuffle w/Overhead Reach (15 yards/side)
High Knee Skip (15 yards)
Easy Carioca (15 yards/side)
Backpedal (15 yards)
Heidens 4×5/side
20-yd Falling Starts x6/side

The running was actually pretty brutal. I can tell that my cardio is no where near what it was when I was playing racquetball.

Show and Go Training Phase 1 Week 1 Day 1

Well due to the CONTINUOUS back injuries I’ve decided to drastically change training up. I’ve decided to follow the new program by Eric Cressey, of whom I am such a huge fanboi. The product is called Show and Go and it will be quite the change for me. A lot of focus on mobility, soft tissue work(which I do just not enough of I think), single leg/arm work and just good stuff that I know I should be doing but don’t. This will be my experiment and I say now that I will stick with it for all four phases(16 weeks in total) and I will see where I land around mid January. If all goes to plan I should be healthy and ready to put together a program for nationals.
I do plan to do bench only at Provincials in mid October as my shoulder has come around quite a bit.

Anyway onto Day 1:
Mobility Warm Up
A1 – Front Squat: 3@176.4/80, 198.4/90, 209.4/95, 209.4/95, 209.4/95
A2 – Scapular Wall Slides: 4×8
B1 – Speed Deadlifts: 6×2 @220.5/100
C1 – DB Reverse Lunge from deficient: 3×8(per leg) w/23/10.4
C2 – Pallof Press w/10 sec ISO hold: 3×8 w/monster mini
D1 – Split Stance Kneeling Adductor Stretch, Forward Position: 2x30s(per side)
D2 – 1-arm pec doorway stretch: 2x30s(per side)

Not my usual workout for sure…