SnG W2 D1

Mobility Warm Up

A1) Front Squat: 3@198.4/90, 220.5/100, 242.5/110, 242.5/110
A2) Scap Wall Slides: 3×8

B) Speed Deadlift: 6×2@242.5/110

C1) DB Reverse Lunge from Deficit: 8/side @23/10.4, 28/12.7, 28/12.7
C2) Pallof Press Iso Hold: 3×3 w/10second hold, black band

D1) Split Stance Kneeling Adductor Stretch: 2x30seconds
D2) 1-arm Doorway pec stretch: 2x30seconds

Good workout, went a little heavier with the front squat and deadlifts still rather light though.

SnG W1 D5

Mobility Warm Up

Bench Shirt: 2@463/210(2board), 1@485/220(chest, missed second rep)

A1) Prone Bridge Arm March: 3×10/side
A2) Side Lying External Rotation(30degrees): 3×10/side @ 5/2.3, 10/4.5, 10/4.5

Did a bench shirt workout instead of the prescribed show and go since I’m going to bench at provincials.

SnG W1 D4

Mobility Warm Up

A1) Bar Elevated(1″) Deadlift: 4×5@264.6/120
A2) Wall Ankle Mobs: 3×8/side

B1) Walking DB Lunges: 4×6/side @23/10.4
B2) Quadruped Chin Tucks: 3×5

C1) Side Bridge Wall Slide: 3×8(supposed to be 10, too hard…)
C2) GHR: 3×6

Doing the deadlifts really light, not risking my back.

SnG W1 D3

Mobility Warm Up

A1) Alternating DB Bench: 5/side@40/18.1, 40/18.1, 53/24, 53/24
A2) Band Assisted Chin Ups: 4×5

B1) Feet Elevated Pushups: 3×10
B2) Seated Row – Pronated Grip: 3×10 w/green band

C1) Hammer Curls: 3×8@28/12.7
C2) Bent Trap Raise: 3×10@5/2.3

D1) Ab Wheel: 3×10
D2) Walking Spiderman w/over head reach

Alternating db bench is quite weird.