Week 2 Deadlift

Sumo Deadlift: 5@330.7/150, 352.7/160, 363.8/165, 374.8/170, 380.3/172.5
TRX Rip Circuit: High Punch, Standing Row, One side Row -> Squat, 2 rounds, 10 reps/side each

Not a big workout but felt good, consistency!!!! that’s my motto ūüėõ

Week 2 Legs Up Bench

Legs Up: 5@275/124.7, 285/129.3, 295/133.8, 305/138.3, 310/140.6, 315/142.9
Med Grip 2Board: 5@335/152, 345/156.5, 355/161, 365/165.6
TRX Fallout: 3×10
W-Row: 3×8
External Rotation: 3×10 w/ mini band

Good workout, felt strong all the way through. Benching this many days a week is definitely showing it’s benefits but my shoulders are getting a little sore so might need to drop some volume this week.

Week 1 SSB w/Bands

Safety Squat Bar + Double Minis(88.2/40): 3@335/152, 350/158.8, 360/163.3, 370/167.8, 380/172.4, 385/174.6
3Board Bench: 3×6@352.7/160
30 Minutes steady state cardio

Squats were good, the weight felt a bit heavy but i was able to carry good speed through the top and snap the lockout on them all. Bench felt heavy, this benching almost every day is crazy. Did cardio post workout today instead of this morning before squatting.


I got an account on thepowerlifters.com and started to put my training in there however at this time I find it really restrictive. You must pick your exercise from a drop down list which does not have all the crazy crap I do, like more than one range of boards. So for now I’ll begin anew on this page and I’ll do my best to keep it up.

Nutrition Coaching

So for the first time I have decided to hire a nutrition coach, Shelby Starnes that is. I am sitting around 132kg and need to be 120kg for nationals in about 12 weeks time and I’d like to do it by losing as much fat and as little muscle as possible. I figured it was time to consult a pro.

Shelby has worked with a number of people I know, including my fiance. So last tuesday I got my meal plan and set to it. First, apparently I haven’t been eating enough protein my entire life and second, I don’t use any supplements normally so going from that to all the pills I now take a day has been a struggle. HOWEVER that being said training has felt really good since getting on the meal plan. Maybe it’s just mental but whatever it is it feels like it’s working. Now if the weight loss comes along with it I’ll be happy.

…although i still dislike cardio…

Week 1 Speed Bench

Speed Bench(dbl minis): 9×3@231.5/105
2sec Pause: 6@253.5/115, 264.6/120, 275.6/125
2sec Pause 2Board: 6@286.6/130, 297.6/135, 308.6/140

Short and sweet, my arms felt fried after this though.

Week 1 Light Squat

Pause Squat: 8×2@308.6/140
DB Bench: 10@70/31.8, 2×10@90/40.8
SSB Goodmorning: 3×8@135/61.2
TRX Rip Row in Squat Stance: 3×10/side w/ heavy band

Squats felt okay, I got orthotics so my positioning was a little weird, hopefully they feel better in the near future.

Week 1 CGB

CG 2Board: 5@319.7/145, 330.7/150, 341.7/155
CG 3Board: 5@352.7/160, 363.8/165, 374.8/170, 385.8/175
Chin Up: 4×3
TRX Fallout: 3×10

Good workout, I haven’t done close grip boards in a long while so my triceps were fried after.

A Return from Silence

Hello World.

It’s been every part of three years since I have regularly logged my workouts. At least that’s the last time I remember really doing it. The cause of this was my back injury, oh you haven’t heard? I thought I’d told everyone my sob story already, but lets record it here just in case. The year was oh-nine and the world was abuzz, I’d just set the national squat record of 380kg at the Arnold Classic. Alright, the world wasn’t abuzz, but I was, I thought I was on top of the world. I’d worked towards setting that record for at least three years, I finally did at Worlds in 08 then beat it at the Arnold with an easy 380kg, I figured 400 was right around the corner.

Life had a different idea, it decided that I was going to get a big kick in the ass. Nationals 2009 were in my hometown of Moose Jaw, I had helped to organize the event and for the first time in a long time I was going to lift in front of family. It was only a month after the Arnold but I figured I could easily get 390, not that my training had gone well. I opened with 350, got it, but it wasn’t too pretty. Bah, my ego proclaimed! 370 for my second, I’ll just hit it hard and smoke it. ¬†Hit it hard I did, I hit the bottom of my dive bomb squat and something happened, something bad. I stopped, I did not come out of the hole and the weight had to get pulled off me. I knew I had hurt myself, I didn’t know how bad. I laid down in the wrapping area and didn’t know what to do. My back hurt, but I had never hurt my back before, this was stupid.

Now had I stopped right here, perhaps this story wouldn’t be the way it is, maybe I would have spent a few weeks recovering and all I would have had was a bruised ego from bowing out of nationals. However, that ego of mine, that stupid, stupid ego, wouldn’t let me. I summoned up some courage and pushed on, and went out to repeat 370 on the third attempt. And repeat I did, wham, I hit the hole and stopped, I had nothing to come out of it. The rest of the meet doesn’t matter, except for the fact that I some how still wen’t 3/3 on deadlifts and pulled 310.

This now begins the journey of woe. I figured I would just let it heal and everything would be good. I focused on weightlifting a bit because it didn’t hurt. I did a strongman contest even though it did hurt. I focused on weight loss, deciding to use the injury time to try to get down to 125kg. What I didn’t do is: a) see a doctor, b) see a doctor, c) see a freaking doctor; primarily because then, like now, I don’t really believe in going to a GP for anything related to muscle pain. Had I gone, perhaps gotten on the MRI list and followed that path, again this story might be over now. I didn’t, because of my ego, so this journey of woe is basically a¬†roller coaster¬†of:
10: back feels ok
20: start training
30: hurt back
40: take time off
50: goto line 10

I’m not sure how many times I repeated this cycle over the last three years but enough that my spirit was crushed, I wasn’t going to the gym anymore to train, I was going because it’s where I went. I didn’t really care about lifting too much anymore, at least not my own, I still helped other and coached others but as for me I just ignored what I was doing and went through the motions. I would start to feel good and would start training harder again and that passion would come back and then I would hurt myself, I would find myself literally laying on the concrete floor in the gym wondering what I was doing, why was I doing this.

Nationals 2011 came along and again my training was going pretty crappy but as always I had to compete at nationals, because that’s what I did, for no other reason than that. I had to do a token squat because I’d hurt my knee playing football(also stupid), however I had my mind set on a big deadlift, perhaps a national record. On my second deadlift I hurt my back again, once again, a little passion came back and I got slapped to the floor.

After that I began my true journey to get better, I put a concerted effort into finding out what was wrong. Every chance I had I asked a professional for their opinion and I took all the opinions and worked them together. I continued to go for regular massages during everything but now I added acupuncture, laser, ultrasound, and anything else that might help. Acupuncture seemed to be very helpful, so I had it done, frequently, sometimes multiple days in a row.

I can’t say exactly what it was, but it seemed to stem from my hip flexors and my glute medius and minimus. I’m not healed yet, but I’m on the path, I’m about 10 months since the last time I seriously hurt it. Every now and then I’ll give it a little tweak and it’ll remind me to slow the heck down, Rome wasn’t built in a day and apparently my back won’t be healed that quick either. I’ve learned to listen to my body and to try to not let my ego push me to do more than I’m capable of.

I lifted at Worlds in November and for the first time since the original incident I had a meet that I didn’t hurt my back. That’s progress for me, now I just need to be patient again, and remember to work slowly, back off readily and listen to what my body is saying.

My passion is coming back, I’m reading more and more about powerlifting again, I’ve just program planned for myself for the first time in a long time. ¬†I’m going to call this a new beginning, a return from my silence. Welcome back.