Week 10 Board Bench

2Board Bench: 3@308.6/140, 330.7/150, 352.7/160, 363.8/165, 374.8/170, 385.8/175, 396.8/180
3Board Bench: 3@407.9/185, 418.9/190, 429.9/195, 440.9/200, 451.9/205

Shoulder again hurt a bit, but better than it had been. Planning to toss the shirt on on Friday to find an opener, I’m thinking in the 235-240 range, it’s a shame I think if this shoulder hadn’t acted up I would have been looking at 250+ opener.

Week 9 Straps Down Squat

Foam Rolling/Stretching Series
Straps Down Squat: 1@606.3/275, 639.3/290

Jeez, long time to warm up to this, I need to optimize my warm ups for nationals. Next week I’ll be tossing straps up to find an opener, I’m thinking 310-315.

Week 9 Rev Band Bench

30 Minutes Treadmill: intervals: 4min/30sec
Rev Band Bench: 3@365/165.6, 385/174.6, 395/179.2, 405/183.7, 415/188.2, 425/192.8, +2board: 435/197.3, 445/201.9

Shoulder was a bit sore with this but not too bad.

Week 9 Bench

30 Minutes Treadmill, Intervals: 4min/30sec
Bench: 5@231.5/105, 253.5/115, 275.6/125, 297.6/135

Not a heavy bench but more testing out my shoulder than anything, felt different, I won’t say pain free but a different pain….maybe we will get to the bottom of this at some point.

Week 9 Deadlift

30 Minutes on Treadmill, intervals 4min/30sec
Deadlift: belt: 1@451.9/205, 507.1/230, straps down: 1@573.2/260

Well I was thinking I’d put my straps up but my back complained a bit on the 260 so I stopped, thinking it was better to live and fight another day. 230 is surely my heaviest belt only deadlift in a long time though, and pain free.

Week 9 Diet Update

Well I was 126.7 today, down .6kg from last week. All in all not a bad week since I wasn’t perfect on my cardio and I ate out two lunches. Still, 6.7 is a lot to cut in about 25 days, time to get serious and get as close as possible so I can give myself the best chance.

Week 9 Shirted Bench

Old 50 Rage X: 1@496/225 2board, 1@518.1/235 1board

Called it there, my left shoulder is still acting up. However this is definitely the better shirt to go with. Hopefully I can get it on one or two more times and I’ll be ready.

Week 8 Knee Wrap Squat

Foam Roll/Stretch Series
Squat: 2@474/215, 2@518.1/235 w/belt, 2@562.2/255 w/belt/wraps, 1@595.2/270 w/belt/wraps
SSB GM: 3×8@135/61.2
Goofing around on chin up bars

Well that’s definitely the heaviest I’ve squat belt/wraps since my injury. It felt good too, might have another 10 in me.

Week 8 Board Bench

2 Board Bench: 3@341.7/155, 363.8/165, 385.8/175, 407.9/185

Cut it off there, my left shoulder started hurting again. I’m thinking it’s the same thing as my right shoulder last year so I’ll work on it and see if I can get it sorted.