Back to it

Well I didn’t end up powerlifting at nationals. I hurt my back squatting with 240 on my last heavy-ish squat day. I did bench in the classic and equipped divisions and lifted 185/83.9 and 240/108.9 respectively. Not horrible on either, but wanted much more on equipped.

I’ve been back to training now for the last week, nothing too heavy or too structured but good to get moving again. I also started doing Carb Back Loading for my diet. So far the results have been okay, at least I’m not gaining weight so far. I was down to #123.6# a few days ago, a big low and definitely would have been able to cut to 120 from there.

I’m not sure what I’ll do for my next training cycle, it may be a bit unstructured until after the wedding.

Week 11 Box Squat

SSB Box Squat w/soft box: 3@255/115.7, 265/120.2, 3×3@275/124.7

I just bought an airex pad that I put on the box, a different feeling for sure. Light and easy today.

Week 10 Suited Squat

Squat: knee wraps: 562.2/255, Straps down: 628.3/285, full gear: 672.4/305

I was sick two days before and had nothing but a single protein shake all day, I think that caught up to me today, things felt heavier than they should have.

Week 10 Board Bench

2board bench: 3@363.8/165, 374.8/170, 385.8/175, 396.8/180, 407.9/185
3Board bench: 3@418.9/190, 429.9/195, 440.9/200, 451.9/205, 463/210, 474/215

Left shoulder is still hurting, been getting lots of treatment.