NA2014 Week 3 Day 3

Squat: 2@463/210, 485/220, 507.1/230, 523.6/237.5
Squat w/belt: 2@540.1/245, 562.2/255
Close Grip 2Board: 6@341.7/155, 363.8/165, 385.8/175, 407.9/185
W-Rows: 3×10

Squats felt really good today, my double at 255 was quicker than the same weight on Saturday. Decided to try the new RepBoards¬†we started carrying. They work good and are great for when you have limited help, although I’d still suggest a spotter or safeties.

Video today is 185kg set of close grip.

NA2014 Week 3 Day 2

SSB Pause Squats: 2@325.2/147.5, 347.2/157.5, 369.3/167.5, 380.3/172.5
Conv Deadlift: 2@374.8/170, 418.9/190, 440.9/200, 463/210, 485/220

Decided to cut out the long pause squats and just do a normal 1 second pause on these. My back still felt a little funky by the end. Then the first rep of my 210kg set of deadlifts there was a little pop or click and something seemed to adjust in my low back and it felt better.

NA2014 Week 3 Day 1

Med Grip Bench: 5@286.6/130, 308.6/140, 330.7/150
Med Grip 2Board Bench: 6@352.7/160, 374.8/170, 385.8/175
Med Grip 3Board Bench: 4@396.8/180, 407.9/185, 418.9/190, 429.9/195, 440.9/200
Rest Pause Bench: 352.7/160 x 8, 3, 1

Lots of bench volume today, although a nice break since my hamstrings and quads are fried from the last few workouts. Bench all felt good and well above prescribed numbers.

Video today is rest pause set

NA2015 Week 2 Day 6

Squat w/belt: 2@518.1/235, 540.1/245, 562.2/255
Squat w/belt dropset: 3×3@496/225
SLDL from 2″ deficit: 6@264.6/120, 308.6/140, 330.7/150

Squats felt pretty good today, actually better the heavier I went and my drop sets felt solid too. Still a little tentative with my back but so far so good.

Video today is 255kgx2

NA2014 Week 2 Day 5

Speed Bench w/double minis: 9×3@105/47.6
2Board Bench: 4@341.7/155, 363.8/165, 385.8/175, 407.9/185, 429.9/195
3Board Bench: 3@451.9/205, 474/215, 485/220
SSB: 4@325.2/147.5, 369.3/167.5, 391.3/177.5, 413.4/187.5

Bench felt good and actually was feeling better the heavier I went. Squats felt hard, pretty sore from deadlifts yesterday.

NA2014 Week 2 Day 4

Sumo Full Reset Deadlifts: 3@463/210, 485/220, 507.1/230, 518.1/235, 523.6/237.5
6″ Block Pulls w/Belt: 2@540.1/245, 562.2/255, 584.2/265, 595.2/270
Sumo Deadlifts: 3@496/225, 474/215, 451.9/205

That was it, my hands are raw from so many pulls and especially the full reset pulls since my hands would grip a different place every time it was like pulling 15 singles with an eleiko bar. Tough but good workout.

NA2014 Week 2 Day 3

Squat: 2@463/210, 485/220, 501.5/227.5, 512.6/232.5
Close Grip Bench Legs Up: 8@231.5/105, 253.5/115, 275.6/125, 275.6/125

Not a ton of work tonight but the squats felt pretty tough, I skipped drop sets on squats just to be cautious for my back, it feels a little off. Legs Up close grip is actually ridiculous, so much harder than it should be.

NA2014 Week 2 Day 2

3 second Pause Squat w/SSB: 3@303.1/137.5, 325.2/147.5, 336.2/152.5, 347.2/157.5, 358.2/162.5
Conv Deadlifts: 2@374.8/170, 396.8/180, 418.9/190, 440.9/200, 463/210

The pause squats were tough, that’s a long time to sit down in the hole. I also dropped the reps and sets on deadlifts to be safe today. I kind of think the long pause is causing something in my left hip/glute to tighten up which might have caused the tweak last week. Might need to drop the pause or just do a short pause instead.

NA2014 Week 2 Day 1

Legs Up Bench: 4@286.6/130, 308.6/140, 319.7/145, 330.7/150
Legs Up 2Board: 4@352.7/160, 374.8/170, 385.8/175, 396.8/180
Legs Up 2sec Pause: 6@264.6/120, 275.6/125, 286.6/130

Some good volume today, was getting pretty tired by the end but it was a long couple days so I’m happy, hit my numbers and more.
Video is of 150kg set legs up and 180kg set legs up 2board.

NA2014 week 1 day 6

Squat w/belt 2@463/210,485/220,235%,540.1/245
Stiff leg deadlift: 6@264.6/120,308.6/140,308.6/140

Worked out in a public gym today in weyburn, always an interesting change. Squats felt pretty darn good though, although I skipped the drop sets to be careful of my back.