It’s not that I’ve forgotten about this blog, it’s that Wednesday while stretching before my workout I seriously tweaked my back. This has happened once before the day before Calgary nationals. It’s so debilitating I can barely walk let alone train.
Yesterday I got a massage and the therapist said it was my multifidi that have seized up on one side. Today I am moving better already so I hit the gym
and the reverse hyper. Here’s hoping that tomorrow I can do a really light squat.
I did do really light bench tonight just 2×8@275.6/125.

NA2014 Week 7 Day 2

SSB Pause Squat: 2@325.2/147.5, 347.2/157.5, 369.3/167.5, 391.3/177.5, 413.4/187.5
Conv Deadlift w/1min rest: 15×1@465/210.9

Good squat and deadlift day, it felt pretty good but I’m still being careful with my back.

NA2014 Week 7 Day 1

Bench: 3@352.7/160, 374.8/170, 396.8/180
2 board: 3@418.9/190, 440.9/200, 463/210, 479.5/217.5
3 board: 3@496/225, 512.6/232.5, 529.1/240
Pull Apart: 3×30 with monster mini

Good bench day but my right bicep was a little sore from squats I think.

NA2014 Week 6 Day 6

Squat: w/straps down 1@694.4/315, full gear 1@760.6/345, 782.6/355
Drop set squat w/belt: 3@529.1/240, 507.1/230, 507.1/230

First time back in the suit and it felt alright, especially since my back is still a bit tweaky.

Video is the two singles straps up

NA2014 Week 6 Day 5

SSB Squat: 2@325.2/147.5, 369.3/167.5, 391.3/177.5
Speed Bench w/doubled minis: 9×3@253.5/115
Bench w/doubled minis: 3@275.6/125, 297.6/135, 319.7/145, 330.7/150
Pull Aparts: 3×20 w/monster mini

Kept the squats light cause my back is a little off today and tomorrow is a bigger squat day so today was just to get blood flow.

NA2014 Week 6 Day 4

Deadlift: 2@440.9/200, 463/210, 485/220, 507.1/230, 518.1/235, 529.1/240, 540.1/245, 551.2/250

Stopped there because I tweaked my back on the second rep of 250. I think I let my low back get loose as I snapped my knees out and it didn’t like that. So to be safe I ended the workout there.

Video is 240, 245 and 250

NA2014 Week 6 Day 3

Squat w/belt&wraps: 2@595.2/270, 617.3/280
Close Grip Bench: 10@297.6/135, 8@314.2/142.5, 6@330.7/150, 4@347.2/157.5, 2@363.8/165
JM Press: 6@110.2/50, 154.3/70, 176.4/80, 198.4/90

Good workout, the squats were almost a bit of a deload before putting the suit on this weekend. Close grip feels good and strong and so do JM presses, that’s always a good sign for shirted bench.

NA2014 Week 6 Day 2

SSB Pause Squat: 2@325.2/147.5, 347.2/157.5, 369.3/167.5, 391.3/177.5
Conv Deadlift: 1@451.9/205, 474/215, 496/225, 7×1@518.1/235

My back was still feeling rough from the squats on Saturday, so I took things a bit easy today. I still hit my weights but just not for as many sets.

NA2014 Week 6 Day 1

Shirted Bench: 2@(3b,2b) 529.1/240, 2@(2b,1b) 551.2/250, 2@(1b,chest) 562.2/255
3board: 3×3@485/220
Pull Aparts: 3×30 w/ mini band

First time back in the shirt, ouch, that’s about all I have to say. Going to work on getting the bar to my chest quicker.

Video today is a single at 440.9/200 warming up to the shirt