NA2014 Week 11 Day 4

Squat: straps down 1@606.3/275, full gear 1@716.5/325, 771.6/350
2Board Bench: 3@429.9/195, 451.9/205, 474/215

Well squats went a little better than last week but I still seem to be getting bent over, I think I’m not keeping my upper back tight, so that’ll be my cuing all week.

Video today is the two singles full gear

NA2014 Week 11 Day 3

Suited Deadlift: 1@617.3/280, 661.4/300, 683.4/310
Chest Supported Rows; 6@225/102.1, 235/106.6, 245/111.1

Deadlifts felt great today, was a little worried after how squats went on the weekend but these felt right on track.

Video is all the suited deadlifts:

NA2014 Week 11 Day 2

Squat w/belt: 2@540.1/245, 556.7/252.5
Conv Deadlift: 2@440.9/200, 485/220, 529.1/240

Squats are starting to feel stronger again, the biggest thing holding me back in this workout was my right shoulder. It just killed to squat.

NA2014 Week 11 Day 1

2 board bench: 3@407.9/185, 429.9/195, 451.9/205, 474/215, 485/220
3 board bench: 3@507.1/230, 529.1/240
Face pulls: 3×20  with monster mini

Good bench workout. Stuff is sore but that’s the territory this close to the meet.

NA2014 Week 10 Day 6

Squat: straps down 1@716.5/325, full gear 0@782.6/355, 1@782.6/355
Stiff Leg Deadlift: 6@264.6/120, 308.6/140

Well I sure hate missing weights in the gym. My upper back just needs to get used to the weight again, and I need to actually put the bar low instead of second guessing myself in the setup. The second rep I basically finished on my right leg too, so just an off day. Next week I’ll work up to something near this for an opener.

Video is all the squats:

NA2014 Week 10 Day 5

SSB: 2@369.3/167.5, 413.4/187.5, 457.5/207.5
Speed bench with double mini: 9×3@242.5/110
2 board with double mini: 3@330.7/150, 352.7/160, 374.8/170, 396.8/180

Benching was kept a bit lighter tonight since my left shoulder is still bugging me a bit.

NA2014 Week 10 Day 4

Deadlift in suit: 1@617.3/280, 639.3/290, 661.4/300, 661.4/300, 661.4/300, 661.4/300
Chest supported row: 6@220.5/100, 242.5/110, 264.6/120

I had missed a day in the deadlift suit when my back was messed up so it feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve been in it. Happy with how the pulls went though.

Video is last three singles at 300

NA2014 Week 10 Day 3

Squat: 2@451.9/205, 496/225, 1@540.1/245
Close Grip 3Board: 3@330.7/150, 385.8/175

Squats were okay, no belt, still not back to where it should be but not too bad after the time off. My left shoulder isn’t right so benching got shut down early.

NA2014 Week 10 Day 2

SSB: 2@369.3/167.5, 413.4/187.5, 457.5/207.5
Conv deadlift: 3@440.9/200, 2@485/220, 1@529.1/240

I modified today’s workout because I’m still rather sore from Saturdays squats and I have to squat heavier tomorrow. I also don’t quite trust conventional deadlifts right now so kept the weight lighter and the reps lower.

NA2014 Week 10 Day 1

Bench(raw): 2@429.9/195, 1@451.9/205
Shirted bench: 2@551.2/250(1board), 2@573.2/260(1board, chest), 2@584.2/265
Pull Aparts: 3×30 w/monster mini

Bench felt really good today, decided that I wanted to go for a pb on raw bench before putting my shirt on. Then the shirt work felt good too. Just one more week of shirt before the meet.

Video today is the 205 bench then the top two sets of shirt work